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									       2nd International Workshop                Topics                                            Publication
                     on                             TMF of steels, aluminium-, titanium-,          It is intended to publish the proceedings of
     Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue                      nickel base and other alloys                   the Workshop in a reviewed journal. The full
           (TMF-Workshop 2011)                      Cyclic stress strain behaviour at TMF          papers will be due at the conference. Instruc-
                                                    TMF life                                       tions for paper preparation will be published
                                                    Comparison of TMF and LCF life                 on the Workshop-website on time.
        May 12th - 13th, 2011                       Crack initiation, crack growth measure-
                                                    ment at TMF
  BAM Federal Institute for Materials                                                              Workshop fee
                                                    TMF and superimposed HCF
       Research and Testing,                        TMF and creep interactions                     The registration fee will be 250 € and should
         Berlin, Germany                            TMF and environmental interactions             be remitted upon receipt of the registration
                                                    Multiaxial TMF                                 confirmation and invoice. It includes refresh-
                                                    TMF of coated materials                        ments, buffet dinner, copies of book of ab-
Background                                          TMF and thermal fatigue of components          stracts and conference proceedings.
Components in the Aerospace, Power and              Service-cycle TMF testing
Automotive engineering sectors are fre-             TMF damage mechanisms                          Registration
quently subjected to cyclic stresses induced        Interpretation of TMF data                     The pre-registration starts on January 1st,
by thermal fluctuations and mechanical loads.       TMF models                                     2010. Please visit the website of the Work-
For the design of such components reliable          TMF testing and standardisation                shop to find
material property data are required which           Applications                                   the registration forms.
need to be acquired using well accepted and
reproducible testing procedures.                 Language
The first TMF-Workshop was held at BAM in                                                          Workshop Committee
                                                 The Seminar language will be English.
2005 on the occasion of the development of a                                                       H. Klingelhöffer, BAM, Berlin, D (Chairman)
European Code of Practice for TMF testing. It                                                      E. Affeldt, MTU Aero Engines, Munich, D
brought together approx. 70 European and         Submission of Abstracts                           T. Beck, FZ Jülich, D
international experts.                           Attendees who wish to give an oral or poster      P. Hähner, DG-JRC, Petten, NL
The intention of the present event is to con-    presentation are invited to submit a one-page     S. Holdsworth, EMPA, Dübendorf, CH
tinue this exchange of knowledge. It provides    abstract (A4) containing title, list of authors   J. Olbricht, BAM, Berlin, D
a forum to present and discuss all recent de-    and the outline of the intended contribution      L. Remy, ENSMP, Evry, F
velopments in the field of thermo-mechanical     until January 31st, 2011. One figure may be
fatigue.                                         included. Authors will be notified of abstract    Important dates and deadlines
                                                 acceptance until February 28th, 2011. A book         Pre-registration starts Jan. 1st, 2010
                                                 of abstracts will be available during the work-      Submission of abstracts Jan. 31st,2011
Who should attend                                shop.                                                Notification of authors Feb. 28th, 2011
The seminar is aimed at engineers, scientists                                                         Workshop registration   March 31st, 2011
and technical staff of research institutes and                                                        Full papers             May 12th, 2011
industry who have an interest in the numer-
ous aspects of thermo-mechanical fatigue.
 Previous Meetings                                 •   Mechanical Testing for Next Generation
 organised by The High Temperature Mechanical          Nuclear Systems, JRC Petten, NL, 2008
 Testing Committee (HTMTC), ESIS TC11:
                                                       More information on the HTMTC can be found at
• Techniques for High Temperature Fatigue,    or
  UKAEA, Springfields, UK, 1983              
• Measurement of Crack Growth at HT, Rolls                                                                     2nd International Workshop
  Royce, Derby, UK, 1984                                                                                                     on
• Multi-Axial Creep Testing, CERL / ERA,               Venue
  Leatherhead, UK, 1985                                                                                        Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue
                                                       The workshop will take place in the Ludwig-
• Mechanical Testing at Temperatures Above                                                                          (TMF-Workshop 2011)
                                                       Erhard-Conference Hall at the Federal Institute for
  1000oC, NEI (IRD), Newcastle upon Tyne, 1986         Materials Research and Testing in Berlin. The
• Fretting Fatigue and Wear, GEC, Rugby, 1988          German Capital provides numerous opportunities          1st circular and call for papers
• Mechanical Testing of Engineering Ceramics           for touring historical sites, museums, concerts,
  at High Temperatures, NPL, London, UK, 1988          theatres and for shopping. For an overview of the
• Temperature Measurement and Control in High          opportunities, please check
  Temperature Mechanical Testing, INCO, Here-
  ford, UK, 1989
• Harmonisation of of Testing Practice for High
  Temperature Materials, Ispra, Italy, 1990            Arrival
• Ultra High Temperature Mechanical Testing,           By plane: Airport Tegel (TXL)
  JRC Petten, NL, 1992                                           Airport Schönefeld (SXF)
• The Practicalities of Thermo-Mechanical Fa-          By train: from all directions by using the fast
  tigue Testing, Rolls Royce, Derby, UK, 1993                    InterCityExpress (ICE), InterCity (IC),
• Local Strain and Temperature Measurement in                    EuroCity (EC)
  Non-Uniform Fields at Elevated Temperatures,
  BAM, Berlin, Germany, 1995                           Contact
• Thermocouple Calibration and Usage for Mate-         Dr.-Ing. Hellmuth Klingelhöffer
  rials Testing, NPL, Teddington, UK, 1996             Phone: +49 30 8104 1521
• Cyclic Stress-Strain Data: Testing and Inter-
  pretation, IOM, London, UK, 1999                     Secretariat: Anja Archie
• The Practicalities of Thermo-Mechanical Fa-          Phone: +49 30 8104 1529
  tigue Testing in the New Millennium, Darm-           Fax:   +49 30 8104 1527
  stadt, Germany, 2000
                                                       BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research                May 12th - 13th, 2011
• HT Multi-axial Creep Testing & Interpretation,
  IOM, London, UK, 2001                                and Testing                                           BAM Federal Institute for Materials
• Miniaturised Testing Techniques, NPL, London,        Division V.2 - Mechanical Behaviour of Materials           Research and Testing
  UK, 2003                                             Unter den Eichen 87                                          Berlin, Germany
                                                       D - 12205 Berlin
• Generation and Interpretation of Materials
  Properties Data, Serco Assurance, Warrington,
  UK, 2004
                                                       E-mail: tmfconf(at)
• TMF Workshop 2005, BAM, Berlin, D, 2005
• Welds 2005, GKSS, Geesthacht, D, 2005

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