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Conceptual Story Directory Listing for Tacoma fatigue0

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									                                                                                                                                                                             PART 3: MUSCULOSKELETAL
 Conceptual Story: STC HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS                                                                                                                                                     SYSTEM

                                                                                                AAAS Atlas Systems: Thinking about things as systems means looking for how every part relates to others. Cell functions:
                                                                                                Within cells, many of the basic functions of organisms—such as extracting energy from food and getting rid of waste—are
                                                                                                carried out.

                                                                                                         Lesson 20
          Lesson 18                                 Lesson 19                                          Muscle Size and                          Lesson 21                                    Lesson 22
     The Musculoskeletal                      Joints and Movement                                        Strength                            Exploring Muscle                           The Body in Balance
    System—an Overview                       Focus Questions: Why can we                          Focus Questions: How can                       Fatigue                          Focus Questions: Does human body
Focus Questions: What roles do               move our arms and legs in                            you measure muscle strength?             Focus Question: Which                  temperature change throughout the
your muscles and bones play in the           only certain directions? What                        Is muscle size an indication of          muscles fatigue the fastest:           day? Under what conditions might this
human body? How can you                      would be needed for your arm                         strength?                                those in your hand or those            occur? How does the body maintain its
compare the muscular structure of            to have a full range of motion?                                                               of your heart?                         homeostasis with regards to body
                                                                                                  Students use bathroom scale to                                                  temperature?
a chicken wing to that of a human?           Students design and assemble                         measure the size and strength            Students perform repeated
Students stand on their toes to              models of the human spine                            of different muscles in the arm          tests by squeezing a test tube         Students identify functions of the
discover how the bones and                   and arm. Student’s arm model                         to determine the relationship            clamp to determine the rate            human body that are automatic. They
muscles work together as a system            must correctly simulate the                          between size of muscle and               of fatigue of muscles and              attempt to maintain a constant
and that muscles only pull.                  movement of the forearm up                           strength. They also compare              investigate the variability            temperature of a small amount of water
Students dissect chicken wings to            (flexing) and down                                   these strengths with other               between people.                        in a test tube and gain an appreciation
observe five types of tissue:                (extending) by the pulling                           students in the room.                                                           for the difficulty that the human body
muscle, bone, connective, nerve,             action of two different                                                                                                              has in regulating itself.
and epithelial.                              “muscles.”

WA State Essential Academic Learning Requirements:                                              WA State Essential Academic Learning Requirements:

   AAAS Atlas Physical Health: Specific kinds of germs cause specific diseases. Vaccines induce the body to
   build immunity to a disease without actually causing the disease itself. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites
   may infect the human body and interfere with normal body functions. A person can catch a cold many times
   because there are many varieties of cold viruses that cause similar symptoms. The length and quality of human
   life are influenced by many factors, including sanitation, diet, medical care, sex, genes, environmental
   conditions, and personal health behaviors.

                  Lesson 23                                        Anchor Activity Presentation
               Module Assessment                                  Student presentations on diseases and
        Performance assessment selected                           health care careers.
        response items.
                                                                  Students present their research now that
        Working in pairs, students demonstrate                    they have investigated the human body
        their investigation skills in a performance               systems and their interactions.
        assessment that tests reaction time to a
        stimulus. Students independently respond
        to selected-response items that allow the
        student to demonstrate their
        understanding of the human body
        systems and their interactions.

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