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					      FAX COMPLETED FORM TO 1300 666 549
      A.B.N 71 091 235 228
      1/47 Musgrave Rd, Coopers Plains Q 4108
      Telephone: 1300 666 559 Facsimile: 1300 666 549
      Email: Internet:

         Full Name:


      Suburb / City:                                                                                  State:


          Post Code:                      Email

      Telephone No:                                                               Fax No:
    Including Area Code

         Credit Card:

          Card Type        Visa           Mastercard                      Name on Card:

        Expiry Date:                                             Cardholder’s Signature:

    Booked Through:                                                  Amount of Deposit:

           Event Date                                                     Event Start             :            AM or PM
       (dd/mm/yyyy):                                                      Time:
                                                                      Principal’s Name:

       Where the fete/fundraiser
       will be held:
           Sessions :    Min recommended age 6 to 7 years.
      Please liaise with our staff so we can design the best possible function for you so you and your school can turn fun
      into funds.


 Minimum numbers for group bookings apply, please call to confirm. A $10 per phaser per half day session or a min of $200
deposit is required to lock in your reservation. To be paid at least one week in advance. See Booking Conditions overleaf for full
(the fine print.)
A.B.N 71 091 235 228
1/47 Musgrave Rd, Coopers Plains Q 4108
Telephone: 1300 666 559 Facsimile: 1300 666 549
Email: Internet:

1.   Booking Procedure
     When you call to make a booking we will register you on our bookings database as a tentative booking. We will
     then send you a booking form (see previous page). Please fill out the booking form and fax it back to us on 1300
     666 549 or post it back to 1/47 Musgrave Rd Coopers Plains Q 4108 with your deposit at least 14 days prior to
     your event. Your deposit must be paid within 7 days of making the booking else the booking is forfeit. If your
     booking is made less that 14 days and at least 7 days before the event date, the deposit is due within 2 business
     days of the booking. Any bookings made within 7 days of the event, requires the deposit to be made
     1.1. Deposit
          The deposit is $10 per phaser or $200 (whichever is greater) for a short or half day session. So if you book in
          20 people for a half day then your deposit is $200. Alternatively if you book in a Results Squad or full day
          session then the deposit is $20 per phaser or $400 (whichever is greater). So the deposit for a full day session
          for 22 phasers is $440. We accept cash (call for direct deposit details), cheque, money order, Visa or

2.   Transfers & Cancellations
     If something happens to stop you coming adventuring with us for the event you have booked, you can choose to either
     transfer your booking to another date as long as you notify us more than 14 days in advance. In other words, Laser Tag
     allows for the transfer of bookings up to 14 days prior to your event at no cost. Just call us on 1300 666 559 or fax us on
     1300 666 549 or email to to notify us. Unless Laser Tag chooses to the cancel the event, the deposit
     is non refundable. You will not be entitled to a transfer if you fail to notify us. Persons who can’t attend on the day can
     swap their deposit over to another person. For every player that arrives and who has paid their deposit, $10 is taken off the
     ticket price. If the booked player does not pay on the event day, the deposit for that person is forfeited. Cancellations will
     result in forfeit of deposits or fees paid.

3.   Gift Vouchers & Prize Redemptions
     Vouches can only be returned for a refund within 7 days of the date of purchase. If you require a refund please return the
     voucher to by post or in person. Prizes are not transferable for cash. If you do not use your gift voucher
     by the expiry date, you may be given an extension at the discretion of If prices have increased, or
     circumstances changed for the event, you may be asked to pay the difference, to allow your voucher to be extended.
     Once you have booked in your event the above transfer conditions apply. Cancellations do NOT apply to vouchers.

4.   Foul Weather
     Light rain or patchy weather is acceptable and does not require cancellation. But very heavy rain necessitate that we re-
     schedule. reserves the right to reschedule an activity due to adverse weather conditions. Should this
     occur we will contact you to transfer your booking. If you are unsure of the weather for your adventure and you haven’t
     heard from us, please call us on 1300 666 559 for confirmation either way. If you get voice mail and it does not indicate a
     cancellation of the activity, then you can assume that we will be expecting you. Please understand that if you don’t
     contact us and the activity does go ahead you will not be entitles to a refund or a transfer.

5.   Liability Release & Assumption of Risk
     Please note that there are inherent risks involved in outdoor activities. Every player is required to sign the disclaimer
     before you play (minors must have their guardians sign on their behalf).

6.   Physical Fitness
     It is imperative that you disclose to any physical condition or illness that may limit or endanger yourself
     or your fellows whilst adventuring with us. Any information that is given in this regard will be treated with the utmost
     confidence. If you do not tell us, it is presumed that you are in good health and are of level of fitness adequate for the
     booked activity. Mind you, you don’t need to be particularly fit to play lasertag. If you are in doubt as to your ability to
     fully enjoy your adventure due to your fitness level, please discuss this concern with us when placing your booking.

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