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									                                    B a l a n c i n g
 L e a r n i n g                                     D i s a b i l i t i e s

                                                         Strategies for Non Verbal
                                                         Learning Disabilities

                                                         Dr. Maggie Mamen C.Psych

Dr. Maggie Mamen is a psychologist in private practice in Nepean, Ontario, who specializes in working with children,
adolescents and their families. She gives frequent workshops and seminars and has taught university courses on child
                                  development and exceptional children since 1981.

                                                              October 25, 2007
                                                 Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, Ontario
                                                           9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
                                                            $250.00 per person
  Watch for Dr.                                       (breakfast, lunch and refreshments included)
  Mamen’s new                                    6th Annual Learning Disabilities
  book coming                                             and AD(H)D
    Fall 2007                                            Resources Fair
                                                            (note: the resources fair is free)

                                                   Become informed on the most up to date
                                                       regarding learning disabilities.

                                                          Contact LDAM 905-272-4100
                                                   or e-mail the team at balanceld@sympatico.ca
                                                        www.ldapeel.com www.starcharity.ca

            BALANCING LD CONFERENCE is presented in partnership of the Learning Disabilities
                       Association of Mississauga and Star Academy Charity

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