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                                             U.S. Market for Hand Tools, The

       By Aarkstore Enterprise
       Dated: Apr 06, 2009

       Aarkstore announce a new report "U.S. Market for Hand Tools, The " through its vast collection of market
       reserach report.

       The U.S. market for hand tools is growing rapidly, fueled by favorable trends in household remodeling and
       renovation, do-it-yourself construction projects, and an increasing consumer desire for products that are
       ergonomically designed and convenient to use. Major hand tools marketers continue to heed consumer
       demand by releasing new products that appeal to users of hand tools for a wide array of construction
       applications, including gripping and driving, and cutting and edging. Meanwhile, big box retailers report
       strong sales of popular brand hand tools and they continue to align themselves with leading hand tools
       manufacturers. This 2nd edition report analyzes the trends in the U.S. hand tools market, including
       consumer purchases distribution channels, end-user and the competitive environment. The report estimates
       current revenues of the market and its future growth potential. We profile past, present, and projected sales
       of hand tools on a product-by-product basis. The report also profiles major marketers, along with
       manufacturer and retailer strategies used to maximize growth and profitability.

        SBI’s research methodology involved aggregating, synthesizing and analyzing data from several sources,
       including the U.S. government and several third-party syndicated market research data suppliers. Historical
       data related to the manufacturing and distribution of hand tools in the United States are culled from the U.S.
       Department of Commerce, the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Analysis of
       these data, including market-level shipments, imports and exports, provide the foundation for our
       projections of overall market size and growth during the next five years. Our projections also take into
       account data that indirectly affect the growth of the hand tools market, such as information provided by the
       National Association of Home Builders and the Home Improvement Research Institute. Simmons Market
       Research Bureau is our primary source of data covering consumer trends in hand tool ownership and


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