Business Fundraising Proposal Form

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					Business Fundraising Proposal Form
Thank you for expressing interest in supporting The Cancer Council Victoria.

Please complete this form and fax to 03 9635 5240 or post to Att: Community
Fundraising Project Officer, The Cancer Council Victoria, 1 Rathdowne Street,
Carlton, Vic 3053.

Business Name and number of employees

Business Address and contact details

Description of your business activities and information about the your
customers (by geographic location / interests / gender / socio-economic
factors etc.)

Please describe your proposed fundraising activity and include the following:
How will funds be raised? How you would like to promote the activity to your
customers/stakeholders? For what duration of time would you like to perform
this activity?

Please circle your main motivation for seeking to support the Cancer Council

To support the cancer cause (philanthropic decision)

To increase sales/market share (marketing decision)

To increase employee morale / team building exercise (human resource decision)

Does your business or any of its activities have links to the tobacco industry?
If yes, can you please provide further information. Please note that the Cancer
Council will not knowingly accept donations from businesses that are closely
associated with the tobacco industry.

How would you like to make donations to The Cancer Council Victoria? (i.e. by
cheque on a quarterly basis)

Can you provide an estimation of how much money you think your fundraising
activity will raise (i.e. $X per year)

What are your timeframes for developing this relationship? (i.e. do you have
deadlines that you are working to?)

Are there any other comments that you would like to make?

Would you hold interest in learning more about other ways in which your
businesses can help our efforts? Please circle your interest areas.

Event participation

Event sponsorship (cash)

Donation of products / services

Purchasing Cancer Council Christmas Cards and Sun Smart products

Payroll giving
Sign and Date

NAME (print): ____________________________________________

SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________

DATE: __________________________________________________