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                        Moscow , 18th to 20th of Novembre

Vincent PIRON   VINCI Concessions
VINCI : France’s largest toll roads concessionaire

The network (4,800 km) accounts for 60% of the network under
 Cofiroute : West of France
 ASF :         South West
 Escota :      South East
 Urban scheme A 86 West of Paris
 Urban schemes in Lisbon,
 Marseilles, Lyon, Los Angeles

 Turn over of VINCI : 33 billions €
 Turn over of VINCI Concessions :
 5 billions € of toll collection
 3 millions transactions per day

  Vincent Piron VINCI Concessions
Classification of PPP’s (long term contracts)

                       WHSD           M ST Pet
New scheme

     Small                                             improvement
  Investment                                           through truck
                                                       toll collection


                  Road operation      Road operation                     3
                 and maintenance     and maintenance
   Vincent Piron VINCI Concessions
                                            Adjusting investment to traffic
                                                                        Corridor Capacity and Trafic Demand

                                    4 000

                                    3 500

                                    3 000
Investment Cost (hourly capacity)

                                    2 500

                                                                                                                              Trafic Demand

                                    2 000
                                                             Overspending                                                     Road
                                                                     2                                                        Capacity Investment

                                    1 500               1

                                    1 000


                                            0        10000      20000      30000         40000        50000   60000   70000
                                                                        Average Annual Daily Trafic

                                            Vincent Piron VINCI Concessions
A toll is not a tax : toll pays for a service

  1- Time Saving
  2- Guarantee of reaching the goal at the right time, what ever
  the weather could be without fearing any incident on the road
  3- Fuel saving
  4- Operation and maintenance saving
  5- Follow up of goods trips and information to clients

  Thus the same truck/driver can drive for more km/year and
  there is a huge cost saving for transport companies
  Then it is possible to capture a part (between 30% to 40%) of
  this cost saving for the toll
  This is a win/win game if the toll is set at the right level     5

  Vincent Piron VINCI Concessions

  Requesting the users to pay is fully justified
  There is a net gain because there is no opportunity costs of
  public funds on the collected toll used for direct investment
  It minimize the number of trips (optimization of trips)

  Then choosing the right type of PPP contract is crucial
  And choosing carefully the toll policy for having the best split of
  the socio ecenomic benefit between the Users and the Grantor
  is a condition to make a successful scheme
  For low traffic (<14 000 v/day) tolling for better service does not
  imply toll free parallele road (see Chili, Norway, Canada,..)
  And then develop progressively the global road network                6

  Vincent Piron VINCI Concessions

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