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									            Desi-Fitness Tracker 2003

7/29/2010                               1
Rajay Pai is the founder and CEO of Desi-Fitness.com LLC. After many years of
   working out and personal training Rajay decided to develop a tool which will
   provide cost effective personal training and workout related information to

Using his engineering background and his knowledge of exercise/workout he
   worked with software developers to create Desi-Fitness Tracker. Desi-
   Fitness Tracker took more than 6 months to develop and many months to
   test and validate.

Finally we have a product which we are proud of and truly believe to be
   breakthrough in concept and usage. The best thing about Desi-Fitness
   Tracker is that it can be used by the most novice client as well as the most
   advanced workout enthusiast. And since it is fully online it can be accessed
   anywhere you are, whether you are at home, work or traveling on business.
   All you need is an internet connection and a PC.

There are many web sites which have exercise libraries and standard workout
   templates, but desi-fitness tracker is unique due to the ability to create
   custom workout packages and track workouts seamlessly

7/29/2010                                                                    2
       Desi-Fitness Tracker 2003
    Create, manage and track workouts.
    Tool is completely ONLINE.
    Track Workout progress and goals.
    Use standard workouts and routines as
    baseline. (100’s of workouts in standard
    workout library)
    Create custom workouts using free-style
    workout development tool.
    Vast exercise library covering all major
    muscle groups.
7/29/2010                                      3
            Desi-Fitness Tracker Features
Manage and Schedule your workout routines using the Routine Scheduler.

View the exercise pics, video and instructions by accessing the Exercise library.

Over 300 exercises covering every muscle group featured in the Exercise Library.

View predefined routines in the Routine Library.

View predefined workouts in the Workout Library.

Create New Custom Routines by using the “Routine Builder”.

Access your scheduled workouts using calendar view thru the “my workout schedule” link.

Printable Version of your workouts available to take to the gym. Printable version contains
miniature pics of each exercise and sets/reps/weight info for each exercise to be

Track actual workout performed in the gym using print version and then save the data using
the "give feedback" option in the Workout Schedule.

Manage and track your body stats and plot progress reports by using the Body Stats

You can submit your questions for the trainer thru the “ask the trainer link” (premium clients

You can view your account details thru the “my account” link.

 7/29/2010                                                                                       4
      Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
My Workout Schedule :

    You will use this page for
    viewing/accessing your workouts.

    If a workout is assigned to a certain
    day there will be a dumbbell sign on
    that day.

    No dumbbell sign means it is either a
    REST day or no workout was assigned
    to that day.

    You can change months by clicking on
    the double arrows at the top for front
    and back months.

    You can also enter date at the bottom
    of the calendar to see that particular

7/29/2010                                    5
      Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
Workout Display :
    This page will display the workout/workout details to
    be performed on a given day by the client.
    At the top of the page you will see the “workout
    name”, Time slot, Date and Length.

    You will see the exercises in order, numbers as No: 1,
    No: 2… and so on.

    You will see the name of the exercise and the
    muscle group the exercise is targeting.

    There is a link for the exercise manual for each

    Below the exercise name and exercise number you
    will see the number of sets, reps for each set and the
    weight to be used for that particular set.

    Clicking on printable version will give you a compact
    version of this page with pics attached for each
    exercise for you to print and take to the gym.

    The “give feedback” option lets you enter the actual
    workout performed, which will be used by your
    trainer(for premium clients) or you can change your
    workout based on actual workout performed.

7/29/2010                                                    6
      Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
Printable Version :

    Printable version is provided for
    the client to print out and take to
    the gym or for reference when
    the client is working out at home.

    It has an empty box next to the
    reps and weight for entering the
    actual reps or weight used
    during workout.

    The Client can then enter this
    data using the “give feedback”
    feature from the workout display

7/29/2010                                 7
      Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
Routine Library :

    On this page you will see the list of
    predefined or STANDARD routines which
    have been provided in the tool and any
    CUSTOM routines the client or trainer has
    created (for premium clients)..

    There are 2 tables, one for custom routine
    and the other for standard routines.

    Custom Routine: this is a routine which is
    either created by the client or by the trainer
    (for premium members only)

    Standard Routines: These are predefined
    routines which have been created and exist
    in the system for the client to use.

    You can click on the view link on this page
    to see the workouts for that particular

7/29/2010                                            8
      Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
Workout Library :

    The Workout Library shows the
    predefined STANDARD workouts that
    exist in the tool and the CUSTOM
    workouts that have been created for a
    particular client.

    On this page you will see the workout
    name, length and a link to view the
    exercises which have been assigned
    to that workout.
    (Please Note a “workout” is the
    program to be performed at the
    gym/home. A “Routine” is a collection
    of workouts assigned on different days
    of the week to create a multi-day
    workout program.)

7/29/2010                                    9
      Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
Body Stats Tracker :

    Using the Body Status Tracker you
    can keep a Tab of your Body
    measurements, fat%, caloric
    intake and calories expended in
    the gym.

    Tracking your body composition,
    measurements and caloric intake
    and expenditure is made super-easy
    by the use of the body stats tracker

    Just choose the date you want to enter
    the data for and enter relevant data.

    Last entered data shows up by default
    so it will keep you from making gross
    mistakes in entering data.

7/29/2010                                    10
      Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
Performance Graph :

    The performance graph feature
    let’s you plot a Bar chart of any of
    the items tracked in the body
    stats tracker.

    It shows you a bar chart with
    data for the past 365 days (1
    year) so you can see trends and
    make changes to your
    workout/diet programs.

    You can mouse over (keep your
    mouse over any of the bars) to
    see the details for that data point.
    (size of data and date).

7/29/2010                                  11
      Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
Routine Scheduler :

    Add routines to your
    calendar using the
    "routine scheduler".

    Adding a routine to
    your calendar is very
    easy, just choose the
    date from the drop
    down menu and click
    Add/Modify for a
    particular routine.
7/29/2010                            12
      Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
Exercise Editor :

    Add exercises to your workout using
    the "exercise editor".

    You can choose a muscle group from
    the “muscle group” drop down menu.

    Choose the type of exercise you want
    to see in the “exercises” drop down list
    by using the “difficulty level” and the
    “exercise type” filters.

    Then you can choose any exercise
    from that list and add the reps/weight
    as applicable.

7/29/2010                                      13
       Desi-Fitness Tracker Details
Routine Editor :

   Add Standard Workouts to
   your routine using the
   "Routine Editor".

   Just choose the workout, the
   time slot on which you want
   to perform the workout and
   the day of the routine you
   wish to add the workout to.

   You can add workouts to AM
   or PM timeslots or both for a
   given day.

 7/29/2010                            14
            Online Workout Tracker Tool
                   Usage Model
    1/1 Personal Training (Gym Environment)
      – Trainer Creates and Tracks client workouts
        online instead of pen and paper or excel
        spreadsheet methods.
      – Client can access their workouts online.
      – Client can be better prepared for the workout
        since they can see what they will be doing.
      – Trainer can track client body stats and workout
      – Trainer can evaluate and tweak client workouts
        based on performance graphs and previous
        workouts (give feedback feature in the tool
7/29/2010                                             15
            Online Workout Tracker Tool
                   Usage Model
    Online Personal Training:
      – Recover lost personal training clients by
        introducing them to online personal training.
      – Most Cost Effective form of personal training
        from client perspective.
      – Personal Trainer creates and tracks client
        workouts online.
      – Best suited for clients who have received
        personalized coaching to workout safely.

7/29/2010                                               16
            Tracker Admin Capabilities

    Add/Delete clients.
    Create new exercises, modify
    exercise info, add pics and video for
    new exercises in very easy upload
    Create/Modify Standard Workout or
    Descend into client routines and
7/29/2010                                   17
  Tracker Customization for Club
    The Desi-Fitness Tracker can be
    customized for any club/fitness
    Just provide club logo and a NEW
    tracker tool and DB will be created
    with your logo on it.
    Development time for new tool is
    about 2 weeks. There is a minimal
    cost associated with this.
7/29/2010                                 18

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