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					               Links from the book, Sites that Soar! by Aisling D'Art
           This is a confidential sheet. It's ONLY for people who have purchased
                             a copy of the book, Sites that Soar!

Getting Started

      CoffeeCup Free FTP
      WordPress for Dummies
      All-in-One SEO Pack

Customizing your theme

      Tweak 2: Customizing your sidebar

      Uploading graphics in WordPress
             chmod 0777... bad idea?
             Why chmod 777 is NOT a security risk

Plugins plugins page
      Enhanced WP-contactform plugin (consider thanking him)
      Dagon Design's Sitemap Generator Plugin.
      Popularity Contest
      Popularity Lists Widget.

      My WordPress Plugins by Jason Akers

Managing a large website with WordPress

      folding category menu
      Exec-PHP plugin
      Sobeks_posts_in_category plugin

Copying older pages into WordPress

     Message Cleaner

WordPress and JavaScript

     AdSense-Deluxe plugin
     Javascript in WordPress

     Branford Magazine forum -

     Mimbo discussions -


     WordPress -

     Great themes to consider

             Branford Magazine (the subject of this ebook) [FREE]

             Mimbo (I use the Mimbo sidebar.php) [FREE]
             (Fancier, but not free: Mimbo Pro -
             pro/ )

             Options (free, but not officially released as of early Mar 08)

             More free WordPress themes -

             Theme info from WordPress -

     Installation tips and tricks

             From Mimbo (generally work with Branford Magazine, too)

             Also scroll down the Branford Magazine page for installation info

             And, see articles at my site, such as
             WordPress for content management -

      Free graphics

             Public Domain Photo -

             Stock.xchng - (be sure to search using "Restricted = no")

             Also see Wikipedia's list -

      Adding files (especially graphics) within the WordPress "write post" panel and Custom

             WordPress: Using Image and File Attachments –

      To offer your readers a free newsletter, a free email course (sent automatically in a series
      of emails), or anything like that, I recommend That's what I use.

Appendix 1: Notes about installing WordPress

      If your hosting service doesn't install WordPress for you automatically, you can do it

      Start with CNET's video on installing a WordPress blog

      I also recommend reading the WordPress five-minute installation instructions, at

      Here are other useful resources:

      My WordPress Install Process, by David Peralty

      Rachel's video for installing WordPress 2.0 (the process is still pretty much the same)