GSM Monitor Control GSM Alarm-220

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                    GSM Monitor & Control
                                       GSM Alarm-220

                    GSM Alarm-220 can be used for pro-        More Information?
                    tection control and monitoring of         For more information on this
                    property.                                 product and its features, please
                                                              contact us.
                    Fourteen zone monitoring
                    In the case of trespass of the pro-       Features & Specification
                    tected area GsmAlarm-220, depend-          14 protected zones
                    ing on how program system operation        5 programmable outputs
                    algorithm, switches the siren on, calls    5 users are notified
                    and sends SMS messages to five us-          Temperature measurement option
                    ers.                                       24 hour timer function
                                                               250 user Access Control
                    Programmable outputs                       Remote programming
                    GsmAlarm-220 has 4 (5, if siren is not     Option to connect siren and Mic
                    used) programmable outputs, in-            SMS showing sensor state
                    tended for remote control of different     Mains Voltage monitor
                    devices. User can turn on/off heating,
                    ventilation or lighting systems etc, by
                    using his mobile phone just by typing
                    a relevant code or sending SMS to the
                    control device.

                    Automated gates and doors
                    Can be opened using up to 250
                    number Caller ID recognition without
                    call cost.

                    24 hour timer function enables
                    activation/ deactivation of program-
                    mable output and armed mode.

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