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					                     POLICY AND PROCEDURE

CHAPTER   05   050.008

RE:            Internships

APPLICATION:   All programs operated/managed by the Branch County Community
               Mental Health Authority / Pines Behavioral Health Services.

BASE:          Branch County Community Mental Health Authority Employee
               Labor Agreement; Fair Labor Standards Act; Michigan Mental
               Health Code, CARF, Public Health Code

POLICY:        It is recognized that interns serve a useful purpose in providing
               additional service capacity, while gaining knowledge and
               experience to further the profession and the pool of individuals
               available for potential future employment. Pines will engage
               unpaid, voluntary, interns enrolled in professional degree programs
               from accredited colleges when appropriate to our program needs,
               and when there is sufficient supervision and guidance available
               from appropriate clinical directors. All internships must be
               reviewed and approved by the CEO.


               It is recognized that internships may be requested by employees as
               well as individuals who are not employees. In all cases the
               internship will be unpaid. The scheduling of the internship time
               will be done to meet the needs of the organization and its

               Clinical directors or other administrators may receive requests for
               internships from individuals or colleges. All applicants will
               complete an application for internship. These will be brought to the
               management team to determine if any department has an
               anticipated need for an intern. If a potential need for an intern is
               established within a department, then the director of that
department will interview the applicants and contact their

In submitting the proposal to the CEO the director will at a
minimum address the following items:
     Purpose of the internship, and its value to us.
     The proposed scheduling of the internship.
     The proposed supervision of the intern, the availability, and
       its impact on regular job duties on the individual(s)
       providing supervision.
     Identification of duties and scope of responsibility of the
       internship, against which their performance will be
       measured and the resultant grade submitted to the college.
     That the college provides malpractice liability coverage for
       the intern or that the intern has/will purchase malpractice
       liability coverage naming Pines as a covered entity for the
     Signed authorization will be received from the proposed
       intern to allow our human resources to do all necessary
       background checks, including but not limited to criminal.

Interns will be held accountable for their actions and have
limitations on them similar to that of other volunteers. Privileges
and limitations shall include, but not be limited to the following:

      Will be provided with supervision.
      Will sign a written agreement with the agency regarding
       their internship.
      Will be provided an orientation and any necessary training
       prior to commencement of contact with clients.
      Will be given a written description of their duties and scope
       of responsibility.
      Limited access to files.
      Supervised access to the work sites.
      Will be trained in and must respect the rights,
       confidentiality, and will not discriminate against those
       individuals that they have contact with.
      Must adhere to the polices and procedures of Pines
       Behavioral Health Services as applicable to all regular
       employees, including but not limited to code of conduct.
      Will be subject to policies and procedures established for
       disciplinary action and termination.
      Will be evaluated verbally and in written format by the
       identified supervisor regarding; performance of their duties
       and scope of responsibility; adherence to organizational
       policy and procedure; and other areas as agreed upon with
       the academic institution.
      Pines Behavioral Health Services is not the employer, and
       thereby does not provide workman’s compensation,
       unemployment insurance, or malpractice coverage.
      If the intern will be transporting any client in their personal
       vehicle, it must be approved by the supervisor and
       established transportation policies must be followed. The
       intern must provide proof of insurance, proof of valid
       driver’s license, and disclose their driving record.
       Reimbursement will be made per current rate/mile.
      Pines Behavioral Health Services is not responsible for any
       injuries received by the intern which occurs on any
       property other than that of the offices or contract sites of
       Pines Behavioral Health Services.
      Interns are not authorized to make any commitment on
       behalf of Pines Behavioral Health Services.
      Any other limitations and privileges as determined by the
       CEO or his designee.

Any internship that is offered will be contingent upon the
following conditions being met:
A.     Successful drug screening by the intern candidate, which
       will be completed by the laboratory chosen by Pines, and
       with said screening being paid for by the intern candidate.
B.     Intern or the college/university program must provide
       malpractice insurance naming Pines Behavioral Health as
       an additional insured and any applicable program site (s).
       (At intern/college cost)
C.     Intern must have had a negative TB test within the prior 12
       months or have one from the source chosen by Pines. (At
       intern/college cost)
D.     Intern must undergo and have an acceptable criminal record
E.     If the intern will be working at applicable program site (i.e.
       foster care, medical care, inpatient psychiatric) they will be
       fingerprinted in accordance with state regulations at a state
       approved site prior to any assignment. (At intern/college
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            Evaluation Criteria

February 14, 2006
Revised: 9/6/2006
Revised: 5/1/2008

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                  John H Bolton, CEO