Freshman Orientation Day Speech by PENG Jia(06CGA) ,a representative by ijk77032


									Freshman Orientation Day Speech by PENG Jia(06CGA) ,a representative of
   Fellow Students, at the 2008 International School Opening Ceremony
                            September 7, 2008

Dear students and friends,

Good morning!

It is my great pleasure to meet you here at Jinan University. First of all,
on behalf of all students at the International School, I’d like to extend
my warm welcome to all of you. Welcome to China. Welcome to
Guangzhou. Welcome you to study at the International School of
Jinan University.

Internationalization is an important strategy for the development of
the university. The International School benefits greatly from the rich
cultural diversity, knowledge, experience and tradition that you bring
with you here and in return, you will enjoy high quality education and
our faculty will help you finish your study smoothly and successfully.

    Dear students, from now on, you’ll have a common name—“JNU
IS member”. Before you start your new life here, as president, I’d like
to propose some advice for you:

    Firstly, I hope that you may enjoy yourself as a member of the
university as soon as possible, understanding China, getting familiar
with Guangzhou, being a real member of the university,
strengthening your ability of cross-cultural communication and
making friends with Chinese and foreign teachers and students
together with rapid progress and advances in your study.

     Secondly, I hope that you shall be excellent students here at JNU.
Please cherish you time, study hard, abide by the university
regulations and rules, and take advantage of excellent learning and
research resources to learn well the Chinese language, Chinese
culture and your discipline, improve your abilities and advance your
all-round qualities.

     Thirdly, I hope that you will be messengers of friendship among
different cultures. I suggest that you participate in all kinds of
activities to be organized by the university and students themselves,
introduce the cultures from your own countries to China and
communicate widely with friends from other countries. We hope that
you may serve as the bridge of friendship and communication
between China and your country, making contributions to the
friendship of people on the earth and the peace and development of
the world as a whole.

    Dear students, it is really praiseworthy that you come here to
pursue your study in China, because some of you are far away from
your native country and family. Your courage, spirit and
determination are really laudable and impressive. I believe your will
gain many rewards for the time, effort and enthusiasm you have
expended. We have great expectations of being friends with you, for
the same name we own together—the JNU IS member, for the
development of Jinan University, and for the friendship of people all
around the world.

   I wish you success in chasing your dreams!

   Thank you!

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