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           Brandeis University
           National Women’s
                                                                                                                                                                $1.3 Million

Dedicated to the support of the
Brandeis University Libraries

                                                                                               Spring 1999      s   Volume 19   s   Number 3

GSIEF: A New School for a New World                                                                                                   Reflections on Brandeis
                                                                                                                                       50 Years of Memories
       ll eyes were                                                                                 legal needs of inter-
       on the                                                                                       national businesses,                          See Inside
       youthful team                                                                                and advise major
— from the U.S.,                                                                                    governments on
Hungary, Mexico and                                                                                 economic policy,
Turkey — as they                                                                                    has given GSIEF its
made their case to                                                                                  reputation for
the seasoned                                                                                        innovation and
executives before                                                                                   excellence.
them in a tight,                                                                                    Established five
polished computer-                                                                                  years ago, the
aided presentation.                                                                                 school offers four
After months of                                                                                     degree programs for
preparation, they                                                                                   150 students, inclu-
were recommending                                                                                   ding the new MBAi,
the merger of two                                                                                   MA and PhD in
multi-billion dollar                                                                                international eco-
international                                                                                       nomics and finance,
industrial giants.                                                                                  and MS in finance.

This drama did not unfold in a board room, however. It        “We’ve targeted a new niche in professional education —
was part of a course in the Masters in Business               the burgeoning opportunities created by the globalization
Administration International (MBAi) program of
Brandeis’s Graduate School of International Economics
                                                              of economic activity,” explains Peter Petri, dean of the
                                                              school and Carl J. Shapiro Professor of International
                                                                                                                              “I served as the third president of
and Finance (GSIEF). These students are getting ready for     Finance. “Foreign exchange transactions have grown 100         the Boston Chapter at a time when
the real world and what better way to do it than to           times since the 1970s,” he points out. “The U.S. is twice       all chapter presidents marched in
analyze the merger of Daimler Benz/Chrysler and present       as dependent on international trade as it was in the 1960s.
their recommendations to key players from the actual          Every company now has to think of its competitive                  the academic processions at
merger? The audience included investment bankers who          position in an international context.
advised Daimler and Chrysler during their merger talks,
                                                                                                                              University convocations. I hosted
the Chairman of the Board of the Graduate School, a           “There’s nothing quite like it,” Petri says of the school.      Eleanor Roosevelt for lunch with
representative of one of Germany’s largest banks, and a       ”The closest is INSEAD, the famous international business
mergers and acquisitions specialist. They all declared that   school in France, where only 20 percent of the students
                                                                                                                               1500 people and sat right across
the Brandeis students pretty much got it right.               and faculty are French. The location means little. It’s the     from President Harry S. Truman,
                                                              international focus that makes the difference for the
This kind of hands-on experience, guided by professors
                                                                                                                                who told us: ‘It’s important to
who also manage millions in investments, oversee the          Continued on page 7                                              make big plans. You can always
                                                                                                                                    whittle them down.’”
                                                                                                                                         Ann Gold, Boston Chapter
      Study With the Best: Professor Stephen Whitfield’s new
        brieflet on American Jewish Culture — in this issue
                                                                                                                            Women’s Studies
New Book Fund                                                                                                               Enriches Brandeis
Holiday Card                                                                                                                Curriculum
This attractive new Book Fund holiday card                                                                                  Interest in women’s studies has swept across college
features a painting by Women’s Committee                                                                                    campuses, leading to the establishment of approximately
member Edith Green. The inside message                                                                                      600 programs nationwide. At Brandeis the Women’s
reads: “May this year be filled with peace,                                                                                 Studies Program has grown from one course in 1975 to
health and happiness.” All profits from the                                                                                 100 today and now offers an undergraduate certificate
sale of Book Fund cards go to the Brandeis                                                                                  and a joint MA degree in conjunction with ten academic
Libraries. Cards are available (20 for $25)                                                                                 disciplines. When we decided to take a look at this
from chapter Book Fund chairs or by calling                                                                                 enormously popular field of study, we found that, like so
toll free 1-888-TO-BUNWC (1-888-862-8692).                                                                                  many other endeavors, it is done a little differently at
Credit card orders are welcome.                                                                                             Brandeis — with more intellectual rigor, creativity, and

                                                                                                                            “I am frequently asked to define women’s studies —
                                                                                                                            sometimes in 20 words or less,” says Shulamit Reinharz,
                                                                                                                            director of the Women’s Studies Program at Brandeis.
                                                                                                                            “The answer I give is ‘women’s studies means repair of
                                                                                                                            the curriculum.’ It brings women in — to art, music,
                                                                                                                            sociology, economics, philosophy — you name it. And
                                                                                                                            when it brings women in, it creates enormous change.
                                                                                                                            It asks new questions, compels us to see what has
                                                                                                                            Continued on page 7

Brandeis University                                                                                                                                       Nonprofit org
National Women’s Committee                                                                                                                                U.S. Postage
Waltham, Massachusetts 02454-9110                                                                                                                         PAID
                                                                                                                                                          Permit no. 6
                                                                                                                                                          Hudson, MA
PRESIDENTIAL    Donors Express Love of Brandeis, NWC and
                “Bessie” with Campaign Gifts Large and Small
By Marcia F. Levy                                  The National Women’s Committee’s 50th         education that inspired her generous gift    mansion of Madison Avenue gallery owner
                                                   Anniversary University Librarian Chair        to the campaign. Bahr joined the National    W. Graham Arader with Brandeis
                                                   campaign is touching the hearts of            Women’s Committee when a mentor from         President Jehuda Reinharz and his wife,

      pring has come, and                          members and friends throughout the            another volunteer organization paid her      Brandeis Professor Shulamit Reinharz,
      one of my great                              country. Donations large and small, which     first year’s dues more than 20 years ago.    director of women’s studies; Bessie Hahn,
      pleasures is spending                        have reached $1.3 million toward the $2.5     Evelyn Lawrence of the North Jersey          university librarian and assistant provost;
time in my garden. The                             million goal, frequently cite devotion to     Chapter, who joined the second NWC           and National Women’s Committee
azaleas and dogwoods are in                        Brandeis, a deep appreciation of the          chapter formed 50 years ago, celebrated      President Marcia Levy.
full bloom as I write this,                        National Women’s Committee (NWC),             the National Women’s Committee’s 50th
my clematis vine is adding                         and a special regard for University           Anniversary and her 80th birthday with a     The National Women’s Committee’s
at least six inches of new                         Librarian Bessie Hahn as the motivations      $25,000 gift to the campaign.                newest chapters are also proudly
growth each day, and the buds on the bearded       behind the gifts.                                                                          celebrating the organization’s 50th
iris are beginning to swell. I’ve been weeding,                                                  Chapter and region events are also playing   anniversary. More than half the members
planting, pruning, and fertilizing, while          “Waltham is 3,000 miles from us, but we       a major role in the success of the           of the 450-member two-year-old Weston-
maintaining my usual BUNWC routine of              feel devoted to the University, its goals     campaign. With some recognized as the        Venture, Florida Chapter attended that
phone calls, e-mail, and letter writing.           and the opportunities it offers students      premiere events in their communities,        group’s Golden Anniversary Gala
                                                   worldwide,” wrote Bunny Wasserman of          these fund raisers range from small          Luncheon.
It occurred to me while I was digging out          the San Dieguito, California Chapter.         “family affairs” in Kansas City and South
some especially tenacious dandelions, that         “When my husband and I moved to this          Shore/Brockton, Massachusetts, to honor      The $500 campaign gift continues to be
gardening is an appropriate metaphor for the       area 13 years ago we didn’t know a soul.      founders and long-time leaders, to very      the most popular, with almost 300 donors
work that we do for the Brandeis Libraries.        We have made so many friends and feel         prestigious book and author events that      now proudly wearing the brushed-gold
Fifty years ago the seeds of our organization      blessed we found BUNWC.”                      have drawn hundreds in Phoenix and Los       chair pin which recognizes gifts made in
were sown. These seeds sprouted into projects                                                    Angeles. The North Shore, Illinois           that category. The names of donors
which continue to blossom and bear fruit           Helen Livingston of Manhattan wanted to       Chapter is launching its first book and      making gifts of $3,000 or more will be
today. But projects, like plants, need to be       help celebrate the 50th anniversary with a    author event in May to benefit the           permanently inscribed in a bronze
nurtured in order to thrive. Just as a beautiful   gift to the campaign. Two of her children     campaign, only one month before its          sculpture of a book to be installed in the
garden demands a conscientious gardener, so        “had the privilege of traveling to China on   renowned, labor-intensive used book sale.    National Women’s Committee Garden on
does the success of the Women’s Committee          a National Women’s Committee trip with        The event has already attracted several      the Brandeis campus. Gifts of $100,000 or
require significant effort on the part of our      Bessie Hahn,” she pointed out, and the        $3,000 donations, many $1,000 gifts and      more will receive special recognition in
volunteers.                                        third is a graduate of the University.        life income gifts.                           the garden.
                                                   Mollie Wilson’s dedication to Brandeis and
In fifty years we have grown from one chapter      the Libraries and her “warm admiration        A special performance of the Miami City      The National Women’s Committee will
to 105 chapters, developed an enviable study       for Bessie Hahn” led her to make a large      Ballet sponsored by the Florida Region       also publish a 50th Anniversary
group program, placed the millionth book on        gift to the campaign. “Brandeis is very       attracted more than 700 people and raised    Commemorative Book for Conference
the library shelves, and undertaken the            dear to my heart,” Wilson, of the Greater     $35,000 for the campaign. A pre-luncheon,    2000, recognizing all donors who have
ambitious task of raising $2.5 million to          Boston Chapter, said recently.                post-dinner, and souvenir journal            made gifts of $1,000 or more. Gifts may be
endow the University Librarian Chair. We                                                         contributed to the success of this event.    made in cash, with appreciated stock or
should be proud of our accomplishments, but        For Annabelle Bahr of Los Angeles it was      The New York, New Jersey, So.                with MasterCard, Visa or American
now we must look toward the future.                her love of Brandeis and her loving           Connecticut Region is planning a             Express.
                                                   memory of her husband’s deep regard for       glamorous evening at the Beaux Art
Fifty years ago who would have dreamed that
a Brandeis student could access extensive                                              Reflections
library information without ever leaving his                                                                                                          Brandeis University
                                                                                                                                                      National Women’s
or her dormitory room? Now, thanks to
computer technology, it can happen. Who
                                                     “When I visited the campus as chapter delegate to                                                Committee

would have imagined that the average cost of         Conference in 1980 I was so in awe that I skipped                                        imprint
a science book would be more than $80? Not
only have book prices escalated, but the cost        meetings to see more of the campus. Supporting                                           President
of research journal subscriptions has                Brandeis University and its libraries is an honor for                                    Marcia F. Levy
skyrocketed. Who could have envisioned that
the campus would be the site of a new                me. I treasure the opportunity to be a part of this                                      National Publications Chair
                                                                                                                                              Shirley Brickman
National Center to study the brain and               auspicious university and the National Women’s                                           Communications Coordinator
intelligence? The Volen National Center for
Complex Systems became a reality in 1992.            Committee.”                                                                              Helen Meltzer

                                                                                                                                              Executive Director
In fifty years Brandeis University has               Bernis Hecht, Corpus Christi Chapter                                                     Joan C. Bowen
undergone many changes and our volunteer
environment has changed as well. If the                                                                                                       Director of Programming and
Women’s Committee is to meet the                                                                                                              Publications
challenges of the 21st century, we, too, must                                                                                                 Beth Bernstein, M.A. ‘90
make changes. On a national level, board                                                                                                      Editor
members will work this year in teams rather                                                                                                   Mary Pat Prado
than holding individual portfolios. A strategic
planning committee will be appointed to                                                                                                       Designer
explore the image and mission of BUNWC for                                                                                                    Thea Shapiro
the future. On a region level, training must be                                                                                               Photographer
provided to develop new leadership. On a                                                                                                      Julian Brown
chapter level, we must help members
reconnect with the University to recapture                                                                                                    imprint is published three times a year in
the spirit of enthusiasm that prevailed in the                                                                                                January, May, and October for the
early years of our existence.                                                                                                                 members of the Brandeis University
                                                                                                                                              National Women’s Committee. Please
                                                                                                                                              share with our readers your chapter’s
Like good gardeners, we must be willing to
                                                                                                                                              accomplishments and experiences or
weed out our weaknesses in order to focus on                                                                                                  information about members that you
strengths. Some of our projects are like hardy                                                                                                think would be of interest to our readers.
garden perennials, blooming reliably year                                                                                                     Materials submitted for publication
after year. Others are like tender shrubs,                                                                                                    should be typewritten and include a
demanding constant attention to remove the                                                                                                    contact name, address and phone number.
parts that are unproductive while stimulating                                                                                                 Photographs should be fully identified on
new growth.                                        Cruising down the Mississippi River in celebration of the National Women’s                 a separate piece of paper.
                                                   Committee’s 50th Anniversary was a typical fun-filled and enriching Brandeis
I hope you will join me and continue to                                                                                                       Deadline is July 15, 1999
                                                   experience for this group of 53 NWC members. The trip included a tour
celebrate our achievements and plant the           of Jewish Natchez and lectures by Brandeis professors Jacqueline Jones and Jeffrey         Brandeis University
seeds for a productive future.                     Abramson on the history of Jews in the South and other historical and political topics.    National Women’s Committee
                                                   “The next time you see an announcement of a BUNWC trip, y’all come!” one                   MS 132
                                                   participant said enthusiastically.                                                         Waltham, MA 02454-9110
  “I was so impressed by the intelligence and eloquence of the national officers and
 board I met my first time on the Brandeis campus 20 years ago that I decided right
 then and there these were the kind of people I wanted to be associated with for the
                                   rest of my life.”
                                              Judy Marlin, Santa Clara Valley Chapter

2    Spring 1999
The new Brandeis University National
   Women’s Committee Tribute Wall,
   located in the foyer of the Goldfarb
      Library, will be dedicated during
 Conference this spring. The names of
    those making gifts to the National
        Women’s Committee of $5,000
          or more will be permanently
     inscribed on the elegant new wall
        under the following categories:
         Special Gifts-$10,000-$24,999
          Major Gifts-$25,000-$49,999
     Leadership Gifts-$50,000-$99,999
         Distinguished Gifts-$100,000-
 Founding Gifts-$1 million and above.

The following slate of national officers will be presented by the National Nominating
Committee for vote by all delegates at the National Conference, June 2-June 6, 1999.
                                                                                                  Pull Up
For President:

For Vice Presidents:
                              Marcia Levy

                              Cynthia Jartman
                              Carol Kern
                              Florence Simon

                                                                                                   A Chair
For Treasurer:                Barbara Schumacher             NORTH SHORE, IL                          and join us in making
Nominating Committee 1999-2000

Chair:                        Bea Glenn                      NORTH SHORE, IL
                                                                                                      history at Brandeis.
Vice Chair:                   Barbara Berlin                 WASHINGTON, DC
                              Harriet Bial                   HILLS
                              Pamela Carnot                  WASHINGTON, DC                           In only 50 years Brandeis University has
                              Lois Edwards                   NORTH SHORE, ILL
                              Belle Jurkowitz '55            MIAMI BEACH                              taken its place among America’s top
                              Eleanor Kearns                 MANHATTAN
                              Rocki Kramer                   SANTA CLARA VALLEY              Make     universities. At the heart of this success are
                              Shirley Pollock                LOS ANGELES
                              Roberta Richard
                              Helaine Saperstein
                                                             GREATER BOSTON
                                                             GREATER BOSTON
                                                                                          history!    the Brandeis Libraries, built from the ground
                              Bernice Smilowitz              MORRIS COUNTY
                              Judy Weinstein                 KANSAS CITY                 Your gift    up, book by book, with the invaluable
Alternate Nominating Committee Members by Region:
                                                                                        today will    support of the Brandeis University
Florida:                      Pearl Goldin                   TRAILS                                   National Women’s Committee.
                              Eppie Kaplan                   WEST END                      help us
Mid-Atlantic:                 Phyllis Freedman               ATLANTA
                              Rena Rogoff                    TIDEWATER
                                                                                        fulfill our
                                                                                                   To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are
Midwest:                      Estelle Robinson               KANSAS CITY                  promises
                              Sharon Traub                   MINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL                   taking our boldest step yet to ensure the
New England:                  Debby Abrahams                 METROWEST
                                                                                               for future of the Libraries by establishing the
                              Beth Anne Wolfson '75          NORFOLK/SHARON
                                                                                        tomorrow. Brandeis University National Women’s
NY-NJ-So CT:                  Barbara Breakstone             CENTRAL WESTCHESTER
                              Harriet Shapiro                NO. WESTCHESTER                       Committee University Librarian Chair with
Greater Western:              Sue Karp                       PHOENIX
                              Gloria Shane                   DESERT                                an endowment of $2.5 million.
“At Large”:                   Judy Kahn                      KANSAS CITY
                              Sondra Homer Warner            BOCA RATON
                                                                                                      Gifts may be made in cash, with appreciated stock
Honorary National Board Members:
                                                                                                      or with MasterCard, Visa or American Express and must
                              Joyce Krasnow                  LOS ANGELES                              be completed by March 31, 2000.
                              Elizabeth Susser               CORPUS CHRISTI

Submitted by the 1998-99 National Nominating Committee:                                                       Brandeis
Chair:                        Shirley Pollock                LOS ANGELES                                      Women’s
Vice Chair:                   Mickey Morris                  RIVERDALE                                        Committee
                                                                                                              MS 132
                                                                                                              Waltham, MA
Members                                                                                                       02454-9110
Judie Brown, SOUTH DADE                             Ethel Kreutzer, MANHATTAN
Jean Carrus, DESERT                                 Roberta Pilnick, WEST END
Carol Colby, NORTH SHORE, IL
Maureen Durwood, KANSAS CITY
                                                    Joyce Pinco, GREATER WASHINGTON
                                                    Roz Shack, SOUTH SHORE/BROCKTON
                                                                                                      Call toll free 1-888-TO-BUNWC
L.D. Hirschklau, SANTA CLARA VALLEY                 Eleanor Shuman, GREATER BOSTON                    (1-888-862-8692) for additional information.

                                                                                                                                            Spring 1999 3
Forward-Looking Leaders Taking NWC into 21st Century
                                     Ada Nogee                                                                                         Reflections
                                     Pompano/Ft. Lauderdale

                                     A   da Nogee was looking for a lot more than tennis, golf, and cards
                                         when she moved from Boston to Florida in 1984 after her husband
                                     Philip’s death. Determined to be active in any organization she joined,
                                     she carefully researched all the groups in her area, even attending
                                     several National Women’s Committee (NWC) board meetings to “get
                                     the general picture.” She found what she was looking for in the
                                     Pompano/Ft. Lauderdale Chapter.

                                       Declaring her involvement in the National Women’s Committee “the kind
                                       of afterlife I wanted,” she quickly moved onto the chapter’s board as a
                                       vice president. “Under the gentle persuasion of my mentor, former
National Vice President Jay Coral, I agreed to serve as co-president with my sister in-law after only two years
in the chapter,” she relates. In the coming year she will serve as president of the 12,000-member Florida
Region. “I knew I wanted to be active, but I didn’t expect to get involved so fast,” she says.

“This is a unique organization,” Nogee explains. “Not only did I choose it because of my interest in its
mission, but I identified with the members. These are bright men and women, really interesting people.”
Nogee learned just how bright and inquisitive the typical National Women’s Committee member can be when
she ran the study group, “The Course of Our Times,” 20 videotaped lectures by Dr. Abram Sachar on America             “There was an immediate surge
in the 20th century. “The lectures prompted very healthy and invigorating discussions,” she recalls.                  of excitement and enthusiasm at
Nogee has squeezed a lot of leadership experience into the 15 years she has been part of the National
                                                                                                                      the prospect of helping to create
Women’s Committee. In addition to her chapter work, she has chaired study groups, bylaws and policies,                the first Jewish-sponsored, non-
bulletins, and membership for the region and has served on the National Nominating Committee and as                   sectarian university. Remember,
national chair of community service. She has big plans for the growing, 32-chapter Florida Region, the                this was just a few years after the
organization’s largest. Further expansion is her number one goal, with an emphasis on keeping chapters a              end of World War II and the
manageable size. She hopes to develop more leaders, working to overcome what she terms that famous                    revelation of the Holocaust.
Florida brush-off, “I did it all up North.”
                                                                                                                      Being part of Brandeis made us
“Actually, most retirees don’t come down here to sit in the sun,” she concludes. “They want something                 stand a little taller.”
more and they find it in Brandeis.”                                                                                   Ruth Rose, Boston Chapter
                                                                                                                      National President, 1957-1960

                                                                    Al Gomer,         become a regular feature. Resnick is now co-chairman with local businessman
                                                                    Los Angeles       Harold Savinar.

                                                                                      The group has also run excursions to the Federal Reserve Bank, the Los
                                                                                      Angeles Times printing plant, the new subway system, new library, and Warner
                                                                                      Brothers Studios. Smaller special interest groups for current events, golf,
                                                                                      fishing and computers have also proved very popular. A former businessman
                                                                                      who did mediation work for the Los Angeles County Bar Association for several
Al Gomer front and center                                                             years after his retirement, Gomer explains: “We’re mostly retired guys who
                                                                                      miss the fellowship of other men we enjoyed while working.” Like their wives,
                                                                                      these men have found like-minded souls in the National Women’s Committee,
M   en have been following their women into the National Women’s Committee
    for years — more than 1,000 of them to date. Now, for the first time, some
women are following their men, thanks to the efforts of Al Gomer and a team of
                                                                                      the kind of interesting, educated, stimulating people who characterize the
                                                                                      membership of the organization.
dedicated and creative men in the Los Angeles Chapter.
                                                                                      Although the Men’s Group did not initially embrace fund raising, each member
A member since 1994, Gomer tired of being one of the only men at events he            does pay a modest annual fee, above and beyond their chapter dues. These
attended with his wife Sossee Gomer. “I decided to try to get the men more            funds ultimately go to the Brandeis Libraries when speakers are presented with
involved,” he recalls. So he invited all 50 men in the chapter to a meeting at his    Learned Research Journals. The group also voted unanimously to place a $500
house. Seventeen came. Three years and a lot of work later, the Los Angeles           full-page ad in the Los Angeles Chapter’s 50th Anniversary commemorative
Men’s Group, born in Gomer’s living room, has more than tripled in size and the       book. A core group of 15 men and their wives are starting to organize the
total number of men who have become members of the chapter is now more                group’s first fund raising event. “These guys were a little slow to get interested
than 100. “The men are starting to join on their own for our activities, bringing     in fund raising,” Gomer admits. “They’ve all been active in their temples or
their wives in later,” Gomer reports.                                                 community projects for years and they feel like they’ve done their share, but
                                                                                      we’re starting to turn that around.”
The Men’s Group elected officers when its membership hit 25, quickly outgrew
the deli where it met for monthly breakfasts and now meets in the Anti-               Al Gomer, who had not been involved in anything like this before and says he
Defamation League offices.                                                            “never dreamed” he would become so immersed in it, is now spreading the
                                                                                      word to other chapters in California. “I think the key is to provide something
The rich backgrounds of the group’s members — retired business owners,                specifically for the men,” he says. “We’re interested in a club, not necessarily
doctors, lawyers, college deans, and the occasional Hollywood producer —makes         with the women.” Jo Kierman, president of the Los Angeles Chapter whose
programming easy. Speakers, all recruited by members, have included nutrition         husband Irv Kierman was one of the first co-chairmen of the Men’s Group with
guru Robert Pritikin, Dr. Warren Grundfest (on medical laser research), James         Frank Wolf, agrees. “The success of our men’s group is due to the fact that the
Warf, Ph.D., who worked on the Manhattan Project, and experts on cloning, tax         women keep their hands off it,” she declares, “and, of course, to the vision and
law, and local and state ballot initiatives. An off-the-cuff medical update at an     leadership of Al.”
early meeting by physician-member Herb Resnick was so well received that it has

4   Spring 1999
         “No relationship, outside of immediate family, has lasted longer or been more meaningful to me. Because
         of BUNWC, I have pursued a career as teacher and lecturer, developed intense friendships in two regions
                and added immeasurable richness to my life by reaching beyond my own narrow concerns.
                  Helping countless scholars I will never know achieve their destinies ennobled my life.”
                                                                      Joyce Reider, Boca Raton Chapter

                                          Sue Karp                                     now a national vice president of the organization, has been a strong mentor for
                                          Phoenix                                      me for ten years as well as my best and closest friend.”

                                          P   hoenix Chapter President Sue Karp
                                              was introduced to the National
                                          Women’s Committee at her hair salon
                                                                                       The Phoenix Chapter has taken full advantage of the growth in its midst. It has a
                                                                                       satellite group of about 75 members in an area one hour from Phoenix and
                                                                                       hopes to form a second. It expects to add 100 new members this year and has
                                          when someone told her about “this            established a study group for men. Karp attributes much of the success of the
                                          group that would be perfect for her.” Ten    chapter to the active participation of about a dozen former chapter presidents.
                                          years later she is so devoted to Brandeis    “That makes such a difference,” she says.
                                          that she finds herself doing exactly the
                                          same thing — ”talking Brandeis” to           The chapter’s premiere event, its book and authors luncheon, was a roaring
                                          strangers in a restaurant or while           success this year, attracting 750 people and an A-list of best-selling authors.
                                          standing in line at Marshall’s or the        “What gave me a thrill was the participation of the well-known author Shirley
                                          supermarket.                                 Taylor Haizlip and her husband,” Karp relates. “Our mothers were good friends
                                                                                       back in Connecticut, so we grew up together. We sat the whole night and
                                         “I stop ‘em wherever they are,” she           reminisced and cried.”
                                         admits. “We’re not a hard sell. So many
                                         newcomers to this area have heard             Karp attributes much of her devotion to Brandeis to her mother’s influence. “I
about our study groups and book and author event that they don’t need to be            was only an average student,” she relates. “It probably broke my mother’s heart
convinced.” Karp’s unbridled enthusiasm and unconventional recruitment                 that her only child didn’t go to Vassar. Mother was very bright, but she didn’t
techniques have paid off in this high-growth area. Although she would not take         have the opportunity to go to college. Louis Brandeis was very special to her,
the credit, the chapter has doubled its membership during the decade she has           even before the University was founded. I remember she kept a small ceramic
been part of the leadership team.                                                      bust of him on her piano. In a way, I’m making up for what I feel I should have
                                                                                       done when I was younger.”
“When you join Brandeis you have to really get involved,” she declares. From
the beginning, Karp has organized opening and closing luncheons, chaired fund          I really believe that if you educate a student, you never know what they will
raising and run the chapter’s very successful book and author luncheon. She            become — who will cure cancer, for instance,” she continues. “I believe in
was the natural choice for vice president of membership and is now in her              giving them the very best and that’s what Brandeis does.”
second term as president. “Ellen Woodnick, the president when I joined, got me
to do things I never dreamed I would do,” Karp reports, “and Carol Kern, who is

                  “In 1948 Dr. Sachar invited me to meet with him and
                  important women of Chicago to start a chapter for BUNWC. I
                  believe Chicago was second after Boston. I remember
                  attending the very first BUNWC conference in 1949 when the
                  University had the castle, a few buildings and the stable with
                  2000 books. Dr. Sachar loved to say of the Brandeis Library:
                  ‘Our miracle, too, was born in a stable’.”
                  Kate Weil, Chicago Chapter                                                                       Kate Weil and Belle Jurkowitz

                                          Helaine Saperstein                           “This has been such a rewarding experience, making the acquaintance of so
                                          Boston                                       many wonderful people,” Saperstein says of her work with Brandeis. “The
                                                                                       members are extremely intelligent and capable. I have been involved with many
                                                                                       organizations, but I must say, the National Women’s Committee is unique. I have

                                          H  elaine Saperstein’s eyes really
                                             popped when a friend and neighbor
                                         showed her the study group offerings of
                                                                                       gotten back much more than I have given, I can assure you of that.”

                                                                                       Estimating the average age of her members at 60-70, Saperstein is typical of the
                                         the Boston Chapter. Recently retired          younger, modern volunteer leader. She is looking forward to seeing the
                                         from teaching, she says she was “ready        development of a group for professional working women, possibly as a book
                                         for something like that” and immediately      discussion group or with programming of the group’s choice, and says a group
                                         signed on as a member. Little did she         of husbands is working on activities for men. “We need to be more inclusive,”
                                         know when she delved into the Victorian       she suggests, “organizing more evening meetings, for instance. Maybe we
book club, art appreciation, opera, and other stimulating groups that within four      should take some new approaches such as a Web site or email. People can be
years she would be president of one of the oldest and largest chapters in the          included without coming out to an event. We have to realize that for people who
country.                                                                               are still working, time is precious.”

“I didn’t actually volunteer,” she recalls, “but I was asked to join the board early   Although Saperstein has been working hard to attract younger members to this
on. I was so impressed with the quality of the women and with the organization         aging and traditional chapter, she marvels at the energy and drive of many of her
that I hardly said a word the first year, just absorbing everything.” A very           octogenarians and nonagenarians. “Gertrude Lasker, who is almost 90, is still
experienced volunteer with her temple, Sisterhood, Hadassah and Na’amat, she           actively involved in programming, lining up speakers on politics, the arts, and
soon found herself moving up to chapter secretary and later chaired a major            other subjects,” she says, “and Ethel Bernhardt, now in her mid-80s, is still
event. By 1997 she was elected to her first term as president.                         running day trips for the chapter’s Art Adventure program. They are typical of
                                                                                       Brandeis—just the greatest. It really makes me proud to be part of this group.”

                                                                                                                                                     Spring 1999 5

    Time for tea for 27 new and                                                                    San Fernando Valley
    prospective members of the                                                                     members (L-R) Beverly
    Delray Beach, Florida, Chapter at                                                              Garfunkel, Paulette
    the home of Jeannette Brody                                                                    Zebrack, Muriel Eiduson,
    (center), vice president of special                                                            Harriet Kusnitz, and her
    events. Ruth Rachmell (left), vice                                                             daughter Jill Cullen
    president of membership,                                                                       compare purchases at the
    presided with chapter President                                                                chapter’s fourth annual
    Hannah Seltzer.                                                                                Children’s Book Tea.

    The West End, Florida, Chapter                                                                 The four-year old Las Vegas
    has commissioned this full-                                                                    Chapter is proud to be
    color original work of art by                                                                  honoring one of its own,
    artist Edna Hibel to                                                                           National Women’s
    commemorate the 50th                                                                           Committee member and
    anniversary of the National                                                                    Congresswoman Shelley
    Women’s Committee. It is                                                                       Berkley, at the chapter’s 50th
    available as an 18” X 30” print                                                                anniversary gala in May.
    for $25 plus $3 shipping from                                                                  Berkley, who represents the
    the chapter. All profits will go                                                               Nevada First District, is one
    to the Brandeis University                                                                     of only three Jewish members
    National Women’s Committee                                                                     of the U.S. House of
    University Librarian Chair                                                                     Representatives.
    Campaign. Write: Selma
    Nutinsky, 11203 Applegate
    Circle, Boynton Beach, FL
    33437 or call (561) 738-1375.

                                       These south Florida donors to the National
                                       Women’s Committee’s 50th Anniversary
                                       Librarian Chair Campaign were honored
                                       recently at a luncheon hosted by Edith Zwick
                                       of the Hollywood, Florida, Chapter, chairman of
                                       the Florida Region campaign steering
                                       committee. Seated left to right: Ellen Atlas, Jay
                                       Coral, Emma Siskend. Standing left to right:
                                       Edith Zwick, Gigi Paleais, Harriet Bial, Ann E.
                                       Rosenthal, Sylvia Altman, Belle Jurkowitz.

          “On Friday morning as I waited in line to buy a challah for Shabbat, the woman next to me started talking
           about this exciting women’s organization that had just formed to support the libraries of a newly-founded,
          Jewish-sponsored university. Her passion and enthusiasm convinced me to become a member and sit on the
              board. If I had learned to bake challah sooner, I would not have become a national president of the
                                      Brandeis University National Women’s Committee!”
                                                                            Estelle Jacobs, Washington, D.C. Chapter
                                                                                   National President, 1989-91

KUDOS TO                                                                                             Brandeis University National Women’s Committee
The New England Region for its very
successful University Outreach program,
“Public Lives-Private Lives: Morals, Ethics
and You.” Speakers included Brandeis
professors Mary E. Davis and Andreas
                                                   Spielberg’s Shoah Visual History
                                                   Foundation. One of the five survivors
                                                   featured in the film, Irene Zisblatt, and an
                                                   entire local school class participated in the
                                                   post-film discussion.

Teuber and Joe Bergantino, an investigative
reporter for the CBS affiliate in Boston.          The Phoenix Chapter for their very
                                                   successful 9th Annual Book and Authors
Anna E. Greenberg of the Annapolis                 Luncheon. One of that community’s
Chapter who was named one of
“Maryland’s Top 100 Women.”
                                                   premiere events, this year’s luncheon
                                                   attracted 750 people to hear Judy Collins
                                                   (Singing Lessons), Larry Gelbart (Laughing
Adrienne Rosenblatt '61 of the Hartford
Chapter who was named a “Woman of
Valor” by the Jewish Federation of Greater
Hartford for her work for the National
Women’s Committee.
                                                   Matters: On Writing M*A*S*H, Tootsie,
                                                   Oh, God! and A Few Other Funny
                                                   Things), Peter Craig (Martini Shot), Elinor
                                                   Lipman (The Inn at Lake Devine), Shirlee
                                                   Taylor Haizlip and Harold C. Haizlip (In
                                                   the Garden of Our Dreams), and Brad
The Hills, Florida, Chapter film study             Meltzer, the youngest author to make the
group for a very special event at which            best-seller lists across the country at age     R e n e w Yo u r M e m b e r s h i p n o w.
they viewed the Academy Award-winning              27 (Dead Even).
documentary Holocaust film “The Last                                                                 Visit us on line at
Days,” produced by Steven

6     Spring 1999
 Women’s Studies Enriches
 Brandeis Curriculum
 Continued from page 1
                                                                                                                        The Ginza, Tokyo’s main shopping center.

 been taken for granted in a new light.       Sex Before Calvin Klein?”
 Women’s studies sheds light.
                                              The program’s unique Resident and
 “Women’s studies has found a wonderful       Visiting Scholars Program draws an
 home at Brandeis, because Brandeis is        additional 40 writers, researchers, and
 open to new ideas and to interdisciplinary   artists in a range of disciplines from all
 studies,” she continues. “The program        over the world. Most stay for several
 thrives here because we are not              years, becoming an integral part of the
 ideologically driven. We cast our net very   program and the university while they
 wide to have a broad variety of              teach, conduct research, or work on
 viewpoints. Some other programs get          special projects, always contributing to
 bogged down in ideological conflicts. Our    the women’s studies community.
 goal is to be a topnotch educational         Psychologist Roz Barnett studies the
 program. The only way to do that is to       interface between work and family.
 foster open discussion. I never ask anyone   Nancy Salzer makes documentary films
 what their position on a subject is. I ask   about women and poverty. Florence
 what research they are doing, what           Graves, a nationally-recognized
 courses they are teaching.”                  investigative journalist, explores the
                                              intersection of sex and power in
 “Students come in with stereotypical         Washington, D.C. Others bring in
 attitudes that women’s studies is anti-      musicologists for seminars, run academic
 male,” says Jyl Lynn Felman, head of the     journals and produce plays. One conducts
 undergraduate program. “They soon learn      a weekly radio show in Russian. These
 it’s really about seeing the world through   scholars will have a new home when the
 multiple lenses. They consistently say       Women’s Studies Research Center opens
 that the introductory course changed         in the fall of 2000.
 their lives and the way they relate to
 friends and family.” Men are involved in     The program is further enriched by
 the program at every level —                 internships and joint programs with
 undergraduate, graduate, faculty, and        Brandeis departments. Program Director
 board. One student reported he plans to      Shulamit Reinharz says she keeps her ear
 become an obstetrician and wanted to         ‘pretty close to the ground’ in trying to
 learn more about women as part of his        design things that meet the needs of the
 education. Another, who is now in law
 school at Penn, compared the lyrics of the
                                              students. When she discovered that half
                                              of incoming students wanted to be
                                                                                            GSIEF: A New School for a New World
 rap stars for his thesis and found male      doctors, she created a link between pre-      Continued from page 1
 lyrics to be anti-female and those of        med and women’s studies. Other
 females self-empowering.                     partnerships are with the Center for          students. We believe we’re on the verge of    New courses this year include “Global
                                              Women and Aging and the International         doing the same thing here in the United       Financial Architecture,”developed in
 In addition to its many provocative and      Research Institute on Jewish Women.           States. The world needs people with this      response to the many questions raised by
 challenging courses — Women in Culture       Future possibilities are links with the       kind of training.”                            recent financial crises in international
 and Society; Race and the Law; Women,        Graduate School of International                                                            markets, and “Birth of the Euro”, which
 Media and the Law; Women in American         Economics and Finance and the Program         Indeed, only one-third of the student body    explores current issues in European
 History; Nineteenth-Century American         in Sustainable International Develop-         of GSIEF is from North America. Forty         economic integration. The common
 Women Writers; Family Policy; Jews,          ment, two programs which attract many         countries are represented. All students       currency, the euro, was introduced in
 Judaism and Gender; Politics, Philosophy     women.                                        must complete a semester at one of 21         January, 1999.
 and the Legal Regulation of Sexuality; and                                                 distinguished business schools overseas.
 Women Leaders and Transformation in          Looking to the future, Reinharz says:         “The students are from France, Germany,       “The financial crises over the last few
 Developing Countries are just a few —        “The growth in this program challenges        Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark,          years in Europe, Mexico, Asia, Russia and
 the Women’s Studies Program organizes a      the notion that ‘feminism is passe’ or that   Holland, India, Pakistan, Finland, and        Brazil led a group of faculty members to
 multitude of lectures and conferences and    ‘there are no more issues to tackle’. Each    Africa,” observes Israeli student Effy        develop a module or half-semester course
 cosponsors events on and off campus.         semester additional faculty — men and         Ritter. “It’s amazing how much you can        on global financial architecture. This
 “Bible Women,” a concert-drama with          women — propose interesting courses and       learn just talking to people.”                course explores the current structure of
 symposium and workshops, a festival of       these courses fill up with eager students.                                                  international finance and the policies
 women’s films, and a program on eating       Each year students organize a provocative     Typical of the mature, somewhat               affecting it to see if things should be done
 disorders were some recent events.           Women’s Month with a full calendar of         experienced student that GSIEF seeks out,     differently,” GSIEF Professor Blake
 Special lectures have included: “Marie       events. And each year, Women’s Studies        Ritter completed her military service as a    LeBaron explains. “The course is team-
 Curie in America: Did She Open Doors         seniors conduct important research,           banking officer in the Israeli Air Force      taught and covers history, exchange rate
 for Women or Slam Them Shut?,”               exploring new topics in a wide variety of     before coming to Brandeis. She has            mechanisms, lender of last resort,
 “Women Composers,” “The Right Wing           fields.”                                      completed internships at Merrill Lynch        contagion, and safety nets. Our students
 Women’s Movement,” “If Only I’d Been                                                       and the Economic Resource Group and           need to be thinking about these things.
 Born a Kosher Chicken,” and “Was There                                                     declares the Brandeis faculty “amazing.       The policy-making institutions we have in
                                                                                            There is a lot of hands-on work,” she         place at the moment seem confused about
                                                                                            points out. “I can project cash flows or      what to do.”
                                                                                            estimate the value of a firm.”
                                                                                                                                          “Birth of the Euro” was developed and
                                                                                            Susanne Pilla, an American student, who       taught by PhD candidate Caroline Kollau
                                                                                            speaks Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese,    whose dissertation is on the European
                                                                                            and Italian, says she chose the program       Monetary Union. Originally from the
                                                                                            because she “didn’t want just another         Netherlands, Kollau has landed an
                                                                                            dime-a-dozen MBA program.” She feels          excellent position with the International
                                                                                            the foreign language requirement and          Monetary Fund. “GSIEF has prepared me
                                                                                            international coursework will help her        well for the job market,” she says. “I had
                                                                                            distinguish herself from graduates of         many attractive offers.”Other graduates
                                                                                            other schools.                                have gone to work for the World Bank, the
                                                                                                                                          United Nations, Goldman Sachs, Arthur
                                                                                            The program’s small size also allows it to    Andersen, Citicorp. KPMG Peat Marwick,
                                                                                            respond to events and changing conditions     and Microsoft as well as government
                                                                                            around the world, according to Petri.         agencies in the United States, Turkey,
                                                                                            “Unlike other schools, we update our          Hungary, Guyana and Japan.
                                                                                            curriculum every year,” he says. “We can
                                                                                            address a major development like the          “We’re global in curriculum, faculty,
                                                                                            Daimler/Chrysler merger only two weeks        students, and our academic partnerships
                                                                                            after it takes place. We can also develop     overseas,”explains Peter Petri. “It really
                                                                                            new courses very rapidly that address fast-   makes the difference for our students
                                                                                            breaking issues and leading-edge              when they are ready to go to work and we
                                                                                            technologies, from hedge fund                 believe our students will make a difference
                                                                                            management to the restructuring of the        throughout the world.”
                                                                                            Asian economy.”

American Studies Professor Joyce Antler (left), who
teaches in the Women’s Studies Program, shares her book,
The Journey Home: Jewish Women and the American
Century, with guest speaker Gloria Steinem.

                                                                                                                                                               Spring 1999 7
Treasures From the Vault                                                                                                                         “
                                                                                                                                             The National”
On our 50th anniversary, Charles Cutter, Judaica librarian and         Torat ha-Elohim: Law of God, edited by Isaac Leeser. Philadelphia:
university archivist, takes us into the vault of the Brandeis
lLibraries for a look at some of his favortie books.
                                                                       C. Sherman, 5605 [1845]. First translation of the Hebrew Bible in
                                                                       the United States. Brandeis University Libraries Millionth volume.    Strictly by the
Mr. William Shakespeares comedies, histories & tragedies.
Published according to the true original copies. First folio ed.
                                                                       The Spirit of Judaism by Grace Aguilar, edited by Isaac Leeser.
                                                                       Philadelphia, 1842. This is the first printing in America of a book
London: Printed by Isaac Iaggard and Ed. Blount, 1623.                 written by a Jewish woman.
                                                                                                                                             by Belle Jurkowitz '55
Approximately 200 copies of this book exist. Often referred to as                                                                             The History of the Brandeis University
the most important printed book ever. Cornerstone of the               Dante Alighieri’s Le Terze Rime di Dante. Venice: Aldus, 1502.         National Women’s Committee
Libraries’s Shakespeare collection                                     This is the first Aldine edition printed with the famous Aldine
                                                                       anchor device.
Book of Hours: 15th century. Thought to be Flemish in origin. One                                                                            This is a
column ruled in faint red ink, 15 lines per page. Decoration:          Rothschild miscellany. Jerusalem, London: Israel Museum:              story of
exquisite full-page illuminations, gold letters with blue and mauve    Facsimile, 1989. Complete facsimile of an illuminated manuscript
infilling.                                                             donated to the Hebrew University by the Rothschild Family. One        the power of
Talmud. Venice: D. Bomberg, 1520. This set is made up of the
                                                                       of 500 copies.                                                        women.
volumes from the first three printings of the Talmud. All              And. Papii Gandensis De consonantiis, seu Pro diatessaron libri                                ❧
subsequent editions of the Babylonian Talmud adhered to layout         duo. by Andreas Papius. Antwerp: Ex officina Christophori
and pagination of the Bomberg                                                                   Plantini, 1581. Important work of
edition.                                                                                        musical theory. This book is a fine          A poignant, funny,
                                                                                                example of the elegant editions produced     informative look at
Robert Burn's Poems Chiefly                                                                     by the Antwerp printer Christopher
from the Scottish Dialect.                                                                      Plantin.                                     a most unusual
Edinburgh, 1787. Second edition,                                                                                                             story of American
second issue. Extensive                                                                           The complete works of Shakespeare,
manuscript notes by Burns                                                                         including the Temple notes. Edited by      higher education
throughout the text, including a                                                                  William Aldis Wright. Illustrated by
two-page original manuscript.                                                                     Rockwell Kent. This work complements
                                                                                                  two of the Libraries’s important
Josephus Flavius. De                                                                              collections, the Rockwell Kent
antiquitatibus ac de bello Judaico.                                                               Collection and the Shakespeare
Venice: Vercellenses, 1499.                                                                       Collection.

William Camden's Britannia.                                                                       Selection of Chinese and Japanese pillow
London, 1587. First edition. This                                                                 books. Important examples of non-
is considered the first                                                                           Western art and literature.
chronography of Britain.
                                                                                                                                              “A must read for
Denis Diderot’s Encyclopedie; ou
Dictionnaire raisonne des
                                                                                                                                              every Brandeis
sciences: des arts et des metiers;                                                                                                            member ”
par une societe de gens de lettres.                                                                                                                                       ❧
Paris: Briasson, 1751-65. First
edition.                                                                                                                                      “Enlightening and
                                                            It has been my privilege to support the
                                                            “                                                                                “It’s a gem.”
                                                            scholarship program at Brandeis through                                                                       ❧
                                                                                                                                                                              Follow our
                                                            Planned Giving with two Named Endowed                                                                             history,
                                                            Library Work Scholar Funds…”                                                                                      Chapter by
                                                            Sondra Homer Warner       Miami Chapter

                                                            “Little did I know when I joined the National Women’s Committee nearly           Call today for your copy
                                                            40 years ago what an impact it would have on my life.. There are three           $25 plus shipping
                                                            generations of Homers with ties to Brandeis — me, my son Robert who
                                                            graduated in 1980, and my granddaughter Megan who is just completing her         1-888-TO-BUNWC
                                                            first year. In addition, many of my Brandeis associates have become my                   (1-888-862-8692)
                                                            closest friends.                                                                 Visa• American Express•
                                                                                                                                             MasterCard are accepted.
                                                            “It has been my privilege to support the scholarship program at Brandeis
                                                            through Planned Giving with two Named Endowed Library Work Scholar
                                                            Funds — a small token of my appreciation for the enrichment I have
                                                            received through my association with Brandeis. It gives me great

                                                            satisfaction to know that these gifts will enrich the lives of others in the
                                                            future. For me, these are dividends of a lifetime.”

                                                            The professional staff of the Office of Planned Giving welcomes your
                                                            questions. For a financial proposal tailored to your individual
                                                            circumstances or for the exact wording required for a bequest to the
                                                            Libraries contact Planned Giving, Brandeis University National Women’s
                                                            Committee, MS 132, Waltham, MA 02454-9110 or call 781-736-4160.
    “Dr. and Mrs. Sachar were part of my college life! I ‘sat’ for their boys when they
    were very young and Dr. Sachar officiated at our marriage. Later, whether it was
        selling key chains, planning a huge theater party, art show, or book sale,
    pleasantness, civility, respect for new and challenging ideas remained paramount
       among BUNWC members. To aid in the founding and the continuation of a
          premier university is a miraculous experience—and very satisfying!”

                                               Ruthie Katz, North Shore, Illinois

8   Spring 1999