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					                         SILWERSTRAND HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION
                              MINUTES OF THE TRUSTEES MEETING
                             HELD ON 8 SEPTEMBER 2009 AT 16HOO
                          AT THE BOARD ROOM, KWEZI V3 ENGINEERS,
                           31 ALLEN DRIVE, LOEVENSTEIN, BELLVILLE


M.V. Brumer    (MVB)         Chairman
C. Newell      (CN)          Trustee
E. Smit        (ES)          Trustee
G. Essop       (GE)          Trustee
R. Williams    (RW)          Trustee
R. Keytel      (RK)          Trustee
D. Cloete      (DC)          Golf Club Trustee
H. Papenfus    (HP)          CEO
C. Papenfus    (CP)          Managing Agent

By Proxy:
F. Grunewald (FG)            Trustee
M. du Preez (MdP)            Trustee

1.      Welcome                                                                 ACTION      ACTION
MVB welcomed all to the meeting, thanking them for their input since the last
meeting, especially FG for the Rules and Regulations.

2.      Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 July 2009

        The minutes were accepted as correct

        Proposer: CN
        Seconder: ES

3.      Finances                                                                CN and RW

3.1     Annual Financial Statements 2009 – CN reported that these have
        been provided to himself and RW. Comments have been made and
        returned to the auditors – their amendments are awaited. AGM notice CN/CP           Mon 14/9
        to be sent by end of next week to comply with 21 day notice.
3.2     Budget 2009-2010 – CN stated that the levy needs to be adjusted
        upwards if the Kutoto deal does not realise. MVB reported that the
        deal is still ongoing, Silwerstrand on the shortlist of 106
        developments.      The meeting decided to review the levies at
        Feb/March 2010. The meeting further decided to institute a plot
        clearing levy of R 20.00 per month to cover the maintenance cost of
        undeveloped erven. Communication to be sent to owners re this CP                    Mon 14/9
3.3     Loan – DVA. The meeting agreed that a loan be made from the DVA
        maintenance fund to fund the installation of security gates at the CN/RW/CP         Ongoing
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        main and Village entrances (once ES has completed investigations
        and cost approved by trustees). Immediate and urgent expenses to
        be funded from the cash reserves. These expenses will later be
        refunded via either 1) the Kutoto deal or 2) a Special Levy on owners.

4.      Portfolio Reports
4.1     Governance                                                          GE
        The Governance document has been circulated. GE stated that
        communication channels should also be addressed under governance,
        e.g. the way to handle complaints from owners. CP to draft a letter
        from the trustees to Mr. Johan Steyn re his repeated instigating of CP                   Fri 11/9
        home owners, and not following advised protocols of communication.

4.2     OEMP                                                                         CN
        CN stated that he and RK has drafted a document regarding Licensing
        and control of Boating on the river. The meeting agreed to a boat
        license fee of R1500.00 per annum (July to June of each year) The
        boat license fee for the remainder of 2009/2010 will be R1200.00.
        The rules regarding boating and the boat license fee to be
        communicated to Ansebè, for further distribution of all caravan park         CN/CP       Mon 14/9
        visitors. The control of boat access to be allocated under security. CP
        advised that a higher grade guard (than current employed E) will
        have to be employed in order to have a person that can act with
        authority. A board must be erected at the security gate displaying
        the summarised requirements for boating on the river. No daily fees
        will be available for boat launching. A license disc and information         CN/RK/CP    Fri 25/9
        pamphlet to be prepared as well as an indemnity document to be
        signed upon entering/paying the licensing fee. A boom to be installed        HP          Fri 25/9
        at the security control room in order to control access.
4.3     Contracts                                                                    ES and FG
        Rules and Regulations as distributed by FG – CP to reduce the
        document to exclude the definitions, as those were contained in the
        constitution. CP to distribute shortened version to all trustees for their   CP          Mon 14/9

4.4 Security
      ES requested MVB to give feedback on the draft sales agreement of
      SSC to HOA.                                                              MVB               Next
      ES discussed the document on the security modes of access. The                             meeting
      meeting agreed that the installation of sliding gates as well as a
      Mircom system was an immediate need as it will optimise the
      productivity of the security guards and also increase access control as
      unauthorised visitors will not be admitted by the owner (via the
      Mircom system) to access the estate. This will initially be funded by a
      loan from the DVA and after installation a once-off special levy for the
      recovery of the expense may be instituted. The Mircom system can ES/HP/SSC                 Solution
      also be used to announce/authorise entrance of visitors to the                             by 9/10
      restaurant / people interested in investing on the estate, thereby                         Implement
      sharpening the access control and also lessening the burden on                             30/11
      security. Visitors still to sign in after being announced via the
4.5   Communication / marketing / liaison                                      MVB
      MVB stated that he has received a few phone calls from interested

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        parties recently, mainly as a spin-off from the increased golf days. He
        asked HP whether golf rounds at Robertson are also down as at other
        golf clubs, HP replied 2008 Aug green fees R47000, 2009 Aug
        R79000. As stated, the deal is still in process. Once concluded, levies
        will be forthcoming from date of registration. The construction of the
        top-structures will be done in phases, phase 1 will be the balance of
        the townhouses and 12 houses. The construction will be paid on a 30
        day draw-down basis as certified by engineers.
        MVB reported that HP has secured another tournament – the under
        14 and under 16 national tournament – 3 to 9 January 2010.
        The two Silwerstrand signs on the R60 has been removed, as ordered
        by province, in order to erect the brown provincial directional road
        sign for the estate. A new advertising board is being erected at the
        entrance to the golf course, being updated with CCH contact details,
        should be up by end of next week.
4.6     Building guidelines and construction.                                   HP and RK
        HP reported a hold-up on municipal plan approvals due to changes in
        e.g. height restrictions. CP to arrange meeting MVB, Gawie Viljoen CP/MVB           Mon 14/9
        (Vilarch) and BRWM to discuss waivers on the Architectural
        CP stated that the Contractors Agreement must be amended to
        change the height of the shadow netting to 1.5, as the 3m width net
        cannot be cut at 1.8, only at 1.5 where it has been joined and
        seamed. MVB instructed CP to affect the changes.                        CP/MVB      Mon 14/9
        HP distributed a report on the building progress and active
        contractors on the estate – 24 completed houses (including the two
        new townhouses), 7 houses under construction, 7 plans approved.
4.7     Estate Maintenance Manager’s Report (circulated prior to the
4.8     Security Manager’s Report (circulated prior to the meeting)
4.9     DVA Manager’s Report
        DVA opened again as from 1 Sept 2009. One cleaner employed at
        this stage. Only visitors on the first weekend were 2 fishermen.
4.10    Golf Course Report (circulated prior to the meeting)
5.      General

5.1     Website
        GE reported that he has found a more cost effective website (R5 to
        R10K i.s.o. 17K), and are using his contacts to help with the graphics
        at lower fees than click thinking. MVB to forward pantone colour
        spectrum to GE. All trustees to look at website All             Fri 11/9
        and give their comments re feel, lay-out and content. Website will be
        phased in three stages.

The meeting closed at 18h30

MVB thanked everyone for their attendance and for a productive meeting, he also thanked ES for
providing the venue.

Next meeting: 9 October, 16h00 at Robertson.

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