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Pre-Interview Questionnaire - PDF by xdu18397


									                                            Pre-Interview Questionnaire
      Application Services


Full Name:                                                              Date:       /         /
Current Address:                                                        Phone:(          )

Have you previously submitted a staff application with Campus Crusade for Christ?       Yes       No
If yes, when       /         /     and with what ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ?

Directions: Please answer the questions in this section from memory with a brief sentence or two. Do not
            use your Bible or any other aid.
1. What church do you attend and how often?

2. Who is Jesus Christ according to your understanding?

    Why did He die on the cross?

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3. Who is the Holy Spirit?

    Define the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

4. How does a person obtain salvation?

5. Is a Christian forgiven for sins committed after receiving Christ?

    What is the basis for your answer?

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6. Where are believers who have died?

7. It is often said that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. What do you interpret the phrase “inspired
   Word of God” to mean?

    Are there any other inspired writings given by God?

8. What do you think about the practice of speaking in tongues?

9. Have you ever spoken in tongues?        Yes       No

10. Do you currently practice speaking in tongues?         Yes    No

                    Please continue on the following pages for the next section.

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Directions: Please answer the following questions.
11. Are you in the practice of using the Four Spiritual Laws booklet?     Yes       No
    Do you agree with its contents?      Yes       No
        If no, please explain.

12. Are you in the practice of using the Holy Spirit booklet?    Yes      No
    Do you agree with its contents?      Yes       No
        If no, please explain.

13. Campus Crusade for Christ asks a staff member to maintain two essential characteristics in his/her
    life: a heart for God, and a teachable attitude. At times, this may mean receiving constructive criticism
    regarding attitudes, dress, and/or personal appearance to enhance one’s ministry.
    Do you agree with this emphasis?       Yes          No

14. God admonished believers to regularly assemble for worship and encouragement. As a tangible
    expression of this belief, Campus Crusade for Christ requires our staff to affiliate with an organized,
    established Christian church whose basic and founding doctrine is in the mainstream of Christianity
    and would be in agreement with Campus Crusade’s Statement of Faith.
    Do you agree with this guideline?     Yes           No

15. Campus Crusade for Christ is an interdenominational movement which seeks to minister to all
    segments of the body of Christ. We realize that there are differences in the body of Christ over the
    matter of speaking in tongues. As with any doctrinal issue not in accordance with the major thrust to
    which God has called us, the directors of the ministry have decided upon the following policy: Any
    Campus Crusade staff member who feels that he/she has the gift of tongues must refrain from
    promotion, or any public use of the gift of tongues; and must restrict any practice of tongues to their
    private devotional lives.
    Do you understand and agree with this policy?        Yes      No

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16. For which type of position are you applying?       Full-time        Associate
    Do you have a preference for serving in a particular ministry within CCC?       Yes       No
    If yes, which one?
    CCC is an organization of believers joined together with the common purpose of reaching every
    segment of society with the gospel of Christ. In so doing, we have formed many ministries, all under
    the umbrella of CCC, with distinct strategies and devoted to different subgroups. Though we realize
    that you may feel the Lord calling you to a specific ministry of position within CCC, it is necessary that
    you have a leading to, and be comfortable with, the overall ministry of CCC in addition to your specific
    area of interest.
    Romans 12, verse one and following says:
    Therefore, I urge you brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy
    and pleasing to God…Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do
    not all have the same function,…so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member
    belongs to all the others…We have different gifts…
    With this biblical principle in mind, with the goal of good stewardship, we may present other
    opportunities to you within the ministry of CCC which is in line with your unique skills and gifts.
    Are you willing to consider other opportunities?     Yes       No
    Please elaborate.

17. Approximately how much time do you consistently spend in personal Bible study and prayer each

18. Approximately how many times do you share your faith each week?

    Campus Crusade for Christ is committed to personal evangelism. Therefore, each staff member is
    expected to be actively involved in evangelism. He/she must be willing to continually meet new
    people, and share the gospel with them.
    Are you in full agreement with this emphasis?       Yes        No

19. As you may know, every staff member has the responsibility of developing his/her own support team.
    Do you agree with this?     Yes       No

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20. At the time you join staff, what will be your total indebtedness, both for school and personal loans
    (excluding house and car payments)?
    Personal $                            School $
    What will be your monthly payments on these debts (excluding house and car payments)?
    Personal $                            School $

21. Are you a college graduate?     Yes        No
    When (will/did) you graduate?          /            (month/year)

22. Approximately how many work or school days have you missed during the past year?

Please list any questions from this Pre-Interview Questionnaire that you would like discussed in the

   Question         Specific Concern

                     Please submit questionnaire to Athletes in Action via:
                    Fax: 937-352-1121 (Attention: AIA Application Services)
              Mail: AIA Application Services * 651 Taylor Drive * Xenia, OH 45385

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