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									Verifone Tranz
330/380/460                                                              Facts Cash Advance
Quick Reference Guide

 Cash Advance Transaction                   Force Entry Transaction                 Voice Authorization
Obtain Customer Identification          › Press    Func
                                                   Enterand then the          These procedures are to be
(government ID bearing customer             “FORCE” key                       used in instances when:
signature that has not expired          ›   Enter the authorization           • The Terminal is inoperable or
such as a passport or drivers               approval which was obtained         cannot access the authorization
license). Compare physical                  from the terminal of the Voice      center
description given.                          Operator and then                 • The Terminal displays a call

 › Swipe Card And                       ›          Func
                                            Press Enter                         for referral message
  a. Enter Last Four Digits of                                                  Code 10 Authorization
     Acct Number + Enter
                                        › Manually enter the card             • If you are suspicious of a
                                            number then                         cardholder or a specific
  b. Verify Card Number is
                                        › Press  Func
                                                Enter then enter the            transaction
     Displayed Correctly + Enter                                              • There is no magnetic stripe
                                            card expiration date and
If Magnetic Stripe on Card is           › Press   Func
                                                                                on back of card
Unreadable, See Below:                                                        Entering an alpha character. Press the
  a. Press assigned “Cash Advance”      › Enter amount of transaction         number key in which the alpha letter is

     Key, 1                             › Press    Func
                                                                              located. Then press the (ALPHA) key
                                                                              (repeatedly if necessary) until the desired
  b. Manually Enter the Card            › No Printer: Using a manual          letter appears on the terminal display.

     Number and Press EnterFunc             imprinter, imprint card, record   All Voice Authorized transactions requiring
                                                                              draft capture MUST be “force” entered.
                                            approval number and fill out
  c. Enter Expiration Date
                Func                        the draft. Have cardholder        Duplicate Receipt (if applicable)
     and Press Enter
                                            sign. Printer: Will produce a
  d. Manually Complete and                  receipt automatically.            › Press the “DUP RCT” key
     Imprint Cash Slip                      Obtain cardholder signature.      › Enter reference number of
  e. Obtain Signature on Cash           ›   Press Clear                           transaction you want a
     Advance Slip                                                                 duplicate receipt of and
                                                           Totals             ›         Func
                                                                                  Press Enter
 › Enter Transaction Amount
     Press   Func
                                        › Press    Func
                                                                              › Or Press     Func
                                                                                                 to get a

                                                                                  duplicate receipt of last
 › The terminal will automatically      › Press “Totals” ( 5 ) key                transaction captured in
     print receipt for approved                                                   terminal
     transactions                       › Password +        Func
                                                                              ›   Printer: Will produce a
 › Record on paper receipt the          › Card Type will display                  duplicate receipt
     address, identification method     › Press   Func
                                                                              ›   Enter reference number of
     (including serial number), expi-                                             the next transaction
     ration date and the four digits    › Batch Number will display           ›   Or Press Clear
     printed directly above the         › Press   Func
     account number                                                                    Business Cards
 › Obtain customer signature            › Tran Count will display
     on printer receipt
                                        › Press   Func
                                                                              If a card with a business name or
                                                                              affiliation is presented for a cash
 › Verify signature on back of card     › Sales in dollars displays           advance, record the information
     to signature on ID to signature    › Press   Func
                                                  Enter                       on printer receipt. If any of the
     on the receipt. If signatures do                                         following occur, call for a Voice
     not match or if you are suspi-     › Credits will display                Authorization (see Above)
     cious, go to “Void Author-         › Press   Func
                                                  Enter                       1. If the signature on the cash
     ization” “Code 10”                                                           advance slip is not the same as
                                        › Net dollar will display                 signature on customers card.
 › Keep printed receipt (& cash         › Press   Clear
     slip if applicable). Return cus-                                         2. If the customer does not re-
     tomer copy of receipt (& cash                                                semble the picture on the ID.
     slip if applicable), card, & ID.                                         3. If you are suspicious of the
                                                                                  customer or transaction for
 ›   Press Clear                                                                  any reason.
Verifone Tranz
330/380/460                                                                         Facts Cash Advance
          Batch Review                    Transaction Editing Procedures Batch Balancing Procedures
› Press    Func
           Enter   and then the           NOTE: If the dollar amount is “captured”
                                          incorrectly and the amount is under $50.00,
                                                                                          › Press the “Balance” key
    “REVIEW” key                          you may edit the transaction to the correct
                                                                                          › Enter Password and Press          Func
                                          dollar amount. If the dollar amount is over                                         Enter
› Enter Password and Press        Func
                                  Enter   $50.00, edit the transaction to a zero dollar       Or go to next step
                                          amount, then re-initiate the transaction
    Or go to next step
                                          correctly as a Manually keyed Purchase          › Press 1
› Terminal displays the last 5            Entry. A new approval code for the correct
    digits of the account number,
                                          dollar amount will be obtained.                 › Press    Func
                                          All transactions changed to a ZERO dollar
    transaction type and then             amount are included in the final item count.    › Enter transaction count then
    the dollar amount                                                                     › Press    Func

› Press    # to display the
                                          › Press    Func
                                                     Enter   and then the                            Enter

    second line: reference number             “Edit” key                                  › Enter Batch Amount +          Func

    of item, transaction status,          › Enter Password and Press             Func
                                                                                 Enter    › No Printer: Once batch is
    card type then the authori-               Or go to next step                              transmitted, record the “OK”
    zation code                                                                               number on Terminal Batch
› Press    Func
                  to go to the next
                                          › Enter reference number of                         Summary Form
                                            transaction to be changed then
    transaction and follow step above     › Press    Func                  ›                  Printer: Once transmitted the
›               Func
    Or Press Enter repeatedly to
                                                                                              printer will automatically
    scroll through the remaining          › Press #                                           produce a record of the
    transactions. When all items                                                              batch transmission, including
    have displayed “END OF
                                          › Press    Func
                                                     Enter                                     the “OK” number
    BATCH” displays                       › Enter correct amount and then › NOTE:
›   Press Clear                           › Press    Func
                                                                             If the numbers entered do not match the

Batch Detail Report (if applicable)       › Press 9 then            Func
                                                                             numbers in the terminal an “OUT OF
                                                                             BALANCE” message will display. Press
                                                                             “CLEAR” and do either a Batch Review
› Press    Func
           Enter   and then the           › Enter reference number of        or Detail Report and then go into
                                              next transaction than needs                     Transaction Editing to correct any
    assigned “PRINT” key                                                                      errors as needed.
                                              to be edited
› Enter Password and Press        Func
                                          ›   Press Clear
                                                                                          •   Transactions changed to zero dollar
                                                                                              amount are included in “TRAN COUNT”
    Or go to next step                                                                    •   Any response received other than the
› Press 2 then                                                                                “OK” number, call Customer Service
                                                                                              immediately to determine the batch
› Press    Func

› Report will print
› Press    Clear                                                        Terminal Responses
The report contains the following:        DC Memory Error - Call Customer Service.
M = Manually entered transaction          Call - You must call voice center for authorization. Refer to the
CD = Card type code                       voice sticker that you were provided for the appropriate number.
ACCT = last 4 digits of account #         Host Disconnect - Line is busy at host, retry function.
T=Transaction type (1=sale, 6=force)
                                          Lost Comm W/ Host - Terminal lost communication with host,
AUTH/DB = Authorization code
                                          retry function.
REF = Reference number
AMOUNT = Dollar amount                    No Answer - Call Customer Service.
SUMMARY BY CARD TYPES                     No Reply - Host not responding. Call Customer Service.
= Amount of all sales, net amount,        Invalid Exp Date - The expiration date is invalid.
and transaction count of each
card type                                 Please Try Again - Card swipe was improperly completed, retry
TOTAL = Total number of trans-            function.
actions captured in terminal              Programming Error - Call Customer Service.
and net amount                            Settle Required - You must transmit the batch or your terminal
NOTE: IF “OUT OF BALANCE”                 is locked in the settle mode. Call Customer Service.
message displays, compare report
                                          Waiting For Line - Phone line is not plugged into terminal, jack
to the paper transaction to deter-
                                          or the phone line is in use.
mine discrepancy
                                                                                                             00-39-5022NSB 01-2006

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