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									                                                                 FEDERAL TRANSIT ADMINISTRATION
                                                                                      Table 20

                                                        FY 2009 NATIONAL RESEARCH PROGRAMS ALLOCATIONS

State                      Earmark ID                 Project                                                                                                          Allocation 1/
Alabama                    E2009-NATR-6701            Transportation Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell Research -- University of Alabama                              $486,250
Alabama                    E2009-NATR-6702            Transportation Infrastructure and Logistics Research - University of Alabama - Huntsville                             486,250
Alabama                    E2009-NATR-6703            Trauma Care System Research and Development - University of Alabama - Birmingham                                      486,250
California                 E2009-NATR-7101            Center for Transit Oriented Development                                                                             1,000,000
California                 E2009-NATR-6704            Regional Transit Training Consortium Pilot Program - Southern CA Regional Transit Training Consortium                 450,000
Connecticut                E2009-NATR-6705            Advanced Technology Bus Rapid Transit Project -- Southeastern CT Advanced Technology BRT Project                      625,000
Connecticut                E2009-NATR-8101            Greater Hartford Integrated Mass Transit Planning Study, Hartford CT                                                  475,000
Connecticut                E2009-NATR-6706            Greater New Haven Transit District Fuel Cell-Powered Bus Research                                                     607,812
District of Columbia       E2009-NATR-6504            CTAA, nationwide joblinks                                                                                           1,520,000
District of Columbia       E2009-NATR-6501            Project ACTION                                                                                                      3,000,000
Florida                    E2009-NATR-6707            National Bus Rapid Transit Institute -- University of South Florida                                                 1,701,875
Kentucky                   E2009-NATR-6708            Application of Information Technology to Transportation Logistics and Security -- Northern Kentucky University        400,000
Louisiana                  E2009-NATR-8601            Capital Area Regional Transportation Plan, LA                                                                         285,000
Maryland                   E2009-NATR-6709            Transit Career Ladder Training Program                                                                              1,000,000
Michigan                   E2009-NATR-6720            BuSolutions advanced transit research                                                                               1,616,781
Missouri                   E2009-NATR-6721            Missouri transportation institute, Rolla                                                                              923,875
New Jersey                 E2009-NATR-6710            Center for Advanced Transportation Initiatives - Rutgers Center for Advanced Transportation Initiatives               607,812
New Jersey                 E2009-NATR-7102            Institute of Technology's Transportation, Economic, and Land Use System -- NJ TELUS                                   625,000
North Dakota               E2009-NATR-6711            Small Urban and Rural Transit Center -- North Dakota State University                                               1,167,000
Ohio                       E2009-NATR-6712            Intelligent Transportation System Pilot Project -- Ohio State University                                              452,212
Oregon                     E2009-NATR-6713            Portland, Oregon Streetcar Prototype Purchase and Deployment - TriMet                                               1,000,000
Pennsylvania               E2009-NATR-6722            Project TRANSIT, Philadelphia, PA                                                                                     570,000
Pennsylvania               E2009-NATR-6714            Regional Public Safety Training Center -- Lehigh-Carbon Community College                                             500,000
Pennsylvania               E2009-NATR-6715            Transit Security Training Facility -- Chester County Community College                                                750,000
West Virginia              E2009-NATR-6723            WVU exhaust emission testing initiative                                                                               461,937
Wisconsin                  E2009-NATR-8501            Wisconsin Supplemental Transportation Rural Assistance Program -- WI DOT                                            2,000,000
-----------                E2009-NATR-6502            Human Services Transportation Coordination                                                                          1,600,000
-----------                E2009-NATR-6503            National Technical Assistance Center for Senior Transportation (Section 5314(b))                                    1,000,000
-----------                E2009-NATR-6716            Pilot Program for Remote Infrared Audible Signs                                                                       500,000
-----------                E2009-NATR-7103            Public Transportation Participation Pilot Program                                                                   1,000,000
-----------                -----------                Small Business Innovative Research                                                                                    254,446
-----------                E2009-NATR-6801            Transportation Equity Research Program                                                                              1,000,000
                           SUBTOTAL ALLOCATION NATIONAL RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM…………………………………………………………$28,552,500
District of Columbia       E2009-NATR-6717            Transit Cooperative Research Program                                                                               10,000,000
District of Columbia       E2009-NATR-6718            University Transportation Centers Program                                                                           7,000,000
New Jersey                 E2009-NATR-6719            National Transit Institute                                                                                          4,300,000
                           TOTAL ALLOCATION NATIONAL RESEARCH PROGRAMS…………………………………………………………                                                                           $49,852,500
1/ Allocations include Small Business Innovative Research takedown when applicable.

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