Behavioral Health Systems COMMUNITY SERVICE BOARD MEETING #75 July by vow85608


                  Behavioral Health Systems
                        July 24, 2001

Paul Christensen – Jackson               John Davis – Clarke
Shirley Segars – Barrow                  Mary Jo Matthews – Madison
Carter Smisson – Jackson                 Evelyn Bush – Walton
Ed Glauser – Oglethorpe                  Mae Davis – Elbert
David Levine – Clarke

Gail Goldsmith – Morgan                  Jim Hudson – Oconee
Anita Carson – Greene                    Conoly Hester – Clarke

Terry Telefson             Larry Gabriel
Brenda Smith               Linda Hazinski
Terry Weimorts             Layne Chastain
Tina Tarbox                Marie Ballard
Cindy Darden               Helen Kabat

Margaret Bradford

The meeting was opened by John H. Davis, Community Service Board (CSB)
Chairman, at 5:05 p.m.

      1.1  Motion to accept the agenda. Moved (Mary Jo Matthews); Seconded
           (David Levine); Passed (Unanimously).
      1.2  Motion to accept the minutes of the June 26, 2001 CSB meeting. Moved
           (Carter Smisson); Seconded (Ed Glauser); Passed (Unanimously).
      1.3  Motion to close on the nomination of Paul Christensen as the chairperson
           of the Nominating Committee. Moved (David Levine); Seconded (Shirley
           Segars); Passed (Unanimously).
      1.4  Motion to commend Terry Tellefson, Executive Director, Larry Gabriel,
           Chief Financial Officer, and Paul Christensen, CSB Representative for
           Jackson County for an excellent job performance in working with the
           agency’s financials. Moved (Shirley Segars); Seconded (David Levine);
           Passed (Unanimously).
      1.5  Motion to adjourn the meeting. Moved (Mary Jo Matthews); Seconded
           (Shirley Segars); Passed (Unanimously).

      2.1  No one to address the Board.

      3.1  Dr. Davis reported on the findings of the annual Board self assessment.
           Ten of the twelve (12) Board members completed and submitted the
           assessment. The overall rating was six (6) or more in the “yes” or “good”
           areas. Bill Mahoney, former CSB member prepared the report and felt
           that the outcome of the assessment was good. These are the specific areas
           that need to be addressed:
           a) All members attended, and the meetings began and ended on time;
           b) Members were prepared for discussion of agenda packet material; and
           c) Board activities deal with policy issues rather than management issues.
               Dr. Davis recommended addressing these areas at one of the scheduled
               quarterly work sessions for Board members.

      4.1  Dr. Davis and Mr. Tellefson conducted orientation for new Board
           members July 17th . New Board members were assigned to committees:
           Ed Glauser – Rights of Persons Served; and Gail Goldsmith – Finance.

5.0   SERVICE REPORTS (Reports were mailed in the Board Package)
      5.1  Mr. Tellefson distributed correspondence received from Robert Van
           Gallera, Walton Medical Center. Dr. Gallera expressed sincere
           appreciation for the services Advantage Behavioral Health Systems
           counselors provide in the Emergency Department of the Walton Medical
      5.2  Paul Christensen requested that the Client Welcome/Orientation packets
           be distributed to local county government/agencies, churches, hospitals,
           etc. Tina Tarbox, Marketing/Public Relations reported that a
           brochure/flyer is being developed to include services for distribution.
      5.3  Terri Weimorts, Transitional Services reported that Georgia Mountains
           CSB contracts with Advantage Behavioral Health Systems to provide dual
           diagnosis/respite services to consumers within our ten (10) counties areas.
      5.4  Mr. Glauser reported that he has not seen the follow up interview
           regarding the June 28th editorial between Gary Conen, Site Supervisor,
           Greene County Clinic, and Ralph Maxwell, Editor, Oglethorpe Echo. Ms.
           Tarbox reported that Mr. Conen received a phone interview from the
      5.5  Ms. Weimorts reported on the shortage of staff coverage for after-hours
           crisis and transportation at Emergency Services. The Critical Position
           Committee has approved the hiring of additional staff.
      5.6  Dr. Davis commended Ms. Tarbox for participating in the “Ladies’ Night
           Out” symposium sponsored by Elbert County Hospital. Doreen Swaim,
           Community OutReach Prevention Education (COPE) and Patricia
           Edwards, Mental Health Association, presented at Bethel AME Church

             June 27th , 2001. The presentation focused on grief, bereavement, and
             depression. Dr. Davis encouraged involvement in such functions.

6.0   Board Reports
      6.1   Executive Committee – Dr. Davis recommended that the Executive
            Committee is activated as a Nominating Committee and that a CSB
            member be selected to chair this committee. Officers for the coming year
            must be elected by November 1, 2001. Dr. Levine requested that the
            bylaws be revised concerning terms of officers.
      6.2   Finance Committee – Mr. Christensen reported the Finance Committee
            met today and reviewed the FY2002 budget and FY2001 end-of-year
            expenses. The committee will continue to review these figures. Larry
            Gabriel reported on the financial statement results for June 30, 2001.
      6.3   Membership & Nominations Committee – Carter Smisson, CSB
            Representative for Jackson County, reported on attendance at board
            meetings and noted that there is an overall absentee rate of 25%. The
            Bylaws state that if a member does not attend at least every other meeting,
            the Board should request his/her resignation. Member involvement and
            attendance at meetings and other functions are vital to the smooth
            operation of the Board.
      6.4   Legislative Committee – no report requiring an action.
      6.5   Bylaws & Policy Committee – no report requiring an action.
      6.6   Rights of Persons Served Committee – Dr. Levine reported the committee
            met today and reviewed seventeen (17) incidents, ten (10) of them were
            classified as ‘serious’. Also, seven (7) complaints were reported. Dr.
            Levine and Mary Jo Matthews requested that copies of both the “Trend
            Summaries of Incidents” and the “Complaint Reports” be distributed to
            the entire Board.

      7.1 Helen Kabat, Continuous Quality Improvement reported on the American
          Psyche System (APS) and Rehabilitative Option. Mr. Tellefson plans to
          attend Clinic Meetings to address this issue.
      7.2 Mr. Tellefson met with Senator Mike Beatty regarding revenue
          maximization. Mr. Tellefson and Mike Walker of Hope Haven have
          compiled a letter and distributed it to legislators, Regional Board members
          and the Department of Human Resources, regarding cancellation of the
          contract with Unified Transportation. The system is ineffective and will
          become even more ineffective with the move to community integration,
          especially in the Developmental Disabilities Centers. Advantage wishes
          to withdraw from the Unified Transportation contract and provide its own
          transportation for consumers. Mr. Tellefson has scheduled a meeting for
          July 25th to meet with Representatives Keith Heard and Louise McBee and
          Dr. Davis to address these issues.
      7.3 Mr. Tellefson reported on the Sheriff Task Force. He met with the
          Sheriffs’ of the ten (10) county areas. Issues addressed were the possible

             use of deputies for transporting consumers, the condition of Advantage
             vehicles and the overall cost of transportation.
      7.4    Mr. Tellefson reported on diversity issues. He requested the Board’s
             approval to establish a task force. The responsibility of the Task Force
             will be focusing on diversity. Members of the Task Force will include:
             Marie Ballard, Human Resources, Chairperson, two (2) additional
             Management Team members, three (3) minority staff members, and four
             (4) minority individuals form the communities we serve. Mr. Tellefson
             invited Representative Keith Heard to serve on the Task Force and he has
             accepted. Participants will be recruited in August, and their duties will
             begin in September. It is anticipated that two (2) months will be needed to
             complete the work of the Task Force. The Task Force will submit its
             recommendations to the Management Team, who in turn will report to the
             Board what action steps, will be implemented to carry out these
             recommendations. Board members may contact Mr. Tellefson regarding
             community involvement of the Task Force. Board members were invited
             to attend a Cultural Diversity Workshop sponsored by Advantage
             Behavioral Health Systems August 28, 2001, 10:00 am – 4 pm, Athens,

      8.1 Dr. Davis reported on a letter regarding rehab option issues, which will be
          mailed to Mr. Jerome K. Lovrien, Director of the Division of MH/MR/SA.
          Dr. Davis distributed a copy of this letter to CSB members.
      8.2 Dr. Davis reported on the quarterly work sessions. The first session is
          scheduled for September 4, 2001 at the Greene County Middle School.
      8.3 Dr. Davis updated on the Vision/Mission Statement. Ms. Tarbox has
          received price quotes for printing the document, and each site will
          received one. This issue will be addressed at the Management Team
          Meeting, July 30. Dr. Davis requested that additional copies be made for
          individuals who wish to put them in their offices.

      9.1 Ms. Bradford reported on revenue maximization. New services were
          added to the mental retardation section. Consumers that are already being
          served and paid by the State were converted to being paid by the Medicaid
          Waiver. Advantage staff is doing an excellent job in assisting the
          evaluators with the required evaluations.
      9.2 In addition to the legislators’ process with the revenue maximization, 1200
          additional mental retardation waiver slots were allotted statewide. Our
          region received seventy-two (72) of the slots. Regional Board and CSB
          staffs met to review consumers on the short and long term waiting lists.
          We have selected all consumers who are eligible for these services.
          Implementation will begin October 1.
      9.3 Ms. Bradford made the following announcements:

           a) Yvonne Davenport has been appointed to serve as the Consumer
              Protection Quality Improvement;
           b) Frances Germany Borman accepted the position as the Medicaid
              Provider Network Development Manager; and
           c) The Regional Board will recruit for the position of Mental Retardation



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