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									    What's new in Microsoft Office 2008 - MAC
    Office 2008 is redesigned and reinvented to be more compatible, powerful, and easy to use. With a fresh, more intuitive interface,
    you’ll discover new ways to present your ideas and manage your day. Office 2008 gives you the tools to create professional-
    looking documents with modern graphics and text effects, manage your data for powerful results, and create designer-quality
    presentations with coordinated themes and layouts.
    As always, the files that you create in Office 2008 look like you want them to on Windows-based computers because Office
    2008 uses the same file format as the 2007 Microsoft Office system. And because Office runs on Intel-based and PowerPC-
    based Macs, you'll be able to share ideas easily with other Mac users regardless of which Macintosh computer they use.
    Features available throughout Office                                              New and improved features in Office 2008 can help
                                                                                      you create impressive-looking documents,
                                                                                      spreadsheets, and presentations and share them
                                                                                      easily. Many features are located in the handy new
                                                                                      Elements Gallery.

    The Elements Gallery in Office 2008 puts frequently-used design features in a convenient thumbnail collection.
    Feature          Description
    Elements         The Elements Gallery is located below the toolbars in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It provides quick access to
    Gallery          some of the most-used features. From the Elements Gallery, you can add SmartArt graphics, WordArt, charts,
                     tables, and templates to your documents and presentations in PowerPoint, you can apply slide layouts or slide
                     themes from the Elements Gallery. In Excel, you can find preformatted ledger sheets in the Elements Gallery.
    SmartArt         Quickly create designer-quality diagrams, charts, and other information graphics by using SmartArt graphics.
    Graphics         Choose from dozens of SmartArt graphics to visually represent lists, hierarchies, and other relationships. You can
                     preview and add all SmartArt graphics from the Elements Gallery in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. For more
                     information, see Add or edit a SmartArt graphic.
    WordArt          Excel, PowerPoint, and Word include updated, modern-looking WordArt that you can use to apply2-D and 3-D
                     effects to text. You can preview and apply WordArt from the WordArt tab in each application's Elements Gallery.
                     For more information, see Add effects to text.
    Improved         Use new designer-quality chart templates to illustrate your data with special effects such as 3-D, transparency, and
    Charting         shadows. In Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, you can insert charts from the Elements Gallery. You can also apply
                     updated chart styles, edit, and format charts. You must create and edit your data in Excel, but you can insert the
                     chart into your Word document or PowerPoint presentation.
    Themes           Use new Office themes to quickly create a unified look for your documents, presentations, and workbooks. Each
    and a            theme has a coordinated set of fonts, colors, and visual effects that you can apply in one click. For more
    Theme –          information, see Apply a theme color.
    Aware,           using the new theme-aware color picker on the Formatting Palette in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, you can quickly
    Color,           see how various theme colors appear when applied to a theme. In PowerPoint, you can create custom theme colors.
    Picker           You can then apply the custom theme colors to other Office documents.
    Default          The new default file formats, called Open XML Formats, create smaller files and make it easier to XML file
                     recover damaged files and share files. The new file formats, which are used in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, also
                     help keep your files more secure.
    Open XML         When you save a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, or an Excel workbook, Office can be set to save
                     them in the new or old file formats. For more information, see File formats for saving documents.
    Automator        Automator is a Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) application that helps you automate commonly performed and repetitive

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    Support         tasks. In Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition and Office 2008, all the applications come with
                    several sample Automator workflows. For example, a workflow in Word converts text to audio and sends the audio
                    to an iPod. In Entourage, you can use a sample workflow to print selected e-mail messages.
    Toolbox         The Office Toolbox is now a one-stop destination for some of the most useful tools in Office. And The new
                    Toolbox consolidates the Formatting Palette, Object Palette, Compatibility Report, Object Scrapbook, Reference
                    Tools, and other application-specific tools in one convenient interface. Your Palette can also customize Toolbox
                    settings, such as which palettes to show and how the Toolbox should appear when it's not in use. The new Object
                    Palette gives you quick and easy access to all of your shapes, Clip Art, symbols, and photos (including iPhoto).
                    You can use the Object Palette zoom slider to show just the size and number of objects that you want.
    Save As         It is now easier to save and share your documents, presentations, and workbooks by using the popular Portable
    PDF             Document Format (PDF). PDF helps ensure that your documents appear with the correct layout and fonts on any
                    computer that can view PDF files. The PDF file format option is now available directly from the Save As dialog
                    box on the File menu in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
                    For more information, see File formats for saving documents.
    Improved        The new Help quickly finds relevant answers to your questions about any Office application. When you are online,
    Help            you can connect to the online version of Help, which is regularly updated with new topics, troubleshooting
                    information, training courses, and other resources. You can also provide feedback to indicate which topics you find
                    useful. You can find updated Help content, online training courses, and other resources on the     Office for Mac
                    web site (www.microsoft.com/mac).
    Universal       Office 2008 is optimized for both Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macintosh computers, binary format.
    Mail Merge      The Mail Merge Manager — an improved version of the Data Merge Manager in Word 2004 —makes it easier to
                    create form letters, mailing labels, and catalogs. It also helps you address manager envelopes easily. For more
                    information, see Create and print mailing labels.
    Entourage features                                                                Manage your day and your personal information
                                                                                      by using new or improved features in Entourage

    Feature          Description
    My Day           My Day in Entourage 2008 manages schedules, tasks, and activities in one easy interface. Quickly view your
                     calendar events and manage your To Do List from your desktop without having to open Entourage.
    Spotlight        Spotlight searches Entourage message just like it searches your other documents.
    Junk Mail        Filter out unwanted messages better than ever with enhanced Junk E-mail Protection. You'll get a warning if
    Filtering &      Entourage detects a “phishing” message that has links to suspicious Web sites.
    To Do List &     Focus on what's important by using the new To Do List. You can see all your To Do items in one place.
    Out of Office    If you have an account on a server running Microsoft Exchange Server, you can have Entourage reply to messages
    Assistant        automatically when you're out of the office.
    Custom-          Add, rearrange, or remove toolbar buttons so that you can customize your workspace just how you like it.
    Improved         The redesigned calendar interface makes it easier to manage your events and tasks. Now you can color-code
    Calendar         events by using categories, quickly create new events by dragging, and view your To Do List next to the

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    Interface        Calendar.
    Excel features                                                                   Excel 2008 helps you manage your data for
                                                                                     powerful results, visually persuasive charts, and
                                                                                     thought-provoking graphs.
                                                                                     Ledger sheets in Excel 2008 make tracking finances,
                                                                                     inventories, invoices, and even portfolios easy with
                                                                                     preformatted spreadsheets and automatic

    Feature          Description
    Ledger           Use these preformatted Excel sheets to balance your checkbook, track an investment portfolio, create an expense
    Sheets,          report, and perform other common tasks. Each ledger sheet addresses a specific scenario. For example, if you
    Formula          open an invoice ledger sheet, the sheet contains all of the formulas and columns appropriate for tracking and
    Builder,         managing invoices. The Formula Builder helps you create formulas in a simple, step-by-step approach. You don't
    Formula          have to memorize functions or their syntax. Use it to create formulas, search for functions, insert functions and
    Auto             arguments in existing formulas, and get help on all Excel functions. Write and edit formulas without having to
    Complete,        remember function names, defined names, or other elements of a formula. When you type a formula in a cell, you
    Improved         can choose valid functions, names, and named ranges in context. Create modern-looking charts by using new
    Charting         charting templates and tools that include special effects such as 3-D, transparency, and shadows. You can preview
                     and insert any chart directly from the Charts tab in the Elements Gallery. After you create a chart in Excel, you
                     can use it in other Office documents.
    PowerPoint feature                                                               You can create presentations that inspire your
                                                                                     audience’s imagination with compelling visuals
                                                                                     and layouts.

                                                                                     Slide themes in PowerPoint 2008 give your
                                                                                     presentation a professional and unified design.

    Feature          Description
    Slide            A theme is a coordinated set of fonts, colors, and visual effects that gives your presentation a unified design. You
    Themes           can preview and apply dozens of professionally designed themes directly from the Slide Themes tab in the
                     Elements Gallery. You can also modify themes to match your organization’s design, as well as import themes
                     from other Office files.
    Custom           Use custom layouts to make text and other objects appear precisely where you want them to on your slides. For
    Layouts          each layout that you create, you can specify the number, size, and location of placeholders, background properties,
                     graphic images, charts, and diagrams. Your custom layouts appear on the Slide Layouts tab in the Elements
                     Gallery next to the standard PowerPoint layouts.
    Slide Show       If you want to share a presentation with someone who doesn't have PowerPoint, or if you want to have access to
    to iPhoto        your presentation on the go, you can send the presentation to iPhoto. After the presentation is in iPhoto, you can
                     sync the slides with a video iPod. PowerPoint creates a picture for each slide in your presentation, and then saves
                     the pictures as an album in your iPhoto Library.
    Apple            If your Macintosh computer has an Apple Remote, you can use it to move through your slide show. You no
    Remote           longer have to use a mouse to give a presentation.
    Dynamic          Dynamic Use dynamic guides to easily align or resize objects relative to each other or relative to the center guides
    Use Guides       of a slide.
    Word features                                                                    New formatting tools, views, templates, and a
                                                                                     fresh, intuitive user interface in Word 2008 can

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                                                                                    help you make your documents look as good as
                                                                                    your ideas.

                                                                                    Publishing layout view in Word 2008 includes
                                                                                    specialized tools like professional quality layout
                                                                                    guides and templates.

       Feature       Description
    Publishing       This new working environment in Word combines powerful desktop publishing tools and layout designer
                     templates in one location. Use publishing layout view to quickly create professional-view looking documents,
                     such as brochures, catalogs, flyers, and newsletters.
                     For more information, see Lay out a newsletter in publishing layout view.
    Document         Use Document Elements to help automate common, but sometimes time-consuming tasks, such as creating a table
    Elements         of contents. Available in the Elements Gallery, these professionally designed publishing components include
                     cover pages, tables of contents, headers, footers, and bibliographies to help you quickly assemble complex
                     For more information, see Add a table of contents based on heading styles.
    Publication      Word 2008 provides dozens of professionally designed publication templates. Use these templates to create great-
    Templates        looking brochures, newsletters, posters, flyers, and more with a single click. You can customize any template by
                     using a theme. You can also use your own pictures and text to make your publication look just the way that you
                     For more information, see Lay out a newsletter in publishing layout view.
    Ligatures        Ligatures are font characters that combine two or more separate characters to improve text style in fonts and
                     readability. Some ornate font ligatures include decorative swashes that you can use to enhance the style of a
                     document. In Word 2008, you can use ligatures in Apple Advanced Typography (AAT) fonts in Mac OS Xv10.4
                     (Tiger) and both AAT and Open Type fonts in Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard).
                     For more information, see Turn on ligatures, or joined characters.

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