Ageratum Blue Horizon Hybrid (Burpee) by roi15698


									Ageratum Blue Horizon Hybrid (Burpee)                                         Lavatera Twins White (Lavatera trimestris Twins White) (Park Seeds on the
Ageratum houstonianum ‘Blue Mink’                                               Internet)
Ageratum Leilani Blue (Park Seeds on the Internet)                            Lisianthus ‘White Rose’ (Burpee)
Alyssum ‘Carpet of Snow’ (Burpee)                                             Lisianthus Cinderella Blue (Eustoma grandiflorum Cinderella Blue) (Park
Alyssum, Snow Cloth (Territorial Seeds)                                         Seeds on the Internet)
Anchusa azurea (one of the rarest true-blues available!) (Park Seeds on the   Lobelia erinus 'Blue Cascade,' 'Sapphire,' 'Crystal Palace,' 'Cambridge Blue'
   Internet)                                                                    (edging lobelia)
Aster, Blue Stokes Aster (Stokesia laevis) (Park Seeds on the Internet)       Lobelia Fountain White (Lobelia erinus Fountain White) (Park Seeds on the
Baby’s Breath White Elephant (Territorial Seeds)                                Internet)
Bachelor Buttons, blue (Territorial Seeds)                                    Lobelia Regatta series, Blue Splash, Marine Blue, Midnight Blue, Rose,
Bachelor’s buttons, Centaurea cyanus ‘Blue Boy Double,’ ‘Blue Diadem’           Sapphire and Sky Blue.
Bachelor’s Buttons, ‘Dwarf Blue Midget,’ ‘Jubilee Gem’                        Marigold, (white) Snowdrift, Snowball Hybrid, Snowman Hybrid (Burpee
Bachelor Button, Florist Blue Boy (Centaurea cyanus), deep blue. (Johnny’s      Seeds)
   Selected Seeds)*                                                           Mockorange Snowbelle (Philadelphus Snowbelle) (Park Seeds on the
Bacopa, Sutera cordata ‘Snowtopia’ (white) (Park Seeds on the Internet)         Internet)
Balloon Flower Astra Double White, Astra Double Blue (Park Seeds on the       Morning Glory, 'Heavenly Blue'
   Internet)                                                                  Nicotiana
Balloon Flower Komachi (Platycodon grandiflorus Komachi) (Park Seeds on       Nierembergia, white and blue
   the Internet)                                                              Nigella damascena (love-in-a-mist), Nigella "Miss Jekyll" is a blue strain.
Begonias                                                                      Nigella Papillosa ‘Curiosity’ (from Seed Savers)
Bellflower Isabella, Takion Blue (Park Seeds on the Internet)                 Nolana
Blue-eyed grass, Sisyrinchium angustifolium ‘Lucerne’                         Osteospermum ecklonis ‘Sky and Ice’(from Seed Savers another white daisy
Borage, Borago officinalis                                                      with blue centers)
Brachycome iberidifolia ‘Blue Splendor’ ‘Blue Star,’ ‘Purple Splendor’        Osteospermum F1 ‘Asti White’ daisy with blue centers, 2008 AAS Bedding
   (swan river daisy)                                                           Plant Award Winner
Browallia speciosa 'Blue Bells Improved,' 'Blue Troll,' 'Marine Bells,'       Pansy, Icicle Pansy Clear Blue (
   'Powder Blue' (amethyst flower)                                            Petunia ‘Sky Blue’ (Burpee)
Callistephus chinensis 'Matsumoto Blue,' 'Matsumoto Light Blue' (China        Petunia, ‘Azure’
   aster)                                                                     Petunia Celebrity Blue or White, Double Cascade Blue Hybrid, Frillytunia
Campanula, Blue Chip (Spring Hill Nursery)                                      White Hybrid, (Park Seeds on the Internet)
Campanula cochlearifolia (blue or white perennial)                            Petunia Sanguna™: (various blue petunias at
Candytuft                                                                     Petunia x hybrida 'Blue Joy,' 'Blue Lace,' 'Blue Skies,' 'Lacy Sails,' 'Midnight
Cleome 'White Queen'                                                            Madness,' 'Plum Blue,' 'Plum Purple,'
Columbine Clementine Blue (Columbine aquilegia Clementine Blue) (Park                'Prime Time Blue,' 'Prime Time Light Blue,' 'Purple Joy,' 'Sky Joy,'
   Seeds on the Internet)                                                       'Ultra Blue,' 'Ultra Blue Star,' (petunia)
Consolida ambigua 'Blue Spire,' 'Giant Dark Blue,'                            Petunia x hybrida Aladdin Nautical Hybrid Mix (blues) (Park Seeds on the
Cosmos, Gazebo White (Territorial Seeds)                                        Internet)
Cosmos Sonata White, Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata White (Park Seeds on the        Phlox drummondii 'Palona Light Blue' (annual phlox)
   Internet)                                                                  Queen Anne’s Lace, (Burpee)
Cynoglossum ‘amabile ‘Firmament’ (a.k.a. Chinese Forget-Me-Not or             Salvia Blue Queen, Fairy Queen (Park Seeds on the Internet)
   Hound’s Tongue) (from Seed Savers)                                         Salvia farinacea (mealy-cup sage) ‘Blue Bedder’, ‘Cirrus’, ‘Strata’, ‘Victoria
Cynoglossum Amabile (annual Chinese Forget-me-not for lightly shady             Series’
   areas)                                                                     Scabious
Daisy, Crazy Daisy, Shasta Daisy (Burpee)                                     Snapdragon
Daisy, Felicia amelloides (blue daisy)                                        Statice Soiree Deep Blue, Light Blue, and White (Park Seeds on the Internet)
Delphinium Centurion Sky Blue (Delphinium x cultorum Centurion Sky            Sweet Pea Streamer Blue (Lathyrus odoratus Streamer Blue) (Park Seeds on
   Blue) (Park Seeds on the Internet)                                           the Internet)
Delphinium elatum Magic Fountain Pure White (Park Seeds on the Internet)      Sweet rocket
Delphinium Summer Blues , Delphinium Summer Mix (Park Seeds on the            Texas Bluebells, Lisianthus, Eustoma grandiflora 'Blue Lisa,' 'Blue Picotee,'
   Internet)                                                                    'Misty Blue' (prairie gentian)
Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze'                                              Vinca Cora™ White (Catharanthus roseus Cora™ White) (Park Seeds on the
Flax, blue                                                                      Internet)
Forget-me-not, Cynoglossum amabile 'Blue Showers' (Chinese                    White Cyprus vine, (from Seed Savers)
   forget-me-not)                                                             White Lace Flower (Orlaya grandiflora White Lace Flower) (Park Seeds on
Geranium, wild                                                                  the Internet)
Geranium Elite White Hybrid (Pelargonium x hortorum Elite White Hybrid)       Zinnia ‘White Wedding’ (Burpee)
   (Park Seeds on the Internet)                                               Zinnia Park's Picks White (Zinnia elegans Park's Picks White) (Park Seeds
Geranium, Hardy Geranium Johnson's Blue (Geranium x Johnson's Blue)             on the Internet)
   (Park Seeds on the Internet)                                               Zinnia, Profusion White (F1) (Zinnia hybrida), 2001 AAS Gold Medal
Geranium Orbit White (Pelargonium x hortorum Orbit White) (Park Seeds on        winner*
   the Internet)
Heliptrope, ‘Marine’                                                          We hope this list will inspire you to grow blue and white
Impatiens ‘Dazzler White’ (Burpee)                                            flowers. We also hope that we did a good job of
Impatiens Accent White Hybrid (Impatiens walleriana Accent White Hybrid)      determining what will bloom by mid July in our region.
   (Park Seeds on the Internet)
Iris                                                                          We cannot guarantee results in every case and hope you
Larkspur, ‘Giant Light Blue,’ ‘Imperial Blue Bell’ (rocket larkspur)          will do some research on your own.
Laurentia ‘Sophia’ (Burpee)
Laurentia Avant-Garde™ White (Laurentia hybrida Avant-Garde™ White)
   (Park Seeds on the Internet)

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