THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MACAO

                                        FEE STRUCTURE

                                2008/2009 SCHOOL YEAR

A. FEES                                                                                  MOP

Application Fee                                                                             700

Annual School Fees

Pre-Kindergarten – half day program                                                      30,000
Junior and Senior Kindergarten                                                           40,000

Grade 1 to Grade 3                                                                       54,000
Grade 4 to Grade 6                                                                       57,500

Grade 7 to Grade 9                                                                       59,000

Grade 10 to Grade 12                                                                     65,500

All tuition fees are inclusive of the costs of textbooks, arts and crafts supplies, student accident
insurance, and all field trips within Macao. Additional costs may be payable for extra-curricular
programs, overnight field trips, and additional materials. Beginning in 2008-2009, all Secondary
students will be required to participate in a local or international Experience Week activity.
Secondary students will be responsible for the fees associated with their chosen trip/activity during
Experience Week.

Lunches, school uniforms and school bus service need to be paid directly to each supplier by the

Effective September 2004, TIS was recognized by the Macao Education Department for fee subventions
for Macao resident students. Macao resident’s subventions are for Macao ID cardholders only i.e.
parents whose children qualify for government education and other available support benefits.

The Macau Government is presently considering changes to the existing subvention levels as set out

                     Existing                                Proposed
                          2007/2008                          2008/2009
 K1 to K2                    7,000                             8,000
 K3 to P6                    7,000                             8,000
 S1 to S3                    9,000                            10,000
 S4 to S6                    9.000                            10,000

       1. Founder Student Discounts

            In 2004/05, the School introduced a MOP2,500 lower fee level for ‘existing’ students in all grades 1
            and above to give recognition to those families who supported the School in its initial two years of

       2. Discounts for families with more than one child in the School

            1. The second child receives a discount of 5% on annual fees.
            2. The third or more children receive a discount of 10% on annual fees.


       1. The Application Fee is payable upon submission of the form to the School.

       2. Once a child has been tested and accepted by the School, the deposit for the annual tuition fee is
          payable within ten days.

       3. When a student enters the School other than at the beginning of a school term, tuition fees will be
          calculated on a pro rata basis, provided that if a student enters the School during the period from the
          1st to the 14th day of any month, the total tuition fees for a full month will be charged for such month;
          or if entry is during the period from the 15th to the end of any month, a half month’s fee will be
          charged for such month.

       4. The installment schedule for 2008/2009 school fee payments will be as follows:

                                                School                             Grades     Grades      Grades Grades
                   Due Date                  Month(s)       Pre K    JK& SK         1 to 3    4 to 6       7 to 9 10 to12
                                              Covered       MOP         MOP         MOP       MOP          MOP MOP
Deposit            April 30, 2008          September        3,000       4,000       5,400       5,750      5,900    6,550
1st Installment    June 30, 2008            October to      9,000      12,000      16,200      17,250     17,700 19,650
2nd Installment    November 30, 2008        January to      9,000      12,000       16,200      17,250    17,700      19,650
3rd Installment    February 28, 2009      April to June     9,000      12,000       16,200      17,250    17,700      19,650

                                                           30,000      40,000      54,000       57,500    59,000      65,500
                                                           =====       =====       =====        =====     =====       =====

        5. Government subventions that are paid directly to the School, for students qualifying as Macao
           residents, will be credited to fee installments after such amounts are received from the government.

       6. The ‘Founder Student Discount’ in the amount of MOP2,500 will be deducted from
          the 3rd fee installment for qualifying students.

       7. If school fees are late more than 10 days, a non-refundable late fee of MOP500 will be charged.

                                                                                March 2008

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