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									Six Types of Minivator Disabled Stair Lift - Which is the Best Minivator
Stair Lift For Your Disability?

Minivator is one of the original stair lift manufacturers that designs and distributes disabled stair
lifts across the globe. When your ability to climb stairs on your own has been impaired, or if you
just feel that walking up and down the stairs presents high degree of risk of falling down, then you
owe it to yourself to take a look at installing a staircase chair lift in your home.

The satisfied owners of disabled stair lifts really enjoy how they are able to move from floor to
floor effortlessly. For many people, a disabled stair lift is a difference between being able to stay at
home with the family, and needing to move into an assisted living facility. This can be a worrisome
thought for many as they watch their physical strength or dexterity wane.

In this report we will take a look at six types of Minivator disabled stair lifts. After you have looked
at all of them, you will have a much better idea what staircase chair lift might be the most suitable
for you. The six types of Minivators are: Minivator Simplicity, and Minivator Simplicity Plus,
Minivator 1000 Indoor, Minivator 1000 Outdoor, Minivator 2000 and Minivator Perch. Let's take a
quick look at each individually:

Minivator Simplicity

Minivator Simplicity Stair Lift is a low end model. It does skimp on some luxuries such as power
foot rest, and power swivel chair but it won't skimp on the safety features.

Minivator Simplicity Plus

Simplicity Plus is an upgraded version of Minivator Simplicity that does feature additional comforts
such as automatic, power foot rest and power swivel chair. This will make it more comfortable,
perhaps even safer, to exit the chair at the top of the stairs. On top of that, multiple color options
for the upholstery are available to match your interior design.

Minivator 1000

The Minivator 1000 is another, more recent choice for the straight stairlift. It comes in several
colors, and with optional power foot rest and power swivel chair.

Minivator 2000

This is the Minivator's curved stair lift option. Its twin-rail system will allow it to be installed on
narrow stairs with multiple hard bends without any problems. The Minivator 2000 comes in any
color you choose to match your house interior. The power swivel chair and the power foot rest are
available as well.

Minivator 1000 Outdoor

This is a weatherized version of the Minivator 1000. As Minivator 1000 already comes with an
aluminum rail, it only takes a protective cover to make it an outdoor elevator.

Minivator Perch
When you just need a straight stair lift but your stairs are very narrow, then Minivator Perch is a
good option. Instead of sitting, you will be perched throughout the ride. The seat belt will still be
used and you will be able to use a special rail to hold on to during the ride.

For more information on these types of Minivator stairlifts, and to compare them with other
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