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									ACS Cobham International School
Advanced Placement (AP) Results
Table 1. AP Examination Scores

      Year         Number of        Number of        Average Number         Percentage 3         Average
                    Students       Examinations      of Examinations          or better           Grade    AP courses at ACS Cobham
                                                       per Student
    2007-08            115                221               1.92                69%               3.14
                                                                                                           I Languages
    2006-07            124                229               1.85                 66%              3.11
                                                                                                           • English Language and Composition
    2005-06            124                225               1.81                 68%              3.22     • English Literature and Composition
    2004-05            123                231               1.88                 66%              2.91     • French Language and Composition
    2003-04            136                259               1.90                 73%              3.32     • German Language and Composition
    2002-03            134                239               1.78                 70%              3.17
                                                                                                           • Spanish Language and Composition
    2001-02            130                229               1.76                 62%              3.01     II Sciences
    2000-01            112                207               1.85                 71%              3.14     • Biology
                                                                                                           • Chemistry
Table 2.
                                                                                                           • Physics
                                                                                                           III Mathematics
           Year                  AP Scholar                AP Scholar                   AP Scholar
                                                          with Honours                with Distinction
                                                                                                           • Calculus
                                                                                                           • Statistics
           2008                     16                             7                        10             • Computer Science
           2007                      11                            3                         7
           2006                      15                            1                        11             IV History & Social Sciences
                                                                                                           • European History
                                                                                                           • Human Geography
Table 3. AP Scholars Awards                                                                                • Microeconomics
                                                                                                           • Macroeconomics
  Award                             Requirements                                                           • Psychology
  AP Scholar                        Grades of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams                        • US History
  AP Scholar with Honours           Grades of 3 or higher on four or more AP Exams;
                                                                                                           V Electives
                                    avg. exam grade of 3.25
  AP Scholar with Distinction       Grades of 3 or higher on five or more AP Exams;
                                                                                                           • Studio Art (taught with IB Visual Arts)
                                    avg. exam grade of 3.5                                                 The school reserves the right to add
                                                                                                           or delete courses according to student
Each year the Advanced Placement officials confer awards to High School students who have demonstrated     demand and staff availability.
outstanding achievement on their AP Examinations. The criteria for Scholar Awards differ for each level
of achievement.

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Tel : +44 (0) 1932 869744 Fax: +44 (0) 1932 869789 Email:
Advanced Placement courses
The standard of excellence in                         University recognition and college credit             The AP is increasingly recognised as a university
North American education                              The AP is fully recognised in the United States       entrance qualification in Europe and throughout
Established over 40 years ago by the College Board,   and Canada, where approximately 3,000 colleges        the rest of the world. Students who have earned
the academically challenging Advanced Placement       and universities participate. The vast majority of    the Advanced Placement International Diploma,
(AP) courses are designed to expose able and          universities that receive AP grades grant credit or   or achieved successful results on at least three
motivated High School students to college-level       advanced placement for successful examination         AP exams, fulfil university qualification
academic material.                                    results. Students can earn anywhere from one          requirements for numerous selective universities
                                                      college credit hour to sophomore standing,            in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden,
The AP functions as a cooperative educational         depending on the number of AP exams they have         and the United Kingdom.
endeavour between secondary schools, colleges         taken and the grades earned on them. AP students
and universities. Secondary schools lay the           who are applying to universities are advised to       AP Examination Grades, Scholar Awards,
foundation for the AP by offering their students      inquire directly at the university concerning its     and Diplomas
courses taught by dedicated and committed             respective AP policy.                                 The AP Examinations, developed each year by
teachers. High School students who successfully                                                             professional educational committees appointed by
complete these courses, in turn, demonstrate to       AP courses are important acceptance criteria          the College Board, are administered in May at ACS.
colleges and universities that they have mastered     for selective universities in North America
the subject material by taking AP examinations.       who are looking for able, motivated students.         AP Examinations are designed to accurately
By assessing and evaluating the AP examination        By taking an AP course, students demonstrate          test the material students have covered in their
grades, colleges and universities award prospective   to university admissions officers that they have      AP course. They are graded by experienced AP
students credit or placement (e.g. sophomore          developed the advanced study skills that are          teachers and college professors on a scale of
standing) for the subject.                            required in higher education.                         1 (no recommendation) to 5 (extremely well
                                                                                                            qualified) and are a weighted combination of the
The AP is considered the standard for academic                                                              student’s score on the multiple-choice section and
excellence in the US, where more than 50%                                                                   the free response or essay section. The results of
of secondary schools currently participate in                                                               the examinations are sent by the College Board
the scheme. AP students demonstrate to                                                                      to candidates, ACS, and any colleges or universities
universities and colleges that they have learned                                                            the student specifies.
a subject in greater depth, are motivated to take
challenging courses, and have acquired the type
of study skills necessary for successful study in
college. AP course completion can also lead to
significant financial savings, since more than
1,400 US colleges and universities award up
to a full year’s credit to students presenting
successful grades on AP exams.

The AP at ACS
The AP has been a permanent part of ACS
International School’s broad and challenging
academic programme since the early 1980s.
For a current listing of AP courses offered at
ACS Cobham please see the reverse side of
this card.

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