SO103 - Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology by xdu18397


									SO103 – Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology

Course Syllabus
Semester 1 (June – October 2007)

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Course Schedule:

Office Hours:          All course days and by appointment

Course Description:    This course will attempt to introduce, at a most elementary level, two of the
                       major fields of human study and investigation: sociology and anthro-pology.
                       Your primary goal will be to educate me about Thailand, anthro-
                       pologically and sociologically.

Course Objectives:     1/ To become aware of the significance and value of the social science
                          of sociology and the significance and value of the social science of
                       2/ To begin to visualize how sociology and anthropology help us put our
                           world into global perspective.
                       3/ To be able to define sociology and understand the basic components
                           of the sociological perspective.
                       4/ To be able to define anthropology and understand the basic compon-
                           ents of the anthropological perspective.
                       5/ To be able to provide examples of the ways in which social forces af-
                           fect our everyday lives.
                       6/ To be able to provide examples of the ways in which our anthropolog-
                           ical past effects our current existence.
                       7/ To begin to consider the interdependence between Thailand and the
                           other nations of the world.

Teaching Strategies:   Class time will include lecture, work assignments, library, and outside
                       activities. Working in small teams, you will engage in examining the
                       curious and the significant of Thai sociology and anthropology. The
                       emphasis will be on discovering and sharing what the two fields
                       speculate, hypothesize, have discovered, explain, and clarify about Thai-
                       land’s people and her institutions.
Institute of International Studies                            Ramkhamhaeng University

Participation:        Students are expected to take part in both class discussions and class
                      presentations…and student assessment will reflect this.

Attendance:           Students are required to attend all regularly scheduled classes and to en-
                      gage in assigned group activities during regularly scheduled time. A few in-
                      class dictates: Turn your mobile phones on vibrate or off. Leave the class-
                      room to deal with your personal business (including incoming calls). Appear
                      after 0915 or 1315, and you are not welcome in class until after the next
                      scheduled break. Give each in-class speaker, classmate or ajarn, your full at-
                      tention; do not chat with your associates during any in-class presentation.

Grades:               Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

                              A       =        85 points or more
                              B+      =        80 points or more
                              B       =        75 points or more
                              C+      =        70 points or more
                              C       =        65 points or more
                              D+      =        60 points or more
                              D       =        55 points or more
                              F       =        54 points or less

                      Course Component                                  Weight

                      Group Project                                      40 points
                      Individual Annotated Bibliography                  20 points
                      Class Participation/Involvement                    10 points
                      Final Examination                                  30 points

Assignments:          The class will be divided into small groups in order to gather information
                      about Thailand’s ancient history, mythological beginnings, more recent his-
                      tory, the monarchy, Buddhism, etc. Remember, although Thailand (the na-
                      tion) may not have existed at some earlier time, this geographic area of the
                      world did…and many people of many ethnic backgrounds did. The in-class
                      presentations will be aimed at examining the information found from the per-
                      spectives of sociology and anthropology.

                      The second assignment will require that you compile and develop a solid an-
                      notated bibliography (to include all the references that you managed to lo-
                      cate) for distribution to all class members.

Materials:            Bruce, Steve. Sociology: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford: Oxford Uni-
                      versity Press, 2000).

Institute of International Studies                      Ramkhamhaeng University


08/10/07:      0900-1200             Monday      Organizing / Planning / Scheduling
                                                 Overview of Sociology / Overview of An-
                                                 thropology / Establish Groups

               1300-1600                         Perspective / Theory / Method
                                                 Research / Status of Sociology
                                                 Status of Anthropology

10/10/07:      0900-1600             Wednesday   The Thai National Museum Tour

                                                 The Thai National Museum PLUS
                                                 Library Research / Small Museums
                                                 (Emerald Temple / Suttatheppawararam)
                                                 (National Library / Science Museum)
                                                 (Grand Palace Museum / Kasemsat U)
                                                 (Art Museums - Taprajan Rd)

12/10/07:      0900-1200             Friday      Scientific Method / Research
                                                 Culture / Socialization

               1300-1600                         Groups / Organizations / Deviance
                                                 Social Constructions

15/10/07:      0900-1100             Monday      Causes & Consequences
                                                 The Modern World
                                                 Group Meetings

17/10/07:      0900-1200             Wednesday   The Comparative Study of Man
                                                 The Imposters / Remnants

               1300-1600                         Global Stratification
                                                 Social Constructions

19/10/07:      0900-1200             Friday      Pre-History (up to 0 A.D.): An archeo-
                                                 logical examination of the place to
                                                 become Thailand

                                                 Pre-History (up to 0 A.D.): An anthro-
                                                 pological examination of the people in
                                                 the place to become Thailand

               1300-1600                         History & Mythology (up to 1000 A.D.):
                                                 A sociological examination of the people
                                                 in the place to become Thailand

                                                 The City-States (up to 1767 A.D.): An
                                                 anthropological and sociological exam-
                                                 ination of the Tais
Institute of International Studies                     Ramkhamhaeng University

22/10/07:      0900-1200             Monday      Early Religions, Hinduism & Buddhism
                                                 Taksin & The Chakri Monarchy (from
                                                 1767 on)

               1300 – 1600                       Agriculture / Manufacturing

                                                 Science / Technology

24/10/07:      0900-1200             Wednesday   The Arts
                                                 Thailand, the Modern Nation
                                                 Distribution of Annotated

26/10/07:      1300-1600             Friday      FINAL EXAMINATION

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