Criticisms of Blu-Ray Technology by roi15698


									Criticisms of Blu-Ray Technology

 The number one
  Criticism of Blu-Ray is
  the high purchasing
 Average Cost of Blu-
  Ray Player : $380.33
 Average Cost of a Blu-
  Ray Disk: $12.00
 Criticisms of Blu-Ray Technology
 The number two most
  common criticism of Blu-
  Ray Technology is the
  “general dislike” for the
  new disk format based
  on two things, a long
  history of failed Sony
  formats and a perceived
  arrogance on the part of
  the company –
Blu-Ray Benefits:
• Better than normal DVDs:
     more than 5x storage enabling 9 hours of HD video
          (23 standard definition)
      red laser to blue-violet laser with greater precision
         allows data to be packed more tightly
         More room for additional content: intricate menus,
                 special features, games
      allows for better sound: uncompressed Dolby Digital (8 channels)
     Best Quality Picture : High Definition (sharp, vivid colors,
                 5x amount of detail of DVDs
• Supported by ~200 of world’s leading consumer electronics companies
• Future-proof: new technology involving multi-layer disks,
     allowing 100-200 GB storage
• In the end, No more expensive to manufacture Blu-Rays than DVDs.
• Talk of a Blu-Ray/DVD hybrid format that will play in both players.
• Movie quality in your own home – new trend of ‘home theaters’
         Description of Operation

 Blu-Ray disks are
  created by injection
 Reading and writing of
  data are done by a 405-
  nm blue laser which is
  focused to either create
  or read the pits in the
  surface of the disk.
 Data can be transferred
  at approximately 36

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