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					                                                                                 Administration of George W. Bush, 2001 / May 18

                           are proud to stand, too, with those who                        remarks, he referred to Secretary of Housing
                           are suffering and dying in jails because they                  and Urban Development Mel R. Martinez;
                           had the courage to speak the truth.                            Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and
                              Y aqui en este Casa Blanca, estamos                         Lincoln Diaz-Balart; entertainers Gloria and
                           felices de cultivar ‘‘una rosa blanca en Julio                 Emilio Estefan and their daughter, Emily
                           como en Enero.’’ Y por fin, viva Cuba libre.                   Marie; poet Angel Cuadra; musician Lizebet
                              Thank you all.                                              Martinez; singer Jon Secada; and President
                                                                                          Fidel Castro of Cuba.
                           NOTE: The President spoke at 3:30 p.m. in
                           the East Room at the White House. In his

                           Letter to Congressional Leaders Reporting on the Deployment of United
                           States Military Personnel as Part of the Kosovo International Security
                           May 18, 2001

                           Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)                        the work of the U.N. Interim Administra-
                               On December 18, 2000, then-President                       tion Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).
                           Clinton provided a report to the Congress                         Currently, the U.S. contribution to
                           regarding the continued deployment of                          KFOR in Kosovo is approximately 6,000
                           combat-equipped U.S. military personnel as                     U.S. military personnel. An additional 500
                           the U.S. contribution to the NATO-led                          U.S. military personnel are deployed as the
                           international security force in Kosovo                         National Support Element in Macedonia,
                           (KFOR) and to other countries in the re-                       with an occasional presence in Albania and
                           gion in support of that force. I am pro-                       Greece. In the last 6 months, all 19 NATO
                           viding this supplemental report, consistent                    nations and 21 others, including Russia,
                           with the War Powers Resolution, to help                        have provided military personnel and other
                           ensure that the Congress is kept fully in-                     support personnel to KFOR in Kosovo and
                           formed on continued U.S. contributions in                      other countries in the region.
                           support of peacekeeping efforts in Kosovo.                        In Kosovo, the U.S. forces are assigned
                               As noted in previous reports, the U.N.                     to a sector principally centered upon
                           Security Council authorized member states                      Gnjilane in the eastern portion of Kosovo.
                           to establish KFOR in U.N. Security Coun-                       For U.S. KFOR forces, as for KFOR gen-
                           cil Resolution 1244 of June 10, 1999. The                      erally, maintaining a safe and secure envi-
                           mission of KFOR is to provide a military                       ronment remains the primary military task.
                           presence in order to deter renewed hos-                        United States forces conduct security pa-
                           tilities; verify and, if necessary, enforce the                trols in urban areas and in the countryside
                           Terms of the Military Technical Agreement                      throughout their sector. Approximately 79
                           (MTA) between NATO and the Federal                             percent of KFOR soldiers are dedicated to
                           Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY); enforce the                      patrolling, manning checkpoints, and
                           terms of the Undertaking on Demilitariza-                      mounting border and boundary patrols. The
                           tion and Transformation of the former                          KFOR forces operate under NATO com-
                           Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA); provide                          mand and control and rules of engagement.
                           day-to-day operational direction to the                           The UNMIK continues to make progress
                           Kosovo Protection Corps; and maintain a                        in establishing the necessary structures for
                           safe and secure environment to facilitate                      provisional democratic self-government in


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