A new service for chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers by benbenzhou


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									       B R O N L L YS
                                     A new service for chronic
       PA IN   M A N A G E M E N T

       C E N T R E                   fatigue syndrome (CFS)

Over the past few years the
number of people referred to the
pain management centre at
Bronllys Hospital with chronic
fatigue syndrome (CFS) has grown
steadily. The outcomes for these
patients has been promising and
we at the centre have therefore
decided to pilot a cognitive
behavioural programme focussed
specifically on this group of


Patients referred to the
programme will be assessed on an
outpatient basis by a consultant
anaesthetist and a member of the
multi-disciplinary team. The
assessment will be in order to          consultant anaesthetist and clinical        points during the process that will
confirm the diagnosis and assess        nurse specialist will teach the             enable progress to be quantified.
suitability for the programme in        programme which will run mainly as          Physical functioning will also be
terms of motivation, ability to self-   group sessions. Each participant will       recorded throughout the
care and other psycho social            be assigned a Keyworker with whom           programme. The psychometric
factors. The assessment will also       they will meet at least once a week         evaluation will also be carried out
be an opportunity for the patient to    during the programme for a one to           at follow-up to assess long-term
find out more about the                 one discussion about their progress         effectiveness.
programme and be able to make           and any problems they may be
an informed decision about              having.                                     Referrals
whether or not to attend.
                                        The aim of the programme will be to         Referrals to the programme will be
The programme                           teach self-management skills and as         accepted from Consultants and
                                        such they will not receive any hands        General Practitioners although
The programme will entail the           on interventions. Sessions will be          places are limited to eight and will
patient attending the centre for a      purely educational in nature and            be allocated on a first come first
four-week inpatient stay going          participants will be                        served basis. A referral form can
home at the weekends to practise                                                    be found on the centre’s website.
what they have learnt in terms of       Patients will be followed-up by the
managing their condition. While at      team after the programme at 6               The future
the centre the group of eight           weeks, six months and 1 year. After
patients will take part in a            this point they will be discharged but      The present project is just a pilot
programme of graded exercise            will have access to ongoing advice          but it is hoped that if it is
training, cognitive behavioural         and support should it be needed.            successful then further
therapy, relaxation and education                                                   programmes will run to help
in improving sleep hygiene.             Outcome measures                            people suffering from this
                                                                                    debilitating problem.
The multi-disciplinary team of          Participants in the programme will
psychologist, occupational              be asked to complete a series of
therapist, physiotherapist,             psychometric evaluations at several
       For further information contact: Bronllys Pain Management Centre, Bronllys Hospital, Brecon, Powys, LD3 0LU
                   Tel: 01874 712499 Fax: 01874 712500 e-mail: margaret.davies@powyslhb.wales.nhs.uk
                                        Or visit our website: www.managingpain.org.uk

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