; Beware the Dangers of Heat Stress pub heat stroke
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Beware the Dangers of Heat Stress pub heat stroke


Beware the Dangers of Heat Stress pub heat stroke

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									               NSE INSURANCE
               AGENCIES, INC.

                Beware the Dangers of Heat Stress!
    Sometimes we forget the danger that the sun and heat poses to even the
healthiest of people. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are extremely common in
the summer months. Heat exhaustion is characterized by an individual being
pale and sweating profusely, while heat stroke is characterized by an individual
being extremely warm to touch, feeling very hot, and not perspiring.
   A heat stroke is much more severe than heat exhaustion. Usually an individ-
ual with heat exhaustion can recuperate by being taken into a cool place, being
given something cold to drink and resting. For heat stroke an individual will
likely need medical attention.

  Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of heat stress during the hot
summer months:

*Be especially careful about exposing infants, toddlers and the elderly to the
heat of the sun. They will experience heat stress much more quickly than a
healthy adult. Only take infants and the elderly out in the heat for very short
periods of time and always have a place where they can find shade.

*Keep plenty of fluids with you to drink to avoid dehydration. Remember that
alcohol will dehydrate so stick to water and sports drinks.

*Wear something covering the head and neck. A hat with a rim to protect the
sun from the face is the best bet.

*Try to do strenuous exercise or outdoor work in the morning hours before the
sun gets hot or in the evening after the heat of the day has gone.

*Make sure there will be shade or a cool area available when attending all day
outdoor events. If necessary, take along a tent or even a portable fan for relief
from the heat.
We hope you enjoy the warm summer months and keep your loved ones safe
from the dangers of the sun!

Your Protection Team at
NSE Insurance Agencies, Inc.

        AGENCIES, INC.

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