Student Teaching Placement Interview Questionnaire

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					                                     Instructions For
                    Student Teaching Placement Interview Questionnaire

In order to help you prepare for student teaching and to provide information to the UMF
supervisors it is important that you take time to complete the three parts of this questionnaire.
After you complete Parts I and II you will reflect on the information and complete Part III by
creating an Action Plan based on the information from Parts I and II. You will use this Action
Plan as you begin your student teaching experience and revise it throughout student teaching.

You need to complete the three parts of the questionnaire electronically and bring hard
copies to your interview with the UMF supervisor. You will find this information at:

Part I addresses the Maine Standards for Initial Certification, to which all of your professional
courses relate. You are asked to identify for each of the ten Standards one artifact that shows
your best work in meeting each Standard and note in what class or experience the artifact was
produced and how the artifact connects to the Standard. You may use an artifact for more than
one Standard. An example:

Maine Standards                                    Name of Artifact, class, connection
1. Applies knowledge of the central concepts,      Unit plan Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for
tools of inquiry, and structures of the            EDU 123. Shows my understanding of
discipline(s) to create meaningful learning        ecology, environmental science.
experiences for students.

Part II addresses your Professional Characteristics /Personal Attributes. Complete the rubric
remembering Needs Improvement may be appropriate for some areas; you are not expected to be
at the Proficient level.

Part III addresses the information from Parts I and II to complete an Action Plan that you will
review and revise throughout your student teaching experience. An example:

Maine Standards that I        Why I chose this             What I plan to do     When I will
want to work on               Standard                                           review progress
1. Applies knowledge of       Need work with science       Review                End of Semester
the central concepts, tools   content                      information from
of inquiry, and structures                                 Science courses.
of the discipline(s) to                                    Taking Science
create meaningful learning                                 Method course this
experiences for students.                                  semester.
6. Creates and maintains a    I am not sure about what     Review class       Prior to student
classroom environment         I should do about            materials and      teaching.
which supports and            classroom management.        resources.
encourages learning.
Professional                  Why I chose this             What I plan to do     When I will
Characteristic/Attributes     Characteristic/Attribute                           review progress
Organization                  I struggle with this and I   Talk with advisor     First two weeks of
                              know that it is important    and obtain            student teaching
                              for student teaching         resources

Contact Ann Lynch with any questions:            778-7171