Commercial Real Estate Contractors

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					COMPLETE AND RETURN THIS FORM TO:                        Eastern Contractors Association, Inc.
                                                         6 Airline Drive, Albany, NY 12205

Please list below the information requested. This will be the exact listing, telephone number, fax number, address,
and representative’s name which will appear in the Membership Directory.

COMPANY NAME ___________________________________________________________________________
REPRESENTATIVE(S) ________________________________________________________________________
CITY_____________________________________              STATE_____________________            ZIP_______________
TELEPHONE NO. _______________________________ FAX NO. ___________________________________
WEB ADDRESS_____________________________                 EMAIL ADDRESS_______________________________

Please check up to ten (10) of the following classifications that are a part of your primary business. If none apply,
list a category that would. DO NOT list under any classification that is not a part of your primary business.

____Accountants                                               ____Building Materials - Used
____Acoustical Contractors                                    ____Building Reports
____Acoustical Materials                                      ____Bulletin Boards
____Actuaries & Consultants                                   ____Buyancy Materials
____Admixtures for Concrete
____Aggregates (See Sand & Gravel)
____Air Conditioning Contractors                              ____Caissons
____Air Conditioning Equipment                                ____Carpet Contractors/Suppliers
____Air Quality - Indoor                                      ____Casework - Steel, Wood & Laminate
____Appraisals                                                ____Castings
____Architects                                                ____Caulking, Pointing, Waterproofing &
____Asbestos Removal/Encapsulation                                 Supplies
____Asphalt Materials                                         ____Cellular Communications
____Attorneys                                                 ____Cement Manufacturers
____Automobile and Truck - Sales & Lease                      ____Chemicals, Industrial, Water, Etc.
____Awnings                                                   ____Chimneys - Breechings
                                                              ____Clay Pipe
____Banks                                                     ____Cleaning Building Exteriors
____Bearing Pads                                              ____Communications Cabling Data, Voice, Video
____Blackboards                                               ____Computer Services/Software/Maintenance
____Blueprinting - Large Photocopying                         ____Computerized Estimating, Joe Cost &
____Boilers - Steam & Water                                        Marketing, Schedule Control
____Bonding & Insurance                                       ____Concrete Accessories & Form Systems
     (See Insurance & Bonding)                                ____Concrete Admixtures
____Boring - Horizontal, Etc.                                 ____Concrete Block Manufacturers
____Brick/Glass Block Supplier - New & Used                   ____Concrete Pipe
____Brick Manufacturers                                       ____Concrete Precast
____Concrete Prestressed                      ____Environmental Remediation Services (O.S.T.)
____Concrete Pumping                          ____Epoxies
____Concrete Ready-Mixed                      ____Equipment, Sales or Rentals
____Concrete Sealants                         ____Excavating Contractors
____Construction Managers                     ____Expansion Joints
____Construction News                         ____Exterior Insulation Systems
____Consulting Engineers
____Crane Service Companies
____Curtains - Hospital                       ____Fabrics - Civil Engineering
____Curtains - Stage                          ____Fasteners - Fastening Systems
                                              ____Fire Protection Equipment / Security
____Delivery Service                               Equipment - Systems
____Demolition - Non-Explosive                ____Fire Sprinkler Contractors
____Diamond Blades, Core Bits                 ____Fireproofing - Sprayed
____Directories                               ____Flag Poles
____Dock Bumpers or Levelers                  ____Floor Coverings
____Doors - Access                            ____Floor Gratings & Safety Steps
____Doors Aluminum                            ____Flooring - Acid Proof
____Doors - Bulletproof                       ____Flooring - Computers
____Doors - Cold Storage                      ____Flooring Contractors
____Doors - Electric                          ____Flooring - Neoprene
____Doors - Fireproof                         ____Flooring - Resilient
____Doors - Folding                           ____Flooring - Seamless
____Doors - Formica                           ____Flooring - Wood
____Doors - Garage                            ____Furniture - Office
____Doors - Glass                             ____Furniture - Residential
____Doors - Impact, Vestibule
____Doors - Metal
____Doors - Overhead                          ____General Contractors
____Doors - Rolling Steel                     ____Glazing Contractors
____Doors - Wood                              ____Glycols
____Drafting & Art Supplies                   ____Gravel Stop
____Drains                                    ____Grills, Registers & Vents
____Drapes                                    ____Grouts
____Drilled Shafts                            ____Guard Rails
____Drywall Contractors                       ____Gypsum Products
____Drywall Studs
____Ductwork, Spiral, Round & Oval
                                              ____Handicapped Access - Elevators /
                                                   Wheelchair Lifts
____Electrical Contractors                    ____Hardware - Architectural
____Electrical Equipment & Supplies -         ____Hardware - Builders
     Variable Frequency Drives                ____Hardware - Concrete
____Elevators                                 ____Hardware - Structural
____Employee Benefits Management              ____Heaters - Electric
____Energy Conservation Systems               ____Heaters - Oil & Gas
____Engineering/Surveying/Building:           ____Heaters - Space
     Equipment, Supplies, Service             ____Heaters - Water
____Heating, Ventilating or Air Conditiong -            ____Nondestructive Testing
     Pumps For
____Hoisting Equipment
____Hollow Metal Products                               ____Ornamental Iron & Steel
____HVAC Test & Balance Contractors

                                                        ____Painting Contractors
____Incinerators                                        ____Parking Lot Layout & Marking
____Insulating Materials                                ____Partitions - Folding
____Insulating or Pipe Covering Contractors             ____Partitions - Metal
____Insulation Contractors                              ____Partitions - Movable
____Insurance & Bonding                                 ____Partitions - Wood
      (See Bonding & Insurance)                         ____Paving Contractors
____Insurance - Health/Life                             ____Photography - Commercial & Architectural
____Insurance - Safety or Workers’ Compensation         ____Pile Driving Contractors
____Intercom & Sound Systems - Closed Circuit           ____Pipe Supplies - Underground
      Television Systems                                ____Pipes, Fittings or Valves
____Investment Advisors                                 ____Piping - Process
                                                        ____Plan Room Member
____Joists - Steel                                      ____Plans & Specifications Acquisition
                                                        ____Plastering Contractors
                                                        ____Plumbing Contractors
____Ladders                                             ____Plywood
____Laminates - Formica                                 ____Pole-Line Construction
____Landscaping Contractors                             ____Polyethylene
____Land Surveyors/Civil Engineers                      ____Portable Buildings
____Lathing Contractors                                 ____Power Generation
____Lead Abatement                                      ____Precast Steps
____Leasing Equipment                                   ____Precast Street Curbs
____Letters                                             ____Printing - Art & Design Work
____Lifts - Personnel and Material                      ____Printing/Typesetting/Specialty Advertising
____Lighting - Outdoor                                  ____Propane
____Lightning Protection Systems                        ____Pumps - Sales
____Louvers & Brick Vents
____Lumber                                              ____Real Estate, Commercial & Industrial,
                                                             Sales - Leasing
____Mail Chutes & Boxes                                 ____Real Estate, Developers
____Masonry Contractors                                 ____Refrigeration
____Masonry Materials                                   ____Rigging Contractors
____Materials Testing                                   ____Roof Decks
____Mats & Frames                                       ____Roof Decks - Neoprene
____Matting - Entrance                                  ____Roof Decks - Precast Concrete
____Mechanical Contractors                              ____Roof Decks - Steel
____Medical Examinations/Services                       ____Roof Scuttles
____Metal Buildings                                     ____Roofing Contractors
____Millwork                                            ____Roofing Materials
____Millwright Contractors                              ____Roofing - Metal
____Monitor & Control Systems                           ____Roofing - Vacuum Removal of Gravel & Debris
                                                        ____Safety Equipment
____Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone, Cinders         ____Trucks - Sales & Leasing
____Sandblasting & Steamcleaning
____School Furniture & Equipment                 ____Utilities - Electric, Gas
____Screed - Power
____Securities (See Investment Advisors)         ____Venetian Blinds
____Security Systems                             ____Ventilating Equipment
____Septic Tanks                                 ____Vertical Boring
____Sewer Contractors
____Sheet Metal Contractors
                                                 ____Wall Coatings & Coverings
                                                 ____Wall Surface Systems - Acoustical Wall Panels
                                                 ____Walls - Curtain
                                                 ____Walls - Metal
____Steel Construction Supplies
                                                 ____Waste Handling Equipment
____Steel Erectors, Structural, Miscellaneous
                                                 ____Water Supplies
____Steel Fabricators
                                                 ____Waterproofing Contractors
____Steel - Hot Rolled Carbon
                                                 ____Waterproofiing Materials
____Steel - Reinforcing
____Steel - Reinforcing Contractors
                                                 ____Waterworks Supplies
____Steel - Reinforcing Fabricator
                                                 ____Weld Inspection
____Steel/Steel Suppliers
                                                 ____Welding Contractors
____Steel Shafting
                                                 ____Welding Supplies
____Steeplejack Service
                                                 ____Wheels, Cut-Off-Grinding
____Stock & Bond Brokers
                                                 ____Window Shades
____Stone - Cut & Dressed
                                                 ____Windows - Aluminum
____Stone Masonry
                                                 ____Windows - Pass
____Survey & Stakeout
                                                 ____Windows - Steel
                                                 ____Windows - Vinyl
                                                 ____Windows - Wood
____Telephone Systems
                                                 ____Wire Mesh
____Test Borings
                                                 ____Wire Mesh Partitions & Folding Gates
____Tile Ceramic Supplier, Marble & Granite
                                                 ____Wire Ropes
____Tile, Terrazzo, Marble & Slate Contractors
                                                 ____Word Processors & Business Computers,
____Time Recording & Clock Systems
                                                      Sales & Service
____Toilet, Washroom Accessories & Fixtures
                                                 ____Wrecking Contractors
____Tools - Air
____Tools - Electric
____Tools - Fastening

____Tools - Masonry & Steel
____Trailers - Office & Storange

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