Heat training pamphlet for employees pub heat stroke

					                                                       WHAT TO LOOK FOR:
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      Cal/OSHA Heat Advisory                                                                                   County
         Note to Supervisor
                                            HEAT EXHAUSTION AND HEATSTROKE
                                            • Occurs when the body no longer can
                                                dissipate heat adequately
When employees work in hot con-
                                            • Dehydration
                                            • Over exercise
                                                                                                     Heat Illness
ditions, employers must take spe-           • Extreme environmental conditions                       Prevention
cial precautions in order to pre-           HEAT EXHAUSTION                                           Guidance for
                                            • Weak/exhausted                                            Workers
vent heat illness. Heat illness can         • Paleness cool/moist skin
                                            • Dizziness
progress to heat stroke and be              • Nausea
                                            • Vomiting
                                            • Fainting
fatal, especially when emergency            • Temperature (100 -102 degrees F)

treatment is delayed. An effec-             Treatment:
                                            • Rest
                                            • Water/Gatorade (50% strength)
tive approach to heat illness is
                                            • Ice packs
                                            • Cool environment
vital to protecting lives of Cali-          • Vomiting indicates severe exhaustion and
                                                IV fluids are required.
fornia workers.
                                            Symptoms                                              Awareness of heat illness
                                            • Warm                                                symptoms can save your life
                                            • Flushed skin                                        or the life of a co-worker
                                            • Do not sweat even after brisk exercise
                                            • Temperature (103 and up degrees F)
                                            • Delirious, unconscious, or having seizures.

  All information provided by Cal/OSHA.                                                           Courtesy of the SCOE Safety Dept.
                                            • Call 911
  For more information you can visit the    •   Do anything you can to reduce the
          Cal/OSHA website at                   Temperature
             www.dir.ca.gov                 • Ice Packs, Water bucks
                                           Report all heat related injury and illness to Safety
                                           and complete the Occupational Injury/Illness
                                           Report form.
        Things you
        should be
        aware of...                                                                              Wear light protective clothing
                                              •   Taking your breaks in a cool
                                                                                             •    body. Protect your head and
                                                  shaded area and allowing time for
•   If you are coming                                                                             shade your eyes if working out-
                                                  recovery from the heat during
    back to work from                                                                             doors.
                                                  the day are effective ways to
    an illness or an ex-                          avoid heat illness.
                                                                                             •    When working in the
    tended break or
                                                                                                  heat be sure to pay
                                              •   Avoid or limit the use of alcohol
    you are just start-                                                                           extra attention to
                                                  and caffeine during periods of ex-
    ing a job working in                                                                          your co-workers and be sure you
                                                  treme heat. Both dehydrate the
                                                                                                  know how to call for medical at-
    the heat, it is im-    Drink 3-4 cups         body.
                             of water
    portant to be aware
                            every hour
                                              •   If you or a co-worker start to
    that you are more                                                                        •    When utilizing Emergency Ser-
                                                  feel symptoms such as nausea,
    vulnerable to heat stress until your                                                          vices, call 9-1-1 and be prepared
                                                  dizziness, weakness or unusual fa-
                                                                                                  to provide clear directions to the
    body has time to adjust. Let your em-         tigue, let your supervisor know
                                                                                                  location of the injured worker.
    ployer know you are not used to the                       and rest in a cool
                                                              shaded area. If symp-
    heat. It takes about 5-7 days for your
                                                              toms persist or worsen
    body to adjust.                                           seek medical attention
•   Drinking plenty of water frequently is
                                                                 •   Whenever
    vital to workers exposed to the heat.
                                                                  possible, wear
                                                                                                                                               uc   ation
                                                                                                                                         o f Ed
    An individual may produce as much as 2    Take breaks in a   clothing that provides                                 u n ty
                                                                                                                  u s Co
                                              cool shaded area                                                isla
    -3 gallons of sweat per day. In order                        protection from the sun                 Stan

                                                                 but allows airflow to the
    to replenish that fluid the worker

    should drink 3 to 4 cups of water                                                                          Business Svc. Office— Safety Dept.
                                                                                                               1100 H Street
    every hour starting at the beginning of                                                                    Modesto, CA 95354

    your shift.
                                                                                                               Phone: (209) 238-1932 or
                                                                                                               (209) 238-1925
                                                                                                               Fax: (209) 238-4207

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