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Rivnut Power & Hand Tools


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                        4068 Spin Spin, Pull to Stroke Pneumatic/Hydralic Tool
                        - Installs the widest range of Rivnut®and Rivstud®Fasteners
                        - Balanced for operator comfort
                        - 75 PSI of clean dry air required for operation
                        - Stroke of tool can be set to install fastener in a specific material thickness

                        C302 Spin Spin, Pull to Stroke Pneumatic Tool
                        - Installs both Rivnut®and Plusnut®Fasteners
                        - Fully pneumatic tool for maintenance simplicity
                        - Installs 15 to 20 pieces per minute
                        - 75 PSI of clean lubricated air required for operation

                        C362 Spin Spin, Pull to Stroke Pneumatic/Hydraulic Tool
                        - Tool features a 10,000 pound pulling force enabling it to install the largest Rivnuts®
                        - Can install Rivnut®in specific material thickness by setting the stroke distance
                        - Mounting bracket to hang tool for easy use installing Rivnuts®
                        - 80 PSI of clean lubricated air required for operation

                        C6000 (shown) & C7000 Lever Type Hand Tool
                        - Features a plunger rotation knob for spin on and off of the Rivnuts® & Plusnuts®
                        - Operator pressured controlled when installing Rivnut®& Plusnut®Fasteners
                        - Easy operation design

                        C845 (shown) & C722 Wrench Type Hand Tool
                        - Simple 3 step process to install Rivnuts® and Plusnuts®
                        - Torque pressure installation makes tool easy to use in the field
                        - Benefit feature of this tool is its small size that allows easy access in tight spaces

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