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					International School
History – 3

International Curriculum – 4

MYP – 6

DP – 6

Educational Support – 8

Maartenscollege – 9

Focussing on the Individual – 10

Supporting Student Learning – 10

Extra Curricular Activities… – 11
               International School Groningen – 1

Educating the students of
today to become the world
citizens of tomorrow.
students to...
and make a
                                                                  International School Groningen – 3

History                                              In 2005 the International section changed its
                                                     name to the International School Groningen to
                                                     forge a closer connection with the city of
                                                     Groningen and to have a readily identifiable
St. Maartenscollege was originally founded by
                                                     location for visitors from outside the area. The
the Jesuits in 1946. It happened at the request
                                                     link with Maartenscollege remains as strong as
of the Roman Catholic community in Groningen
                                                     ever. The International School continues to
and the Diocese of Utrecht, as there were no
                                                     work closely with its Dutch colleagues and
Catholic secondary schools in the north-eastern
                                                     students of the International School enjoy
part of the Netherlands. The school was built
                                                     numerous activities which allow integration
here, in Haren, just south of the city of
                                                     within the Maartenscollege community.
Groningen. St. Martin was chosen as the patron
                                                     At present Maartenscollege has a population of
saint because he was also the patron saint of the
                                                     approximately 1400 students and 170 staff.
city of Groningen.
                                                     This includes the International School with a
In 1992 St. Maartenscollege merged with two
                                                     population of 90 students and 25 staff.
other schools to form ‘Maartenscollege’. In the
autumn of 1994, St. Maartenscollege
International School was founded as a separate
department of Maartenscollege, to provide
education for international students living in the
north of the Netherlands – with English as the
language of instruction.
4 – International School Groningen

A True
Students in the school are offered a curriculum which,
through the International Baccalaureate Organisation
(IBO), prepares them to become responsible world
citizens, through creative, critical and meaningful
contributions to society.
Students in the first five years of the school follow the
International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme
(IBMYP). In the final two years students can follow the
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).
                        International School Groningen – 5

“The International School Groningen
is a close knit community where
everyone’s opinion is valued.”
                        – IBO evaluation 2006
6 – International School Groningen

The Middle Years Programme is designed to meet the needs of
students at the ISG.
Standardised and authorised by the International Baccalaureate
Organisation it offers students a comprehensive programme of
education in line with other IB world schools in countries everywhere
around the world. Students have the opportunity to study a range of
subjects which include: English, Dutch, French, Mathematics,
Humanities and Business Studies, the Sciences (Biology, Physics and
Chemistry), Expressive and Visual Arts, Technology and Physical
Education. Students meeting the standards in at least the final two
years of the programme will graduate with an IBO MYP Certificate and
Record of Achievement.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a rigorous, pre-university course of study.
Designed as a comprehensive two-year curriculum, the diploma model is not based on the pattern
of any single country, but incorporates the best elements of many. Students choose six subjects
from the following subject groups: Language A (first language), Language B (second language),
Individuals and Societies, the Sciences, Mathematics and the Arts. (Please see our website for
further details). Students are assessed by a combination of coursework and exams set externally by
the IBO in May of their final IBDP year. Students gaining a minimum number of points are awarded
the widely recognised IB Diploma, giving access to universities all over the world.
“The learning environment
enables all the students to achieve
success through questioning,
open-mindedness and risk taking.”
– IBO Evaluation 2005
8 – International School Groningen

All classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced
teachers with either native or high fluency in English.
Each year group is guided by a class mentor who has
regular contact with parents regarding progress within
the school.
Extra support is available where necessary. In the MYP
extra tuition is available for students for whom English is
an additional or new language. Similarly, in addition to
regular lessons, a conversational Dutch course, Dutch
for Beginners, is offered to students new to the
In the MYP classes are of mixed ability but are kept
small, with a maximum of 22, to allow for individual
attention where necessary.
                    International School Groningen – 9

The International School works very closely with the
large Dutch secondary school, Maartenscollege. The
ability to share modern resources and specialized
teaching areas is a real benefit to our school.
Through the common theme of the MYP students from
the International School and the Bilingual TTO
(tweetalig onderwijs) section work together on project
days and themed activities. This provides excellent
integration into the culture of our host country.
10 – International School Groningen

Focussing on
the Individual
The International School Groningen puts great
emphasis on knowing the students as individuals
and providing an education focused on their
own strengths and weaknesses.
Small class sizes, differentiated lesson material
and regular feedback and guidance are all steps
towards this goal.

                                                    The International School Groningen positively
                                                    encourages parental involvement. The school
                                                    provides three formal school reports every year
                                                    and two parent-teacher evenings. As well as
                                                    this parents and teachers maintain regular
                                                    contact throughout the school year whenever
                                                    the need arises.
                                                    The school is lucky to have a strong team of
                                                    parents who support the school through the
                                                    PSG (Parent Support Group). The group meets
                                                    monthly and includes representatives from each
                                                    year group. Open communication between
                                                    school and parents can only strengthen the
                                                    opportunities and education offered.

“I enjoy the MYP ...
a positive thing is the small classes,
allowing teachers to give you more
personal attention.” – MYP Student
                                International School Groningen – 11

Extra Curricular Activities…
                     These are abundant at the ISG. For example,
                     fundraising activities and school trips both
                     within and outside of the Netherlands add an
                     extra dimension to the educational programme
                     at the ISG.

                     Ice Skating…
                     Survival camps…
                     Walibi World…
                     Career presentations…
                     Model United Nations…
                     Groningen Museum...
                     Music & Drama...
            name but a few.
“You start small...
     ...but end up big after the ISG”
                              – ISG Student
Our doors are always open
for visitors. Please contact us
for an appointment and we
hope to see you soon!

   International School Groningen

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   Groningen                                             +31 (0)50 534 00 56
   (Post cannot be delivered to the visiting address.)   E-mail
   Postal address
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