Short Story Moral � Lesson of the Story Comic by michaelbennett

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									     Short Story Moral – Lesson of the Story Comic Book/ Flip Book/ Poisable Character Picture

            1. This mini assignment is done on an individual basis
            2. This assignment allows for FULL CREATIVITY but also INDIVIDUAL understanding.
            3. Out of all the short stories you’ve read, pick 3 and do the following:
                   a. FOR EACH STORY, create a visual way to tell the story – either by drawing a comic
                       book, making a moving motion picture flip book or doing a digital photo poisable
                       character story.
                   b. FOR EACH STORY, pick 1 object (any object you like…for example, John Woo and
                       Doves) that you think represents the MORAL of that story (the lesson learned) and have
                       it represented in EVERY SCENE of the story.
                   c. EXPLAIN in a brief paragraph WHY you have chosen that specific object to symbolize
                       the moral of the story.
                   d. At the end of each picture based story, have 1 or 2 scenes that explain the moral of the

The easiest way to think about this is that you are making a visual way to tell this story to younger children.


    1. Each story must use a minimum of 10 -15 pictures to tell the story.
    2. You must have a caption/ a usage of words in each scene BUT they cannot be more than 2 – 3
       sentences long.
    3. Each story must, at the end, have a scene or two that tells the moral of the story.
    4. Each story must have a different symbol that symbolizes the moral and the symbol must be described in
       a paragraph AND in every scene of the story.

Marking Criteria

For Each Story:

Having at least 10 pictures         5 marks – 2 mark deduction for every picture that’s missing
Accurately telling story            10 marks – pictures must accurate and clearly tell story
Captions                            5 marks – every picture must have dialogue or a caption. ( 1 mark deduction
                                    for pictures without captions up to 10 pictures)
Symbol                              4 marks – every scene must have the symbol of the moral of the story – 1
                                    mark deduction for every scene that doesn’t have it.
Symbol Paragraph                    6 marks – the paragraph describing the symbol – government scale
Telling the moral                   5 marks – Final scenes must tell the moral of the story
Subtotal per story                  35 marks
X 3 Stories                         105 marks
Getting grade 8 class to            10 marks
Total Marks                         115

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