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 Sell your Comfy Used Furniture Los Angeles and Used Bedroom Furniture in Los Angeles With

       By Recycler
       Dated: Nov 20, 2009

       Los Angeles, CA – Buying and selling used furniture in Los Angeles with Recycler is so easy and fun, like
       that game where the ground is lava so you have to climb all over the furniture when you were a kid. Find
       used furniture on Recycler.

       Whether you’re remodeling and repainting your living room walls (and therefore will be buying all new
       furniture) or you’ve moved into a bigger bedroom and are upgrading to the California King (up from a
       twin), you can sell all your furniture without breaking a sweat – though it might get hot, with all the lava
       and what have you. Sell your Used Living Room or Bedroom Furniture on Recycler: http://

       Create Your Ad in Fewer Steps than Flipping Stained Couch Cushions
       1.) Pick Your Ad Package: the Free Basic Online Ad; the Enhanced Online Ad; the Free Online & Print
       Ad; the Two Week Classified or Photo Ad; and the Best Buy – a 9-week ad running online and in print,
       with or without a print photo.

        2.) Create the Ad: Try to avoid bland adjectives – everyone thinks their couch is beautiful and
       comfortable (who says “ugly, lumpy couch for sale”?). So keep it simple and effective: list the color, the
       fabric, the size, and its condition. Let a nice photo do the rest!

        3.) Preview and Confirm: Check your ad to make sure you didn’t accidentally slip a “really comfy” in
       there, make sure there aren’t any errors, and then confirm. You’re furniture ad will be sitting pretty!

        Sleep Easy - Your Ad Will Reach Hundreds of Thousands within the Week
        Instead of pulling a second income from the change in between your couch cushions, why not sell the
       entire couch for one big score! And if your bed has a tiny little indistinguishable, yet nagging pea-shaped
       bump causing you to lose sleep – and no amount of mattresses seem to help – then sell the bed to some
       princess and let her deal with it! In one week, an ad in the Recycler magazine will reach 850,000 of its
       weekly print readers and there’s no telling how many more online at, which gets over 6
       million hits a month!

        So-Cal’s Most Comfortable Classifieds
        Since the early 70s, Recycler has been Southern California’s premier Trade publication for buying, selling
       and trading. There is no better way to sell your Used Bedroom Furniture with ease and efficiency. Recycler
       Classifieds gives you the unique freedom to describe your Living Room Furniture, along with photos, for
       optimal efficacy and, by upgrading your package to Print, optimal coverage. Sell your Used Living Room
       or Bedroom Furniture on Recycler: http://

       Along with its related publications Jobs Magazine, Cars Weekly, Auto Pix, AutoBuys and Truck Buys,
       Auto Seller, Cycle, Boat & RV Buys, Big Truck & Equipment Buys, has more pets,
       merchandise, electronics and appliances, real estate, used car, used truck, used SUV, new and used RVs,

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

used van, new vehicle, and business ads in Southern California than any other website or print publication.

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Recycler Classifieds offers a wide variety of display ads in Southern California for automobiles,
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