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					                                                        Intuitive, Feature-Rich Online Scheduling

HotSchedules Team is an intuitive on-demand restaurant scheduling solution designed for businesses looking to
streamline employee scheduling and revolutionize manager-employee communication while controlling labor costs and
improving their bottom line.

In addition to all of the benefits of HotSchedules Core, HotSchedules Team allows managers to target labor optimums
and match expected budgets. Through its powerful Budget Tracker and Labor Templates, managers now have the tools
necessary to develop the most effective and cost-conscious labor plans.

Furthermore, with advanced reporting, HotSchedules Team gives managers access to in-depth reports to analyze how
well their store is performing. HotSchedules Team users also have the benefit of 24/7 access to employee schedules on-
line, as well as manager-approved shift trading, integrated schedule requests, embedded messaging capabilities, and the
HotSchedules Digital logbook..

   Features:                                                      Benefits:
   •   Budget tracker and comparison                              • Control and reduce labor costs
   •   24/7 English/Spanish automated support center              • Reduce managers’ scheduling time by 75%
   •   Automated shift pick-up/release                            • Greater management accountability & collaboration
   •   Block out dates                                              with Digital Logbook
   •   Digital logbook                                            • Improved employee satisfaction and retention
   •   Request cut-off time                                       • 24/7 access to budgets and employee schedules online
   •   Scheduler features:                                        • No hardware expense or software to download
       - Copy and paste existing schedules                        • Easy to set up - start today with our automated
       - View projected costs                                       configuration wizard
       - Integrated requests and availability                     • Low cost professional training available
       - Overtime and conflicting schedule alerts
   •   Template generator
   •   Auto-schedule
   •   Statistics management
   •   Interactive staff volume charts

   •   Certification feature:
   •   Expiration management: Servsafe, T.I.P.S., food handler,
       INS, alcohol
       Alert for employee reviews
       Email and web chat support
   •   Free on-demand manager training videos

       Month                                                                     www.hotschedules.com
   Up to 150 Users
   No start up fees

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