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									     DermaWave No-Needle Technology Offers
     Practical Alternative to Mesotherapy
     Without Patient Discomfort
     By Alan Bunting

         Cellulite deposits occur as the result of a number of
     biochemical and metabolic alterations at an interstitial
     matrix and connective structures level. These include
     alterations in fibroblast production, diminishing the
     production of glucose amino glycans (GAG) in vascular
     sleeves. Reduced collagen, elastin and deposits of mono-
     saccharide occur and extra cellular matrix changes
     result in a structure that is more gel like than liquid.
     Tissue acidity increases and changes occur in oxy-
     reduction mechanisms. There is a pronounced slow
     down in arteriole and vascular flow and permeability
     of the capillaries and lymphatic drainage system is
     severely compromised. Fat cells are displaced into the
     lower dermis. Fibrous bands, responsible for the main-      Abdomen untreated
     tenance of skin tension, become less elastic and trap
     the displaced cells.
         The goals of injection mesotherapy are to resolve
     tissue alterations, treat the disease pathology and
     restore aesthetic contour to the area. Mesotherapy

     Problems of patient acceptance related to
     bruising, infection, pain, edema, allergic
     reactions to pharmaceuticals, hyperpig-
     mentation and potential tissue necrosis
     are a negative factor in making injection
     mesotherapy the choice of large groups
     of consumers.                                               Abdomen 20 minutes after Tx showing dramatic increase in circulation

     experts report excellent results with various ingredi-      Moreover, problems of patient acceptance related to
     ents injected for this specific purpose. However, injec-    bruising, infection, pain, edema, allergic reactions to
     tion based techniques, while viable in the hands of         pharmaceuticals, hyperpigmentation and potential tis-
     expert practitioners, may not easily translate to equiv-    sue necrosis are a negative factor in making injection
     alency in the hands of practitioners involved in gener-     mesotherapy the choice of large groups of consumers.
     al aesthetic practice.                                      Significantly, lower eye pads have been eliminated

22       Aesthetic Buyers Guide November/December 2005
from the list of treatment indications by the Network       and electrical waveforms to target congested areas of
Lipolysis Organization, who recommends they should          tissue commonly referred to as cellulite. On the direc-
only be treated by physicians who are able to make a        tion of a physician, a prescription conducting gel con-
releasing cut in case of a retro-orbital bleeding.          taining mesotherapy ingredients may be combined with
    Treatment strategies and technique also vary            the treatment to address the underlying factors that
according to the training workshop attended and the         contribute to the formation of cellulite.
personal philosophies of the faculty involved.                  The advantages to a standardized approach are
Although, many aesthetic surgeons have attended             obvious. Treatments are painless with no discomfort to
mesotherapy workshops, mesotherapy course atten-            the patient. Rigid control of treatment protocols and
dance is mostly focused on primary care specialties         computer control of delivery parameters eliminates
not performing invasive surgery. This possibly              complex techniques and the requirement to learn cor-
explains the confusion that exists between mesothera-       rect needle placement and delivery. Treatments are

                                                            The DermaWave No-Needle Mesotherapy
py for cellulite applications and injection techniques

                                                            approach focuses on eliminating the
that target deeper fat. Obviously, non-surgeons are

                                                            downsides of injection mesotherapy via
precluded from offering liposuction as an alternative
but still want to compete effectively in the body re-con-

                                                            a device that uses preprogrammed
touring market. Attempting to compete with liposuc-

                                                            treatment protocols delivered under
tion could be a crucial strategic mistake on the part of

                                                            computer control.
the mesotherapy community.
The financial opportunities presented by
mesotherapy teaching workshops are obvious with
some course fees exceeding $5,000. Differences in           usually delegated to ancillary personnel maintaining
treatment technique and formulations used are a fea-        physician involvement in a supervisory role. And since
ture of the mesotherapy education environment as            prescription gel formulations are prepared under exact-
educators vie for advantage in a competitive educa-         ing conditions by a formulating pharmacy, the variables
tional arena. Injection mesotherapy is by nature tech-      introduced at an office level are completely eliminated.
nique dependent and difficult to standardize as a           Standardized formulations supplied by well established
treatment protocol. Compounding the issue is the            formulating pharmacies also ensure that compatible
preference of many mesotherapy specialists to adjust        ingredients are used in an appropriate concentration
ingredient formulas to suit the needs of individual         and are packaged under sterile conditions.
patients multiplying the number of variables to be          While injection mesotherapy has been criticized for
considered. These factors dramatically impact the           its lack of scientific proof, the No-Needle technique is
potential of mesotherapy being converted from an art        well supported by a wealth of scientific literature pro-
form to an exact science.                                   duced by many well respected institutions around the
    These factors, coupled with the fact that the injec-    world. Transdermal delivery of medications is a major
tion technique requires the direct involvement of a doc-    thrust of the world’s pharmaceutical companies with
tor or nurse, makes widespread acceptance an unlike-        upwards of 40% of new drugs under development slat-
ly possibility.                                             ed for this method. No-Needle Mesotherapy is expected
The DermaWave No-Needle Mesotherapy™ approach               to transition from exclusively cellulite applications to
focuses on eliminating the downsides of injection           other areas of interest for the aesthetic office. New
mesotherapy via a device that uses preprogrammed            applications are expected in the area of facial rejuvena-
treatment protocols delivered under computer control.       tion (already available in the DermaWave device), scar
The DermaWave uses four specific sequences of laser         and stretch mark treatment, and pain management. I

                                               Aesthetic Buyers Guide November/December 2005            23

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