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					                                      The Republic of South Africa

                                               p. 139-142

1. How long was Nelson Mandela in prison?

2. When was South Africa granted independence and who ran the government?

3. Define apartheid.

4. How did apartheid divide South African society?

5. How did apartheid promote social inequality?

6. What was the message of both Albert J. Luthuli & Desmond Tutu?

7. What happened in Sharpeville?

8. Why did students oppose the learning of Afrikaans in public schools?

9. How did the international community pressure South Africa to stop apartheid?

10. Why did the South African government change its racial policy?

11. How did F.W. deKlerk help bring change?

12. Why was 1994 an important year in South Africa?

13. What issues did Mandela face as president? (at least 2)

14. What problems continue in South Africa since Mandela’s retirement?

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