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									Body Ache

     Ratan Singh Sadabhai Dabhi

            My name is Ratansingh Dabhi. I was having a problem of acidity and all the time
     problem of gas. There was a health camp organize by Moneta in Gogjipura near
     Kathlal. So there doctors suggested me to take Wellness Noni and after taking Wellness
     Noni I am benefited too much. I am requesting to all my friends and my brothers to use
     Wellness Noni for their problems like tiredness, acidity, gas, headache, body ache, etc.


     Kalpesh Bakulchandra Thakkar

     My name is Kalpesh Bakulchandra Thakkar, since long time I was been suffering from
     insomnia, hypertension, hair loss and body ache which was not getting relief by
     medicines I took to many medicines and had consulted well known specialist of
     Ahmedabad and Gujarat also. In spite of taking so many medicines there was no
     satisfactory result.
            I came to know from one of my personal friend that Wellness Noni is an
     Ayurvedic product he said you must take this and you will be benefited too much. Since
     three four months I started taking Wellness Noni, after taking Wellness Noni I got
     benefit in my health. Whatever diseases were there in my body are most probably gone.
     Those people who are been suffering from such diseases should take wellness noni
     once and definitely they will find benefit and good health. To get good healthy life please
     use Wellness Noni
            Thank you very much.
Body Ache

     Samual M Gohil
     Pithai Falia, Kathlal

            I am very proud to say that Wellness Noni is very safe and a true tonic which is
     helpful in all ways. After taking wellness Noni as per the dosage I am really feeling very
     fine and healthy as if I did not ever had any kind of health problem. The feeling is really
     different I trust Wellness Noni like anything. If I would not have used it I would not have
     known its efficiency. Wellness Noni is really miraculous and a great energizer. My wife
     was been suffering from body pain and also some genetical diseases, but after
     consuming Wellness Noni everything is going well and good.

     Thanks to Moneta group
     Trust is the name of Wellness Noni.

     Kanchan Devi
     Gangapur city,
     Savaimadhopur, Rajasthan.

            I was under treatment of S.K. Singh Chauhan and my age is ninety years. I was
     been suffering from diabetes and hypertension. Also I am fatty and heavy weight. Every
     now and then I had body pain, joints pain due to many times injuries. I am also suffering
     from Alzheimer’s diseases. Even my nervous system was very weak. I had tried so
     many medicines but could not found any kind of improvement in my body and health.
     My health was been completely broken down and due to my health I was scared and

            Then I started consuming Wellness Noni. Within seven days I found some
     changes in my health. I started consuming Wellness Noni every day and night and
     slowly I found so many changes in my body pain, everything was just going fine and
     from inside I was feeling healthy and fit.

     Thanks to wellness Noni.
Body Ache

     Tanu Bhatia
     A.D.C. Colony,
     Sirsa, Haryana.

            I am a science teacher in Sirsa. Because of lots of work, I usually remain under
     tension and depression. Collectively we can call that I am suffering from body ache and
     joints pain. One day I was much tensed and thinking that in very small age I have such
     type of problem and how I will live my whole life? But suddenly my cousin came and
     asked some question to me and concluded that wellness Noni is a right choice for all my
     problems. After taking Wellness Noni I am feeling very much safe. I usually take it two
     times morning and evening. Really it is a great boon for me and I advise everybody to
     use it and get relax from such type of useless sufferings. I am very much thankful to
     Wellness Noni.

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