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ACHE Western Florida Board Meeting


ACHE Western Florida Board Meeting

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									                     ACHE Western Florida Chapter Board Meeting

Minutes for:   2/17/2010                        5:30pm            Doctor’s Hospital of Sarasota
                                                                  5731 Bee Ridge Rd.

Meeting Called By       John Botsko, FACHE at 18:15
Type of Meeting         Regular Board Meeting, working dinner meeting. Meeting start time 05:30
Facilitator             None
Note Taker              Krys Berger, MHA
Time Keeper             None
Attendees               Carol Ann Jenkins, FACHE; Cami Leech-Florio, MHA; Krys Berger, MHA; Jeff
                        Younger, FACHE; Sundeep Arora,; Alan Sear, PhD; Michelle Angletti, PhD;
                        Linda Lemon-Steiner, FACHE; Doug Luckett, FACHE; Valerie Stafford-Powell,
                        FACHE; Bill Gross, FACHE; Susan Laber, MHA; Charles Northdurft; Kelly
                        Munch. Robert Goldstein, FACHE.

Agenda Topics:

Welcome                                                 John Botsko
Discussion             1. John welcomed and thanked everyone for attending. Since this was the first
                       meeting of the 2010 Board, everyone introduced themselves.
                       2. John acknowledged Linda for her work as Regent. Linda stated that she was
                       delighted that Carol Ann has decided to take over the position in the interim
                       3. Carol Ann was presented a plaque in recognition of her service as president for
                       2009. The plaque was presented by John. Carol Ann stated that she enjoyed her
                       tenure as president and appreciated the support and dedication of the board
                       members. Carol Ann then passed the Gavel to John.
                       4. Carol Ann then presented service awards given in November to Valerie and Rob.
                       She also presented the 2009 board members with gifts for their service.
                       5. The meeting minutes from November were reviewed and approved as written.
                       Minutes approved.
Action Items           None                                    Person Responsible Deadline

Approve Minutes        Motion by Linda Lemon-Steiner           ACHE Western
                       Second by Alan Sear                     Florida Chapter

President’s Report                                        John Botsko
Discussion              1. John requested that everyone ensure he has each Board Member’s proper email
                       2. The annual report for the Western Florida Chapter has been completed and was
                       submitted to the national organization.
                       3. The chapter is fiscally sound. John asked the board to approve a monetary gift of
                       $1,000.00 to the Student Chapters of our affiliated Universities, Florida Gulf Coast
                       University and University of South Florida. This was approved on a motion by
                       Valerie and seconded by Carol Ann. It was noted that St. Pete College is also
                       within the Chapter’s area, but to date they have not responded to Linda’s queries. It

is believed they only have an undergraduate program in Health Administration.
4. To date we have 594 members. This represents an increase over last year.
5. John discussed the possibility of scheduling the board meetings for May, August
and November in advance, and requested board members send him dates of when
they are available those months.
5. The ACHE National Chapter Volunteer Program Guidelines were discussed.
Participation would require that a questionnaire is submitted about the program
along with Commitment Forms. This would be a way to orient new chapter
members and would provide Western Florida Chapter Member contact information
if volunteers are needed. John stated that he doesn’t want to take volunteering
opportunities away from the students. It was mentioned that the Program
Committee already has an established group of individuals who help. Cami stated
that as chair of the membership committee she could use some help greeting people
at chapter events. Cami stated that Millicent Shandor has offered to help. John
Harding helps with the newsletter. Carol Ann recommended an “open door” policy
along with the formal program. Linda stated that we already have some active
volunteers. This would formalize the process. At the sign up table for events, there
is a clip board asking if members want to volunteer. Linda suggested beefing up the
informal process. Linda also suggested that we learn more about the intent of the
program. We can add questions to the C-vent form for upcoming events. It was
suggested that the board hold any decision till after Congress in March. John stated
he would email Terra and then discuss the issue further at the next meeting.
Michelle stated that the informal process has worked well in the past and the
students usually be recruited to help. A decision was made to table further
6. ACHE recognition awards were given to the following members for achieving 30
service points, Valerie, Jeff, Linda, and John. Distinguished Awards are given to
those members who achieve 75 points. Valerie encouraged the board members to
check their points to ensure they are correctly reported.
7. The Chapter received an award for meeting its goal of having 20 members
advance to Fellow. A total of 23 chapters received awards, 4 Chapters received 2
awards and the Western Florida Chapter was the only Chapter in Florida to receive
an award. The goal for 2010 is for 12% of the Chapter’s membership to advance to
Fellow. With our increase in membership, this goal may be reachable in 2010.
Linda commented that she feels that the number of members who advance to
Fellow has the most positive effect on the Chapter. The goals have increased for
2010. The goal for the number of Fellows has increased by 2%. The goal for the
number of eligible members who have passed the Board of Governor’s Exam has
increased by 5%. The goal for participation in educational and networking events
has also increased by 5%. Goals suggested for the Chapter are:
    1. Provide 8.97 hrs. of programs or events/member
    2. Increase membership by 9.8%
    3. Attain 7.63 average member satisfaction rate.
    4. Encourage 12.1% of the membership to advance to Fellow.
8. John briefly went over the Chapter Dashboard Report. A copy of the report will
be filed with the minutes. A few items that were noted were that the program hours
represent hours sponsored by the Chapter. Joint events would give us additional
hours. The Chapter can earn category II points for University sponsored events, can
sponsor webinars and may be able to get the national organization to help us with
those. Fellows who are recertifying need 12 Category I credits and 24 Category II
credits. The FHA sponsors a Category I event.
9. The national organization is starting a pilot program asking chapters to create a

                       flyer to promote our Chapter. John asked for volunteers to help with the project.
                       10 The next item discussed was the Chapter Newsletter. John asked for
                       suggestions for a key local Fellow to interview and a keynote article. Sundeep
                       suggested Thibaut Demark for the career development. Linda suggested Doug
                       Luckett. She felt his accomplishment of moving all patients within one day from
                       the old facility to the new facility would be of help to other members. Valerie
                       suggested that for the Senior Leader interview and member spotlight that Mike
                       Smith, CIO from Lee Memorial, and Wendi Tiasic, CNO at Cape Coral may also be
                       good candidates.
                       11. John reminded everyone that the St Pete Cluster conference was starting on
                       Monday, 2/22/10. There will be a networking reception from 6 to 7 pm at the Don

Conclusion             The Western Florida Chapter continues steady growth and reached its 2009 goal for
                       the number of members advancing to Fellow.
Action Items                                              Person                 Deadline

ACHE Regent’s Report                                   Carol Ann Jenkins
Discussion           1. Carol Ann will be learning her new role.
                     2. She will be attending Congress to be installed.
                     3. Carol Ann reported that she is getting acquainted with the North Florida
                     Chapter and has been in touch with the president. She is looking forward to this
                     4. She stated that there are four people interested in running for the office when
                     the current term is up.
Conclusions          The Board supports Carol Ann and wishes her well in her new role.
Action Items                                                    Person Responsible Deadline

Program Report                                             Sundeep Arora
Discussion             1. The committee found out today that Mr. Evans will not be able to attend the
                       meeting. They will try to find a replacement and reschedule the event.
                       2. The committee is planning three more events. One in late April, early May,
                       September and November.
                       3. Valerie suggested the committee have a program on Physician Relations.
                       A membership survey to ask for topics of interest was also suggested. ACHE
                       national has templates for presentations that can also be used. Sundeep stated he
                       would do a survey
                       4. Sundeep stated that they had a wine and food sponsor RSNH, an architectural
                       firm for the event. It is hoped that the availability of Mr. Evans will not affect the
                       5. The possibility of having a social event, such as a baseball game was discussed.
                       The Chapter may seek block seating by a sponsor. They sponsors Logo would be
                       displayed and family members could be invited.
                       6. Doug secured the panelist for the next event in Fort Meyers

Conclusion            The program committee continues to plan this year’s events
Action Items                                                  Person Responsible            Deadline
 1. Survey                                                    1. Sundeep Arora &            1. None given
membership for                                                Program Committee
topics of interest

Treasurer’s Report                                         Jeff Younger
Discussion            1. Jeff presented the financial reports for the period the current period and the year.
                      He has changed the format of the reports to reflect the national organization’s
                      reporting categories.
                      2. The 2009 financial report filled with the national organization shows that the
                      chapter ended the year with total assets of $24,493.57. This represented a $2,771.48
                      increase in assets from 2008. A copy of the full report will be filled with the minutes.
                      3. Jeff also reported on the Certificates of Deposit. As of 02/16/10 the balances are
                      as follows. CD#2350, .6% interest rate, 90day rollover has a balance of $5050.09;
                      CD#2342 16 month rollover 4.16% interest rate has a balance of $5212.33;
                      CD#2334, 12 month rollover, 1.69% interest rate has a balance of $5167.28; the last
                      CD, 23 month rollover, 2.47% interest rate has a balance of $5031.22. The total
                      invested is $20,460.92. Jeff expects that the 16 month CD with matures on 4/4/10
                      can be rolled over with an interest rate of between 1.7 to 2.0%.
                      4. Jeff also made the recommendation that the CD’s should be rolled over using a 90
                      day or 16 to 18 month time frame.
                      5. The treasurer’s report for the period from November 1, 2009 to January 31, 2010
                      was presented. The treasury has a beginning balance of $8,623.53. Disbursements
                      totaled $6,095.88; deposits totaled $1,505.00 yielding an ending balance of $4,032.65.
                      6. A copy of the full report will be filled with the minutes.

Conclusions           1. The CD’s continue to perform well.
                      2. The WFC is financially sound.
Action Items                                                   Person                  Deadline
1. Motion to accept   1. Valerie, Second by Allen              1. WFC Board            1. None
the Treasurer’s                                                approved
2. Roll Over CD on    2. Bill, Second by Valerie               2. Jeff Younger         2. on 4/4/10

Membership                              Cami Leech
Discussion             1. Cami reported that the Chapter has 594 members as of 2/17/2010. Total
                       membership has grown by 35 members since the last board meeting. The chapter
                       has 9 new student members.
                       2. the 2010 Student Shadow Day is in progress. 8 applications were received from
                       students only 7 were academically eligible to participate. They have all been
                       matched with a mentor. This year they required students to be associated with
                       ACHE to be eligible to participate. Cami stated she may try to move the event to
                       March next year. This may increase the number of mentors available.
                       3. The membership committee sent a personalized email and a copy of the event
                       flyer to all members that had joined the Chapter since November 2009. Feedback
                       from the membership on the website content has been positive.

                      4. A Copy of the Membership report will be filled with the minutes.

Conclusion            1. Membership continues to grow.
                      2. Student Shadow Day is off to a good start.
Action Items                                                Person Responsible Deadline
1.Send Survey to                                               1. Cami Leech Florio    1. 3/10

Website Development                              John Botsko for Colleen Cavanaugh
Discussion            1. No Update on the Website
                      2. John will have Colleen update the website with the new board members
Conclusion            Website will be updated.
Action Items                                                   Person Responsible Deadline
1. Update Board                                                1. Colleen              1. None given
Member Section on
Chapter Website

Student Updates       Charles Northdruft/ Michelle Angletti, Kelly Munch/ Alan Sear, PhD
Discussion             1. Michelle reported that Florida Gulf Coast University is currently searching for
                       someone to fill the Dean’s position. Dr. Heinmen has stepped down. There are 3
                       candidates and a decision should be made with the next month.
                       2. FGCU is enjoying an influx of students, however faculty are stretched thin with
                       about 50 graduates in the program.
                       3. The student organization is active. They are currently collecting Box Tops for
                       Education to help One Elementary School. They have collected about $200.00
                       4. They will be offering a CPR course this month and next month. The instructor
                       donated their time.
                       5. It is hoped that the retirement of Baby Boomers will absorb the influx of
                       students currently entering the field. Michelle also reported that they are trying to
                       place internships strategically.
                       6. Allen reported that University of South Florida continues to grow. Currently
                       there are about 110 students enrolled in core course. This is a record breaking
                       number. The largest area of growth is in international students.
                       7. The Healthcare Management Student Association has increased its membership
                       to 58. About 1/3 of its members are active and participate in the sponsored
                       events. Cami gave a presentation in January; the Placement office will give a
                       presentation on resume preparation in February; Jeff will give a presentation in
                       March; and Ron Hytoff will be presenting in April.
                       8. Kelly added that the monthly newsletter is well received by the students and the
                       students exceed their donation goal for the Heart Walk.
                       9. Mr. Evans presentation on the 26th was to be held at USF. Kelly stated she
                       already has student volunteers ready.
                       10 6 to 7 students from USF are interested in attending the ACHE Congress in
                       Chicago. Carol Ann stated she will be at the Student Reception at Congress this

Conclusions             1. The FGCU and USF student associations continue to grow and do well.

Action Items                                                     Person                 Deadline

Observers          None
Resource Persons   None
Special Notes      1. Krys presented the stationary, but expressed reservation concerning the cost of
                   dealing with this vendor for such items. The company is recommended by the national
                   organization, but Krys feels the chapter could get better service and prices elsewhere.
                   2. Linda donated her ACHE clock to Mr. Meade and asked that we use the stationary to
                   send a Thank You note.
                   3. John thanked everyone for their participation and thanked Valerie and Dr. Hospital
                   for hosting the meeting.
Adjournment        There being no further business the meeting was adjourned by John at 8:10 p.m.
Next Board         April/May2010


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