International School Bangkok 2009-2010 by ijk77032


									 International School Bangkok 2009-2010
 39/7 Soi Nichada Thani, Samakee Road, Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand
  Tel: (662) 963-5800 Fax: (662) 960-4115                                                                    CEEB : 695220

HISTORY                                    ACCREDITATION

Founded in 1951, ISB was the first in-     ISB is a private, non-profit institution    ADMINISTRATORS
ternational school in the Kingdom of       operated by the International School
Thailand. The school initially opened      Association under a charter of the Min-        William Gerritz
on the grounds of the US Embassy           istry of Education of Thailand. ISB is         Head of School
with 35 students, but with increasing      accredited by the Western Association
enrollment moved to different cam-         of Schools and Colleges (WASC), a              Philip Bradley
puses in the Bangkok area. Enroll-         U.S. based accrediting commission.             High School Principal
ment reached 3,650 students during                                                        Douglas Helgeson
the Vietnam War. In 1992, ISB moved                                                       Dean of Students
to its present 35 acre purpose-built
campus, 25 km from the center of           FACULTY                                        Jayne Lund
Bangkok. 1,825 students are currently                                                     Dean of Academics
enrolled in the Elementary, Middle,        The High School faculty consists of a          IB Coordinator
and High schools. The High School          Principal, Dean of Academics, Dean of
provides an international education to     Students, Dean of Activities & Athlet-         Robert Connor
over 720 students.                         ics, 5 counselors, a librarian, a school       Dean of Activities/Athletics
                                           psychologist, 78 teachers and 37 clas-
                                           sified staff members. Seventy-five
COMMUNITY                                  percent of the faculty hold advanced
                                           degrees. Faculty members represent
ISB is proudly international in its stu-   15 countries: Australia (3), Britain (6),
dent body, enrolling students from         Canada (8), China (1), Columbia (1),        HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELORS
more than fifty countries. Students        France (1), Italy (1), Japan (2), Mexico
from the United States account for         (1), Netherlands (1), New Zealand (1),         Kevin Callahan
30% of enrollment, with students           Spain (1), Taiwan (1), Thailand (6), and
from Thailand (22%), Japan (11%),          the United States (55).
and Korea (11%) forming other major                                                       John Carr
nationality groups. Students from Tai-                                          
wan, India, the United Kingdom, Can-
ada, Australia, and a variety of other     HIGH SCHOOL ORGANIZATION                       Cathy Curtis
                                                                                          Head of Counseling
nations around the globe account for                                            
the remaining 26% of the student pop-      The year consists of two semesters,
ulation. Parents of ISB students work      18 weeks each (August - Decem-                 Jeffrey Harper
in business, government, and other         ber, January - June) for a total of 185
professional backgrounds. This is a        school days. There are four 85 minute
mobile community and approximately         periods per day with classes meeting           Debbie McDowell
60% of high school students attend         every other day.                     
ISB all four years.


ISB provides a college preparatory         One credit is granted for satisfactory      English                 4.0       credits
program with English as the language       completion of a subject taken for a
                                           school year. Students are required to       Mathematics             3.0       credits
of instruction. Graduates earn a U.S.
high school diploma and students may       earn a total of 25 credits in order to      Science                 3.0       credits
also elect to pursue the International     graduate. Students are also required        Social Studies          3.0       credits
Baccalaureate Diploma program. The         to complete 40 hours of Community
                                           Service. Week Without Walls is a re-        Physical Education      2.0       credits
IB Diploma Program is a demanding
pre-university course of study that        quired week-long program for high           Health                  0.5       credits
leads to external examinations and         school students that enhances the cur-      Fine Arts               1.0       credits
is open to all ISB HS students. In to-     riculum outside the classroom learn-
                                           ing experience. Courses required for        Electives               8.0       credits
tal, 33 IB courses are offered at ISB
and almost all students take some IB       graduation:                                 Week Without Walls      1.0       credits
courses. The High School program is
designed to prepare students for en-
trance to universities the world over.

                                                                      ISB High School Profile 2009-2010
             POST HIGH SCHOOL PLANS (Class of 2009)                                              GRADING SYSTEM
Universities in Australia/New Zealand                            7%     As of the 2009/10 school year, all lB and AP courses are weighted
                                                                        with the exception of Math Studies and TOK.
Universities in Canada                                           4%
                                                                              Non-weighted classes:                Weighted classes:
Universities in Japan                                          11%
                                                                               A+           =    4.3               A+       =     4.8
Universities in Korea                                            3%
Universities in Thailand                                         5%            A            =    4                 A        =     4.5

Universities in United Kingdom/Europe                            6%            A-           =    3.7               A-       =     4.2
Universities in United States                                  58%             B+           =    3.3               B+       =     3.8
Universities in other countries                                  3%            B            =    3                 B        =     3.5
Gap Year/Military/Work/Other                                     3%            B-           =    2.7               B-       =     3.2
                                                                               C+           =    2.3               C+       =     2.8
       GRADE DISTRIBUTION BY DECILE CLASS OF 2010                              C            =    2                 C        =     2.5
As of August 2009, 171 out of 179 students are ranked (8 seniors are           C-           =    1.7               C-       =     2.2
new to ISB).
                                                                               D+           =    1.3               D+       =     1.8
1st Decile                                4.500 - 3.998
                                                                               D            =    1                 D        =     1.5
2nd Decile                                3.981 - 3.847
                                                                               D-           =    0.7               D-       =     1.2
3rd Decile                                3.829 - 3.739

4th Decile                                3.732 - 3.626                             CLASS RANK AND GRADE POINT AVERAGE
5th Decile                                3.620 - 3.504
                                                                       Only classes taken at ISB are included in computing a student’s grade
6th - 10th Decile                         3.488 - 1.971                point average. All classes are calculated when computing GPA.

                                             HIGH SCHOOL COURSE OFFERINGS 2009-2010

ENGLISH                             IB Environmental Systems &         Japanese I                         Drawing
English 9                            Societies SL                      Japanese II                        Ensemble
English 10                          IB Biology SL                      Japanese III                       Guitar I
English 11                          IB Biology HL                      IB Japanese A1 SL/HL               History of Rock & Roll
English 12                          IB Chemisty SL                     IB Japanese A2 SL/HL               Industrial Design
IB English A1 HL                    IB Chemisty HL                     IB Japanese B SL/HL                Intermediate Band
IB English A1 SL                    IB Physics SL                      Japanese Native                    Jazz Band
IB English A2 SL/HL                 IB Physics HL                      Mandarin I                         Journalism
Introduction to Literary Analysis                                      Mandarin II                        Journalism Design
Journalism                          SOCIAL STUDIES                     Mandarin III                       Kings Men
Creative Writing                    World Civilizations                Mandarin Native                    Les Chanteuses
                                    Modern World History               IB Mandarin A2 SL/HL               Painting
ESL                                 Thailand & Southeast Asia          IB Mandarin B SL/HL                Photo 1, 2, 3, 4
English for Academic                Cross Cultural Issues              Spanish I                          Sculpture/Jewelry
 Purposes (EAP)                     United States History              Spanish II                         Stagecraft & Theatre Design
English Language Program (ELP)      Business & Management              Spanish III                        String Ensemble
English Language                    Introduction to Economics          Spanish Native                     Studio Art
 Workshop (ELW)                     Introduction to Psychology         IB Spanish A2 SL/HL                Yearbook – Erawan
                                    IB Business Management SL          IB Spanish B SL/HL                 IB Art SL/HL
MATH                                IB Business Management HL          IB Spanish ab initio SL            IB Theatre SL/HL
Algebra 1A                          IB Economics SL                    Thai I                             IB Music SL/HL
Algebra 1B                          IB Economics HL                    Thai II
Algebra 1                           IB Geography SL                    Thai III                           INFORMATION TECH.
Geometry                            IB Geography HL                    Thai for Native Speakers I         3D-Modeling Intro
Accelerated Geometry                IB History: 20th Century           Thai for Native Speakers II        IB Computer Science SL/HL
Advanced Algebra                       World SL                        Thai for Native Speakers III
Accelerated Advanced Algebra        IB History: Americas HL            Thai for Native Speakers IV
Pre-Calculus                        IB Psychology SL                   Thai for Native Speakers V         PE/HEALTH/DANCE
IB Mathematical Studies SL          Senior Seminar                     Thai for Native Speakers VI        Physical Education 9
IB Mathematics SL                   Theory of Knowledge                IB Thai A2 SL/HL                   Physical Education 10
IB Mathematics HL                                                      Diploma Thai                       Health 10
AP Calculus AB                      MODERN LANGUAGES                                                      Sports for Life
                                    French I                           FINE ARTS                          Strength Training & Fitness
SCIENCE                             French II                          Advanced Art                       Adv. Fitness & Performance
Introduction to                     French III                         Class Voice                        Lifeguard/Sports Trainer
  Chemistry/Physics                 French Native                      Concert Band                         Certification Course
Biology                             IB French A2 SL/HL                 Dance                              Lifttime Physical Activity
Chemistry                           IB French B SL/HL                  Intermediate Dance                 Dance
Physics                             IB French ab initio SL             IB Dance SL/HL                     Advanced Dance
Human Anatomy & Physiology          Pre IB Dutch                       Drama 9/10                         Dance Fundamentals
Geoscience                          IB Dutch A2 SL/HL                  Drama Production
                                    IB Dutch B SL/HL

w w
                                                                 EXTERNAL EXAMINATION RESULTS

 2009 IB ExAMINATION RESULTS (When indicated (SL/HL) the                                                         2009 ADVANCED PLACEMENT RESULTS
 first number listed represents Standard Level (SL) results and
 second number is Higher Level (HL) results.)                                               SCORE                                         5          4       3        2         1

                                                                                            AP CALCULUS AB                                11         2       3        -         1
                                 7         6      5       4       3       2        1

                                                                                            AP CALCULUS BC                                3          -       1        -         -
 ENGLISH A1 (SL/HL)              1/-       3/3    21/21   10/13   -/1     -        -
                                                                                            AP PHYSICS B                                  1          -       -        -         -
 CHINESE A2 (HL)                 -         1      1       -       -       -        -
                                                                                            AP PHYSIC C- MECH                             1          -       -        -         -
 DUTCH A2 (HL)                   -         -      1       -       -       -        -
                                                                                            AP PSYCHOLOGY                                 1          -       -        -         -
 ENGLISH A2 (SL/HL)              -/1       1/3    4/1     -       -       -        -

 FRENCH A2 (SL)                  -         1      -       -       -       -        -        AP US HISTORY                                 -          1       -        -         -

 FRENCH AB. (SL)                 -         2      2       -       -       -        -

 FRENCH B (SL/HL)                1/-       5/3    5/-     3/1     -       -        -
                                                                                                                  CLASS OF 2009 TEST STATISTICS
 JAPANESE A2 (SL)                -         1      -       -       -       -        -
                                                                                            SAT I Score Summary             Middle 50%             Mean           Students Tested
 JAPANESE B (SL)                 -         2      -       -       -       -        -
                                                                                            Critical Reading                 460 - 620             543
 MANDARIN B (SL)                 -         14     2       -       -       -        -
                                                                                            Math                             570 - 700             628
 SPANISH AB. (SL)                1         3      7       -       -       -        -

 SPANISH B (SL)                  1         2      12      2       -       -        -        Writing                          500 - 620             556

 SWEDISH B (SL)                  -         -      1       -       -       -        -        Total                           1550 - 1910            1727                   135

 THAI A2 (SL/HL)                 1/1       1/1    -       -       -       -        -        For 75 % of our seniors English is their acacdemic language, not their native language.

 BUS.& MAN. (SL/HL)              -/2       -/10   -/12    1/4     -/1     1/-      -        SAT II Scores                   Middle 50%             Mean           Students Tested

 ECONOMICS (HL)                  2         10     9       6       -       -        -        Biology - Ecology                560 - 670             618                    15

 GEOGRAPHY (SL/HL)               -/2       -/10   1/4     -/1     -/1     -        -        Biology - Molecular              620 - 720             693                    9

 HIST. AMERICAS (HL)             -         8      4       1       -       -        -
                                                                                            Chemistry                        600 - 660             636                    11
 HISTORY (SL)                    1         5      3       1       -       -        -
                                                                                            Chinese with Listening           610 - 800             731                    9
 PSYCHOLOGY (SL)                 4         7      11      6       1       -        -
                                                                                            English Literature               540 - 650             600                    13
 BIOLOGY (SL/HL)                 1/-       2/11   10/9    6/9     1/3     1/-      -
                                                                                            French                           570 - 720             653                    3
 CHEMISTRY (HL)                  1         2      13      10      3       1        -
                                                                                            French with Listening             610-610              610                    1
 ENVIRON.SYST.(SL)               -         4      1       5       -       -        -
                                                                                            Japanese with Listening           570-570              570                    1
 PHYSICS (SL/HL)                 1/1       -/6    -/2     -/6     -       -        -
                                                                                            Math Level I                     550 - 700             619                    17
 COMPUTER SC.(SL/HL)             -         1/1    -/2     -       -       -        -
                                                                                            Math Level II                     640-780              711                    34
 MATH STUDIES (SL)               2         5      10      2       -       -        -
                                                                                            Physics                          610 - 730             662                    18
 MATHEMATICS (SL/HL)             10/1      18/5   9/2     6/3     -/1     -        -

 DANCE (HL)                      1         2      -       -       -       -        -        Spanish                           480-480              480                    1

 VISUAL ARTS Option A (HL)       1         3      3       -       -       -        -        U.S. History                     470 - 470             470                    1

 TURKISH A1 self taught (SL)     -         -      1       -       -       -        -        World History                    500 - 560             550                    4

                                                                COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES BY COUNTRY
Graduates from the Classes of 2007, 2008 and 2009 have been accepted into the following universities (highlighted universities indicate the matriculation of the Class
of 2009) :

AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND                 University of New South Wales           Memorial University of                University of Winnipeg              Int’l Hotel Management
                                        University of Queensland                  Newfoundland                        Wilfrid Laurier University            Institute Switzerland
Auckland University of                  University of Sydney                    Moncton Flight College                York University                     Les Roches, Swiss Hotel
  Technology                            University of the Sunshine Coast        Mount Allison University                                                    Association, School of
Blue Mountains Hotel School             University of Technology                Queen’s University                                                          Hotel Management
Bond University                         University of Western                   Ryerson University                    EUROPE                              Roskilde University
Curtin University of                      Australia                             Simon Fraser University               (Excluding UK)                      Royal College of
  Technology                            Victoria University                     St Francis xavier University                                                Surgeons in Ireland
International College of Hotel                                                  Trent University                      Aarhus School of Business           Sonderborg Handelsskole
  Management                                                                    University of Alberta                 American University of Paris        Swiss Hotel Management
Monash University                       CANADA                                  University of British                 Chalmers University of                School
Queensland University of                                                          Columbia (2)                          Technology                        Universita Bocconi
  Technology                            Acadia University                       University of British Columbia,       Ecole Hoteliere de                  University College Maastricht
Swinburne University of                 Camosun College                           Okanagan                              Lausanne (2)                      University College Utrecht
  Technology                            Carleton University                     University of Calgary                 EICAR - International Film          Webster University
The University of                       Concordia University                    University of Ottawa                    School of Paris                     (Geneva)
  Queensland, Australia                 Dalhousie University                    University of Toronto                 Erasmus Universiteit
University of Adelaide                  Kwantlen Polytechnic University         University of Victoria                  Rotterdam
University of Auckland                  McGill University                       University of Waterloo                Franklin College
University of Melbourne (2)             McMaster University                     University of Western Ontario           Switzerland

                                                                                                        ISB High School Profile 2009-2010
                                                     COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES BY COUNTRY (CONTINUED)

 Graduates from the Classes of 2007, 2008 and 2009 have been accepted into the following universities (highlighted universities indicate the matriculation of the Class of 2009) :

JAPAN                              University of Edinburgh                  DePauw University                     Pennsylvania State University, Erie         University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
                                   University of Essex                      Drake University                      Pennsylvania State University,              University of Mississippi
Aoyama Gakuin University           University of Exeter                     Drew University                         University Park                           University of Missouri Columbia
Chuo University                    University of Gloucestershire            Drexel University                     Pepperdine University                       University of Missouri, Kansas City
Gakushuin University               University of Hertfordshire              Duke University                       Pitzer College                              University of Nebraska at Kearney
Hitotsubashi University            University of Hull                       Earlham College                       Pomona College                              University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Hosei University                   University of Kent at Canterbury         Eastern Illinois University           Portland State University                   University of Nebraska at Omaha
International Christian University University of Leeds                      Eastern Michigan University           Prairie View A&M University                 University of Nevada, Reno
Keio University                    University of Leicester                  Eastern Oregon University             Pratt Institute                             University of New Hampshire
Kwansei Gakuin University          University of Liverpool                  Eastern Washington University         Princeton University                        University of New Orleans
Meiji University                   University of Manchester                 Elon University                       Purdue University                           University of North Dakota
Nagoya University                  University of Manchester Institute       Embry-Riddle Aeronautical             Quinnipiac University                       University of Oklahoma
Nara University of Education         of Science & Technology                    University - FL                   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute            University of Oregon
Ritsumaeiken Asia Pacific          University of Northumbria                Emerson College                       Rhode Island School of Design               University of the Pacific
  University                       University of Nottingham                 Emmanuel College                      Rider University                            University of Pennsylvania
Osaka University of                University of St. Andrews                Emory University                      Rochester Institute of Technology           University of Puget Sound
  Pharmaceutical Sciences          University of Southampton                Eugene Lang College The New           Rocky Mountain College                      University of Rochester
Setsunan University                University of Stirling                       School for Liberal Arts           Rowan University                            University of the Sacred Heart
Shiga University                   University of Surrey                     The Evergreen State College           Rutgers, The State University of            University of San Diego
Sophia University (3)              University of Sussex                     Fisk University                         New Jersey at New Brunswick               University of San Francisco
Temple University Japan            University of the Arts London            Florida Institute of Technology       Saint Louis University                      University of the Sciences in
Tokyo Institute of Technology      University of Warwick (2)                Florida International University      Saint Mary’s College of California            Philadelphia
Tokyo Woman’s Christian            University of York                       Florida State University              San Diego State University                  University of South Alabama
  University                                                                Fordham University                    San Francisco State University              University of South Florida
Tsuda College                                                               Franklin and Marshall College         Santa Clara University                      University of Southern California
University of Tokyo                UNITED STATES                            George Mason University               Sarah Lawrence College                      University of St. Thomas
University of Tsukuba                                                       The George Washington University      Savannah College of Art and Design          The University of Texas, Arlington
Waseda University (6)              Abilene Christian University             Georgetown University                 School of Visual Arts                       The University of Texas, Austin
Yokohama City University           Adelphi University                       Georgia Institute of Technology (3)   Scripps College                             The University of Texas, Dallas
                                   American University                      Grossmont College                     Seattle University                          The University of Texas, San Antonio
                                   Appalachian State University             Guilford College                      Sewanee: The University of the South        University of Tulsa
KOREA                              Aracadia University                      Hamline University                    Simpson University                          University of Utah
                                   Arizona State University                 Harvard University                    Skidmore College                            University of Virginia
Hankuk University of Foreign       The Art Institute of California,         Hawaii Pacific University             Smith College                               University of Washington
  Studies                            Orange County                          Hofstra University                    Snow College                                University of West Florida
Hanyang University                 Assumption College                       Humboldt State University             Southern Illinois University, Carbondale    University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Hong-Ik University                 Auburn University                        Illinois Institute of Technology      Southern Methodist University               University of Wisconsin, Madison
Korea University                   Austin College                           Illinois Wesleyan University          Southern Oregon University                  University of Wisconsin, Superior
Korean Advanced Institute of       Averett University                       Indiana State University              Spelman College                             Utah State University
  Science and Technology (3)       Azusa Pacific University                 Indiana University at Bloomington     St. Mary’s College of Maryland              Utah Valley University
Seoul National University          Babson College (3)                       Indiana University Southeast          St. Olaf College                            Utica College
                                   Ball State University                    Iona College                          Stanford University                         Villanova University
                                   Bard College                             Ithaca College                        State University of New York at             Virginia Commonwealth University
                                   Baylor University                        James Madison University                Albany                                    Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
                                   Bentley College                          Johns Hopkins University              Stephens College                              State University
                                   Binghamton University                    Johnson & Wales University            Stony Brook University                      Washington and Lee University
Assumption University
                                   Biola University                         Kaskaskia College                     Suffolk University (2)                      Washington State University
Chulalongkorn University (3)
                                   Boston College                           Kent State University                 SUNY College at Oneonta                     Washington University in St. Louis
Kasetsart University
                                   Boston Conservatory                      Knox College                          Syracuse University                         Wellesley College
Mahidol University
                                   Boston University (2)                    Kutztown University of Pennsylvania   Texas A&M University                        Wesleyan University (2)
Sirindhorn Int’l Institute of Tech
                                   Brandeis University                      La Salle University                   Texas Christian University                  West Texas A&M University
  nology, Thammasat University
                                   Brigham Young University (2)             Lafayette College                     Texas State Technical College, Waco         West Virginia University
Twinning Engineering Pro
                                   Brigham Young University, Idaho          Lake Forest College                   Texas State University-San Marcos           Western Oregon University
  grammes, Thammasat
                                   Bryant University (2)                    Lamar University                      Texas Tech University                       Western Washington University
Thammasat University
                                   Bryn Mawr College                        Las Positas College                   Trinity College                             Wheaton College
Webster University
                                   Butler University                        Lehigh University                     Trinity University (2)                      Whitman College
                                   California Baptist University            Louisiana State University            Tufts University (5)                        College of William and Mary
                                   California Institute of the Arts         Loyola Marymount University           The University of Alabama at                William Woods University
UNITED KINGDOM                                                              Loyola University Chicago               Birmingham                                Williams College
                                   California Lutheran University
                                   California Polytechnic State             Loyola University New Orleans         The University of Alabama                   The College of Wooster
American InterContinental                                                   Lynn University                       The University of Arizona                   Worcester Polytechnic Institute
                                     University, San Luis Obispo
  University, London                                                        Macalester College                    The University of North Carolina at         xavier University
                                   California State Polytechnic
Bucks New University                                                        Manhattanville College                  Chapel Hill                               Yale University
                                     University, Pomona
Imperial College of Science,                                                Marist College                        United States Military Academy
                                   California State University,
  Technology, and Medicine                                                  Maryland Institute College of Art     University at Buffalo, the State
                                     Channel Islands
City of London College                                                      Marymount College
City University
                                   California State University, Chico                                               University of New York                    OTHER COUNTRIES
                                   California State University,             Marymount University                  University of California at Berkeley
Keele University                                                            Massachusetts College of Art          University of California at Davis
                                     Dominguez Hills                                                                                                          Hong Kong University of Science
Kent Institute of Art and Design                                            Massachusetts College of              University of California at Irvine
                                   California State University, Fresno                                                                                          & Tech
King’s College London                                                           Pharmacy & Health Sciences        University of California at
                                   California State University, Fullerton                                                                                     Manipal University
Kingston University                                                         Mercyhurst College                      Los Angeles
                                   California State University, Long                                                                                          Maulana Azad Medical College
Leeds College of Art & Design                                               Metropolitan State College of         University of California at Riverside
                                     Beach                                                                                                                    National Institute of Technology,
Liverpool John Moores University                                                Denver                            University of California at San Diego
                                   California State University,                                                                                                 Karnataka
London College of Fashion                                                   Miami University, Oxford              University of California at Santa Barbara
                                     Monterey Bay                                                                                                             National Institute of Technology,
London College of Int’l Business                                            Michigan State University             University of Central Arkansas
                                   California State University,                                                                                                 Kurukshetra
  Studies                                                                   MidAmerica Nazarene University        University of Central Florida
                                     Northridge                                                                                                               National Institute of Technology,
London Metropolitan University                                              Middlebury College                    University of Chicago
                                   California State University, San                                                                                             Warangal
Manchester College                                                          Minnesota State University, Mankato   University of Cincinnati - OMI
                                     Bernardino                                                                                                               National Taiwan University
Manchester Metropolitan                                                     Montclair State University              College of Applied Sciences
                                   Carnegie Mellon University                                                                                                 Raffles Design Institute
  University                                                                Mount Holyoke College                 University of Connecticut
                                   Case Western Reserve University                                                                                            St. George’s Hospital Medical School
Newcastle University                                                        Mount St. Mary’s College (Chalon)     University of Delaware
                                   Cazenovia College                                                                                                          Symbiosis College
Nottingham Trent University                                                 Murray State University               The University of Findlay
                                   Central Michigan University                                                                                                University of Delhi
Peninsula Medical School                                                    New Mexico State University           University of Florida
                                   Chapman University                                                                                                         University of Hong Kong (3)
Queen Mary, University of London                                            New York Institute of Technology      University of Hawaii at Hilo
                                   Claremont McKenna College                                                                                                  University of the Philippines
Regent’s College                                                            New York University                   University of Hawaii at Manoa
                                   Clark Atlanta University
Royal Holloway, University of                                               North Dakota State University         University of Houston
                                   Clark University (3)
  London                                                                    Northeastern University (2)           University of Illinois at Chicago
                                   Clemson University
School of Oriental and African                                              Northern Illinois University          University of Illinois at Urbana-
                                   Colorado School of Mines
  Studies                                                                   Northwest Missouri State University     Champaign (3)
                                   Colorado State University
The American International Univer                                           Northwestern University               The University of Iowa
                                   Columbia College
  sity in London (Richmond)                                                 Oberlin College                       University of Kansas
                                   Columbia University
University of Aberdeen                                                      The Ohio State University             University of Louisiana
                                   Concordia College
University of Bath                                                          Ohio Wesleyan University              University of Mary Washington
                                   Connecticut College
University of Birmingham                                                    Oklahoma State University             University of Maryland, College Park
                                   Copenhagen Business School
University of Bristol                                                       Old Dominion University               University of Massachusetts, Amherst
                                   Cornell University
University College London                                                   Oregon State University               University of Massachusetts, Boston
                                   The Culinary Institute of America
University of Derby                                                         Pace University, New York City        University of Miami
                                   Cypress College
University of Dundee                                                        Parson’s School of Design, New        University of Michigan
                                   Davidson College
University of East Anglia                                                       School University                 University of Minnesota, Duluth
                                   DePaul University

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