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					APRIL 2010                                                                                            VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3

Editor in Chief- Rachel Chastain
ACHE Congress                                                                               Inside this issue:

Every year one of the largest groups of      year). Applying for this position consists
healthcare professionals gathers in          of answering a few questions online and        ACHE Congress             1
Chicago at the ACHE Congress. This           that’s it. There were several schools that
year two HASA members joined this            had five to ten students each. You would
group, George Tucker and myself              have to pay for your membership to
(Rachel Chastain). We both have come         ACHE and register for Congress before          Resumes                   2
back with some valuable lessons, tips        applying as a Program Assistant. Once
and tricks for future Congress goers.        chosen as an Assistant, you pick the           Eat, Play, Relax… for     2
                                             sessions you want to work. Pick sessions       Free
The first tip is how to make it cost
                                             that you are interested in because you are
effective on a student budget. If you rely
                                             allowed to sit in and listen as well as
on financial aid and have a tight budget,
                                             spend one on one time with the                 April & May Calendar 3
make sure you put money aside from
                                             presenter (good networking
your Fall disbursement. The cost breaks
                                             opportunity). You may also get the             About HASA                4
down as follows; $75 for ACHE student
                                             chance to do the introduction for this
membership, $325 - $375 for ACHE
                                             speaker. Not only will you be able to
Congress registration, $200-$400
                                             attend the sessions you work, but having
(estimate) for an airline ticket, plus the
                                             a Program Assistant ribbon on your
cost of hotel and food. Now the best
                                             name badge will allow you access to
part is how to get your money back.
                                             other events that you were not scheduled
Become an ACHE Program Assistant!
This will reimburse your full Congress
fee along with other benefits. This year     Some tips from George are to break
we had donations from ACHE North             from the group you came with, it makes
Florida Chapter and HASA totaling            you more approachable to others, have
$400 for each person, and Student            business cards available to give out, and
Government gave a reimbursement of           keep a professional air about you because
$325 after we got back. So the key is        the contact you desire could be the next
save early and you can earn it back          person you meet in a cab, elevator,
afterwards.                                  bathroom, bar, etc.
When you register pay attention to the       Lastly, I want to talk about attire. The       Save the date
session types. The ―S‖ sessions are          worst thing is flying to another city only
student sessions and will have only          to realize you packed wrong for your            April 15th: Air Force
students at them. There are some really      trip. The majority of people dressed
good student sessions, but be careful        business professional, men wore jackets          Recruiting Event
when picking topics that are closely         and ties and the ladies wore pant suits, all
related to school courses. Courses that      of which were a dark color. I would not         April 16th: Social Event
start with a number are the ones that        recommend business casual unless you             at Dave N Busters
everyone attends. Go to the orientation      are very comfortable. If you wear
for first timers as early in the week as     something that stands out people will
you can because they give you a lot of       remember, that could be a positive or           April 20: HASA Meeting
helpful information. You will also be        negative. Ladies, if you are not used to
able to modify your schedule at              wearing high heels eight hours a day this
Congress as many times as you want.          is not the time to start, there is a lot of
You may also want to space out your          walking.
sessions and leave some time in between
                                             I cannot say enough about how good of
to network.
                                             an experience this is. I will most likely be
Be a Program Assistant! This alone can       attending next year as well and urge as
enhance your experience significantly.       many of you to go as you can. If you
Applying for a Program Assistantship         want more information please email me
starts in December and ends the first        at
week of January (dates may change next
                         HEALTH ADMINISTRATION STUDENT ASSOCIATION                                             Page 2

                                                                          Résumé writing is a skill and one that
                                                                          should not be taken lightly. For college
                                                                          graduates that are new to the job market a
                                                                          résumé should be short and to the point.
                                                                          The proper, such as strengths, things need
                                                                          to be highlighted and anything unnecessary
                                                                          needs to be cut out. Adding a quantifiable
                                                                          task can add significance, numbers are easy
                                                                          to read. If you have trouble, meeting with
                                                                          career services for help may not be a bad
                         Many people assume that their résumé is          idea.
                         merely a list of their qualifications. This is
                         simply not the case. Your résumé is the
                         first impression you make with your              Furthermore, don’t wait until graduation to
                         potential employer.                              put your résumé together. You’re likely to
                                                                          do a lot of networking while still in school
                                                                          and you never know when an important
"Attending the           Keep in mind that if you’re applying for a       person in the health care field may want a
ACHE congress not        job worth having, chances are good that a        look at your credentials. Finally, it’s never
only provided me
                         lot of other people will be too. This means      too early to start participating in volunteer
with an opportunity
                         that your résumé needs to be attention           activities—many of which may look great
to interact and
                         grabbing or it could only get a glance           on your résumé.
network with
                         before being tossed into the trash.
successful healthcare
leaders, but also                                                         -Justin Toomer
offered instruction in
how to hone my
professionalism and
guide my career."
                         Eat, Play, Relax… oh and its FREE!
       George Tucker
                         Friday, April 16th is our Spring 2010 Social Event. We want to give back to our members
                         and say thank you for a great year. So come on out and join us for a fun filled night at Dave
                         -N-Busters. Food will be served between 5 – 9 PM and a $10 game card is included with
                         dinner (drinks are not included). This is all free for HASA members and only $25 for non-
                         members, but don’t worry we will have applications at the door if you want to become a
                         member. This will be a great break from all the busy work school provides, so we hope to
                         see you there! With lots of thanks to our Social Chair, Genevieve Taylor, she put in a lot of
                         hard work to make this a great evening for everyone.
Page 3

               April 2010                                   Schedule of Events

 Sun     Mon   Tue       Wed     Thu         Fri      Sat   Apr 6- HASA meeting
                                                            Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM
                                     1         2       3
                                                            Location: Bldg 39-J, 4th
    4     5      6         7        8          9       10   floor, student lounge
                                                            Apr 15- Air Force Recruit-
    11    12     13        14       15        16       17   ing Event
                                 Air Force   Social
                                  Event      Event          Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM
                                                            Location: Bldg 39-J, # 1016
    18    19     20        21       22        23       24
               Meeting                                      Apr 16- Social Event
    25    26     27        28       29        30            Time: 5-9 PM
                                                            Location: Dave N Busters

                May 2010                                    Apr 20- HASA meeting
                                                            Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM

 Sun Mon       Tue       Wed     Thu         Fri      Sat   Location: Bldg 39-J, 4th
                                                            floor, student lounge

    2     3      4         5        6          7       8    May 5- ACHE Panel Dis-
                         ACHE                               cussion
                                                            Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    9    10      11       12       13         14      15
                                                            Location: Shands Jackson-
                                                            ville, Charter Theater, 2nd
    16    17     18       19       20         21      22
                                                            Towers I & II

    23   24      25       26       27         28      29

    30    31
Health Administration Student Association

1 UNF Drive                      How to apply for membership:
Jacksonville, Florida 32224

                                 To apply for membership in the University of North Florida Health Administration Student
Phone: 904 620-2840
Facsimile: (904) 620-1035
                                 Association, please download and print the Microsoft Word file located on our website or               visit our HASA board located on the 3rd floor of the Brooks College of Health.

                  You can bring the completed form to one of the HASA meetings or return it to:
                  University of North Florida
                  Brooks College of Health/ Department of Public Health (# 4033A)
                  Attn: Health Administration Student Association
Go to our website
                  1 UNF Drive
http://           Jacksonville Florida 32224-7699
                  Checks should be made payable to: HASA, UNF Student Chapter
HASAhome.htm                              Spring 2010 Officer Contact Information
                                              HASA email:

Our Mission:                      President                         Vice President
The mission of the
                                  Jodi Verkleir                    Chris Lesshafft
University of North Florida
Health Administration        
Student Association is to
provide educational and           Secretary                        Treasurer
networking opportunities for
                                  Shaun Bott                       Kassie Hollman
our students to become the
very best future healthcare
leaders possible and to help
with their career aspirations.
                                  President Elect                  Vice President Elect
                                  Rachel Chastain                  Wayne Beck

                                  Secretary Elect                  Treasurer Elect
                                  Sama Bég                         Leslie Smith

                                 We Want Your Feedback
                                 As always we want to know what you like and dislike. Please send all feedback, comments, and
                                 questions to Rachel Chastain at

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