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					                                                          Appendix A - Constitutions

Sample 1 - Constitution of the Bytown Boat Club

     The name of the organization shall be the Bytown Boat Club.

     The object of the Bytown Boat Club shall be to provide financial support, facilities,
     training, encouragement for amateur oarsmen to participate and/or compete in the
     sport of rowing.

     The location of the Bytown Boat Club shall be on the Rideau Canal between the
     Ottawa and Rideau Rivers.

     The address of the Bytown Boat Club shall be: 11 Morris, Ottawa, Ontario, KIS 4A6

     Membership in the Bytown Boat Club shall, upon payment of a membership fee, be
     open to any person or organization interested in supporting, or pursuing, the
     objectives of the Bytown Boat Club.

      The direction of the affairs of the Bytown Boat Club shall be conducted by
      its members, who shall come together at least once a year to render decisions on
      questions of interest in the Bytown Boat Club.
      The execution of the affairs of the By town Boat Club shall be carried out by
      representatives elected from among the members.

     An annual meeting of the members shall be held on a day to be fixed between
     December 1 and January 31 of the following year. Notice of the date and location of
     the meeting shall be sent to all members at least one full calendar month in advance
     of such meeting.

     The bylaws shall govern the conduct of the association.

     Any change of constitution shall, subject to the provisions of the Bylaws, be
     permitted at an Annual General Meeting.
Bylaws of the Bytown Boat Club

1.01 The name of the Bytown Boat Club may be shortened to B.B.C., and shall
       be referred to herein thereafter as the Club.
1.02 The club colours shall be white and blue.
2.01 The club shall undertake such fund raising projects as are legal within
       the City of Ottawa and surrounding areas of the Province of Ontario and Quebec,
       and all proceeds from such fund raising projects shall accrue to the club.
2.02 The club shall provide coaching and training staff, and may, if
       practicable, hire competent persons to undertake the duties of such staff.
2.03 The club shall provide encouragement for persons interested in the
       pursuit of rowing as a sport by the provision of instruction, promotional
       material and publicity for its members.
2.04 Where practicable the club will assist financially such of its members,
       who without such assistance, would be unable to participate in the sport
       of rowing.
3.01 There shall be two classes of memberships in the club namely active and
       associate members.
4.01 The affairs of the club shall be directed by a Board of Directors made up
       of a President Vice president and Secretary.
4.02 The Board shall meet at a time and place to be decided upon to discuss
       and decide on matters to the execution of the club's affairs.
5.01 The club shall offer opportunities for competition in the sport of rowing.
6.01 A change in the bylaws shall be of wording, intent or specifics in any
7.01 A change of the constitution shall be the changing of the wording, intent
       or specifics contained in any article of the constitution.
Sample 2      - Barrie Rowing Club Constitution

   1.    Name
   The name of this organization shall be 'Barrie Rowing Club' hereinafter referred to as
   'The Club'.

   2.     Statement
   Members of the Barrie Rowing Club believe in working together effectively for the
   benefit of their community to promote and encourage active participation in the amateur
   sport of rowing. Such co-operative effort requires both a respect for self and others as
   well as the belief in the benefits of positive interdependence - the ability to benefit from
   the contributions of others and a commitment to contribute for the benefit of the rest of
   the group.

   3.       Objectives
        a) To provide a club atmosphere leading to positive interpersonal
        relationships and group cohesiveness.
        b) To stimulate awareness of, and knowledge and skill in, the sport of rowing by
                - a co-operative learning atmosphere
                - programming geared to the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of the
                - quality coaching in both sweep oar and sculling
        c) To acquire and maintain safe, quality equipment for the use of the membership
        d) To provide volunteer assistance for all aspects of the club operation
        e) To provide members with the knowledge, skills and opportunities necessary to
        develop and achieve personal rowing goals
        f) To develop and operate fundraising programs to support club objectives
        g) To work co-operatively with the City of Barrie Parks and Recreation Department
        and other community sponsors.

      4.     Head Office
The head office of the Club is to be situated in the City of Barrie in the County of Simcoe
and the Province of Ontario.

       5. Area of Operation
The operation of the Club shall be central at Kempenfelt Bay, but nothing herein written
shall be deemed to limit the area in which members may seek to achieve their purposes.

        6. Revision of Constitution
This Constitution may be altered or amended by a two-thirds majority of the Board at a
regular Board Meeting and subsequently confirmed by a majority of the voting members in
attendance at an Annual Meeting or special meeting of the Club.
Notice of change of any of the terms in the Constitution shall be distributed to the members,
prior to the Annual Meeting, in any manner in which the Board from time to time deems

   7.      Membership
           a. Anyone, regardless of age, sex, race, creed or area of inhabitancy, is eligible
              for membership in the Barrie Rowing Club.
           b. Voting Members - only paid up members of the immediate preceding year or
              the current will be allowed to vote. Only one vote per individual membership
              or one vote per family membership is allowed.
           c. Suspension - any of the foregoing memberships may be affected by the
              "Board" for cause at any time, subject to a right of appeal to a general
              meeting by the member concerned provided a notice of such appeal is given
              within thirty days of such suspension.
           d. Membership List - an up to date list of all members of The Club shall be kept
              by the Secretary of the Board and shall be made available to the inspection of
              any member giving reasonable notice of his intention to inspect the list.
a) Annual Meetings
          i)    The Board shall conduct two annual meetings, one in the Spring
                (February) and one in the fall (prior to November 30th).
          ii)   Notice - at least ten days notice of special meetings shall be given to
                voting member of the club and not more than forty days before the annual
                meetings; in a manner that the' Board deems expedient.
          iii)  Quorum - any number present will be deemed to be a quorum.
          iv)   Purpose - to elect club officers and to make any necessary changes to the
                Constitution or By-Laws.

b) Special Meetings
          i. The Board at its discretion may call a special meeting for the voting members
                   of the Club. A special meeting may also be called by a petition of not
                   fewer than 15 members of the club. Upon presentation of such petition
                   the Board shall call a special meeting within 45 days of the presentation
                   of such petition.

         ii.    Notice - at least ten days notice of special meetings shall be given to all
                      voting members, as recorded on the membership list, as of 30 days
                      prior to the date set for such special meetings, in a manner the Board
                      deems expedient.

         iii.   Quorum - two-thirds of the voting members shall constitute a quorum at
                     special meetings.

        9.     Board of Directors and Duties
The 'Board' shall be comprised of the duly elected or appointed officers as enumerated in
articles 9a-91.
The 'Board' is responsible for the general management and daily operations of the club
including, but not restricted to, the following matters; finance, communications, regattas and
the selection of coaches and assistants.
The 'Board' shall have the authority to make resolutions and regulations for the government
of the club.


a) Chairperson
i) Chair all Board and general meetings.
ii) Supervise all facets of the club organization and business.

b) Assistant Chairperson
i) Chair all 'Board and general meetings in the absence of the chairperson.
ii) Supervise all facets of the club organization and business in the absence of the
iii) Have specific responsibility for all areas assigned by the, Chairperson.

c) Director of Finance
i) Chair all finance committee meetings.
ii) Supervise all facets of finance within the club organization including, but not restricted to,
membership fees, entry fees, sales, general fund raising and corporate fund raising.
iii) Supervise budget preparation and monitoring.
iv) Ensure an accurate record of all club income and expenditures is kept.
v) Ensure an annual audit of the club's books.
vi) Select a finance committee to accomplish ii, iii, iv, vi above.

d) Assistant Director of Finance
i) Chair all finance committee meetings in absence of the director.
ii) Assist the director in all facets of the finance committee operation.
iii) Have specific responsibility for all areas assigned by the director.

e) Director of Communications
i) Chair all communications meetings.
ii) Supervise all facets of communications within the club organization, including, but not
restricted to club newsletter, all public relations and advertising and running of a phone

f) Assistant Director of Communications
i) Chair all communications committee meetings in absence of the Director.
ii) Assist the director in all facets of the communications committee operation.
iii) Have specific responsibility for all areas assigned by the director.

g) Past Chairperson
i) Serve as a link with the previous years 'Board'.
ii) Chair all 'Board' meetings in the absence of the chairperson.

h) Head Coach
i) The head coach is expected to organize and administer the rowing program including, but
not restricted to, the following:
       a) training
       b) techniques
       c) motivation
       d) discipline
       e) competition
       f) maintain all rowers statistical data

i) Boat Person
i) Chair all boat committee meetings
ii) Supervise all facets of boat, boathouse, and supply acquisition, maintenance and usage
iii) Select a boat committee to accomplish ii above.

j) Secretary
i) To act as recording secretary at all board and general meetings.
ii) To work in tandem with the director of communication in distribution of information to the
membership and public.

k) Other Officers
i) Such other officers as may from time to time be necessary and as are authorized by a
general meeting of voting members.

l) Vacancies
i) The board may, by appointment fill any vacancy that may arise between annual

Election of Officers

Each of the officers enumerated in ARTICLE 9 shall be elected by the voting
membership at the Spring General Meeting except for the Head Coach who shall
be appointed by the executive, and the Past Chairperson whose position shall be
filled by the preceding Chairperson of the 'Board'.

Term of Office
   i)    All elected 'Board' positions shall be for a term of 2 years.
   ii)   Half of the all board positions shall be elected each year as enumerated below;

Odd Numbered Year                   Even Numbered Year
Chairperson                         Assistant Chairperson
Assistant Director of Finance       Director of Finance
Director of Communications          Assistant Director of
Boatperson                          Secretary

Each term of office shall coincide with the fiscal year.
Voting Privileges - Board Meetings

Each member of the 'Board' (except the Chairperson) shall have one vote at
meetings of the 'Board'. The Chairperson shall cast the deciding vote in the event
of a tie.

Five (5) members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting the
business of the 'Board'.
10.      Committees
      a) The Board may appoint such Committees as the Board deems advisable for the
         conduct of its affairs.
      b) The President shall appoint a chairman to head each Committee, provided such
         person is a member of the Board.
      c) The Chairman shall:

i) Appoint and recruit committee members.
ii) Call such meetings of the Committee as he deems advisable.
iii) Report to the Board as required by the Board.
iv) Keep, or cause to be kept, minutes of all meetings of the committee and cause a copy of
the minutes to be filed with the Secretary.
v) Make recommendations to the Board with regards to matters falling within the terms of
reference of the committee.

11.      Protection of Members of the Board and Officers:
No members of the Board or officer of the Club shall be liable for the acts, receipts,
neglects or defaults of any other member of Council or officer or employee, or for joining in
any receipt or other act for conformity, or for any loss, damage or expense happening to
the Club through the insufficiency or deficiency of any security in or upon which any of the
monies of the Club shall be invested, for any loss or damage arising from the bankruptcy,
insolvency or tortuous act of any person with whom any of the monies, securities or effects
of the Club shall be deposited, or for any loss occasioned by any error or judgment or
oversight on his part, or for any other loss, damage or misfortune whatever on his part, or
for any other loss, damage or misfortune whatever which shall happen in the execution of
the duties of his office or in relation thereto unless the same are occasioned by his own
willful neglect or default.

Every member of the Board and officers of the Club and his heirs, executors and
administrators and estate and effects, respectively, shall from time to time and at all times
be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the Club from and against:

a) All costs, charges and expenses whatsoever that such member of Council officer
sustains or incurs in or about any action, suit and proceeding that is brought, commenced
or prosecuted against him for or in respect of any act, deed, matter of thing whatsoever
made, done or permitted by him in or about the execution of the duties of his office, and
b) All other costs, charges and expenses that he sustains or incurs in or about or in relation
to the affairs of the Club. Except such costs, charges or expenses as are occasioned by his
own willful neglect or default.

12.    Fiscal Year
Unless otherwise ordered by the Council, the fiscal year of the Club shall terminate on the
31st of December in each year.
13.   Dissolution
This Association shall be dissolved:
         1) Upon a three-quarters majority vote of the Board, provided notice of motion of
             this effect has been given to all members of the Board at least one month in
             advance by registered mail.
         2) The decision of the Board is confirmed by a majority vote of those members
             attending at a special meeting of the Club called for the specific purpose of
             voting upon each motion.

14.     Banking Authority and Financial Responsibility:
All cheques, bills of exchange or other orders for the payment of money, notes or other
evidences of indebtedness issued by the name of the Club, shall be signed by such officer
or officers, agent or agents of the Club and in such manner as shall from time to time be
determined by resolution of the Board of Directors and any other of such officers or agents
may alone endorse notes and drafts for collection on account of the Club through its
bankers, and endorse notes and cheques for deposit with the Club bankers for the credit of
the Club or the same may be endorsed "for Collecting” or "for deposit" with the bankers of
the Club by using the Club's rubber stamp for the purpose. Anyone of the such officers or
agents so appointed may arrange, settle, balance and certify all books and accounts
between the club and the Club's bankers and receive all paid cheques and vouchers and
sign all the bank's forms or settlement of balances and release or verification slips.

The securities for the club shall be deposited for safekeeping with one or more banks, trust
companies or other financial institutions to be selected by the Board of Directors. Any and
all securities so deposited may be withdrawn, from time to time, only upon the written order
of the Club signed by such officer or officers, agent or agents of the club, and in such
manner, as shall from time to time be determined by resolution of the Board of Directors
and such authority may be general or confined to specific instances. The institutions which
may be so selected as custodians of the Board of Directors shall be fully protected in acting
in accordance with the directions of the Board of Directors and shall in no event be liable
for the due application of the securities so withdrawn from deposit or the proceeds thereof.

The Directors may from time to time:
   a) Borrow money on the credit of the Club.
   b) Issue, sell or pledge securities of the club, or
   c) Charge, mortgage, hypothecate or pledge all or any of the real or personal property
      of the club, including book debts, rights, powers, franchises and undertakings, to
      secure any securities or any money borrowed, or other debt, or any other obligation
      or liability of the Club.
From time to time the Directors may authorize any Director, officer or employee of the club
or any other person to make arrangements with reference to the monies borrowed or to be
borrowed as aforesaid and as to the terms and conditions of the loan thereof, and as to the
securities to be given therefore, with power to vary or modify such arrangements, terms
and conditions to give such additional securities for any monies borrowed or remaining due
by the Association as the Directors may authorize and generally to manage, transact and
settle the borrowing of money by the Club.