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					Addiction Recovery Author Brings New Life to the Book that Inspired
Acclaimed Texas Residential Treatment Center
Date: 04.04.2008 - 12:28
Category: Health & Medicine
Press release from: Mark Houston Recovery Center
Agency: David Williams Corporation

Mark D. Houston, respected author and founder of his own unique brand of Texas residential treatment center, announces the
re-launch of his author website that highlights his and author Floyd Henderson’s best-selling book,
‘A 12 Step Journey to Self Transformation.’

 Houston’s book has achieved record success in recent months since the doors of the Mark Houston Recovery Center opened
last June. The Center has received acclaim for its revolutionary approach to non-clinical
addiction recovery by influential publications like Treatment Magazine and has been enthusiastically embraced by the public.
So much so that the Center plans to open a new facility that will double its bed capacity next month, just 8 months after

 “Because the Mark Houston Treatment Center is based around the principals discussed in ‘A 12 Step Journey to Self
Transformation,’ we felt it was appropriate to introduce a new online environment, says Houston.” The new site, like the
book and Houston’s Texas residential treatment center, share a very positive and open atmosphere, full of inspiration and

However, while a visit to Houston’s new website or to the tranquil recovery center located outside of Austin Texas leave
many feeling inspired about the possibilities of a happy and sober future, Houston says that his life was not always like this.
Though he became clean and sober on October 19, 1982, his recovery was riddled with years of turbulence.

 “My journey has been one of pain, sadness, joy, shame, remorse, regret, laughter, anger and finally peace,” says Houston
discussing what would become the theme of the book which ignited his passion for helping others through the recovery

 “Nine years after being sober, I was miserable and utterly depressed.” I wasn’t having much fun being sober so sought help
and entered a period of enlightenment after gaining a more intimate understanding of the 10th and 11th steps of the 12 step

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program. It was after this period of enlightenment that Houston entered the field of addiction recovery, speaking more about
his experiences with the 12 step program at various venues and rising to the position of Director of Alumni Services at the
esteemed La Hacienda recovery center.

 The book ‘A 12 Step Journey to Self Transformation’ transpired when 12 step program member Floyd Henderson tracked
Houston down for help and support after hearing one of his recorded talks about his turbulent recovery process which sounded
very much like his own. Together, Houston and Henderson worked through each step, documenting the process in an
incredibly personal and candid manner that readers say is unlike any other books on the subject.

 Through its pages, readers will journey through each of the 12 steps, first hearing Henderson’s problems relating to each step,
then Houston’s analysis of his “insane” addiction-scarred thinking, and finally a dialog of the two working through the
solution together.

 The latter half of the book focuses on the principals that Houston says he realized too late after becoming sober—dealing with
the ruin of a life destroyed by years of destructive addiction. The second half of the book discusses matters of physical sanity,
financial sanity, emotional sanity, and spiritual sanity along with techniques, ideas, and practices that readers can embrace to
build a complete and satisfying life after sobriety.

 Houston is such a firm believer in these success principals, that he was motivated to design a 90 day recovery center program
where men had the time to practice these principals in a safe environment. “Without these success principals it is very easy to
succumb to addiction again. It wasn’t until I fully embraced the principals of steps 10 and 11 that I was able to realize a
complete and fulfilling life.”

 “The Mark Houston Recovery Center is the manifestation of the principals of this book,” says Houston. “We’re very serious
about our mission to help men recover and lead healthy, productive lives after being consumed by addiction and I feel that the
book’s new website reflects this commitment.”

 About Mark D. Houston: Mark Houston is an esteemed author and the president of the Mark Houston Recovery Center, a
Texas residential treatment center that offers a 90-day program for males designed around the principals of the traditional 12
steps to recovery. Houston is passionate about his mission to help men free themselves from alcohol and drug addiction and
recreate and reclaim their lives.

Mark D. Houston
11503 Parsons Road, Manor, Texas 78653

You can find this press release here

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