International School of Belgrade Secondary School Dragon Dispatch by ijk77032


									                                                            International School of Belgrade
                                                           Secondary School Dragon Dispatch                                             Friday, January 29, 2010

        Dear Secondary Parents,
         We are proud to announce the Honor Roll for the first semester of the School Year 2009-2010. We award Honors and High Honors for both the first and second semester
of study. Students with a grade point average of 5.5 and above earn Honors and 6.0 and above High Honors. The students will receive a certificate at an awards assembly during
the ISB Time. (pg. 6 of the Secondary School Parent & Student Handbook 2009-2010). Certificates will be awarded at our ISB Time Assembly on February 10, 2010 for Middle
School and February 24, 2010 for High School. Parents are invited to attend the award ceremonies.

            MS High Honors                                MS Honors                                 HS High Honors                                  HS Honors
            Radoja, Katarina                             Ingmire, Isobel                            Mihajlovic, Una                              Buksa, Anton
                Marek, Jan                                Turner, Maria                                 Kelly, Carl                                Djukic, Iva
           Moynihan, Sophie                             Dokmanovic, Ilija                            Sethi, Priyanka                          Dokmanovic, Alex
         Moshuldayev, Sietske                                El-Al, Roy                                Karli, Beste                               Stakic, Sava
               Rafat, Nabil                              Perez, Michael                              Tecirlioglu, Siir                         Soljakovski, Alex
             Linderfalk, Julia                               Choi, Kyle                                Park, So-jin                             Tausan, Matija
                Los, Maria                              Bulatovic, Marko                                Sevier, Lu                              Gobeljic, Luka
          Richardson, Wesley                             Voorhies, Emily                              Minic, Marta                           Janicijevic, Andjelija
             Tanner, Adrian                          Japundzic, Leda Livada                        Sen Sharma, Flavy                          Tancic, Aleksandra
             Sevier, O'Linda                             Davidovic, Sara                              Minic, Darija                            Tomic, Veronika
           Despotovic, Katja                           Ancuta, Ana Maria                              Turner, Anna                             Filajdic, Tatiana
              Barazani, Alon                           Mrzel, Anze Oberc                            Saranovic, Masa                             Voorhies, Willa
             Waguri, Emika                         Cizauskaite, Marija Emilija                    Panayotov, Panayot                             Garic, Nikola
           Bartles, Katherine                       Yaakabovitch, Gal Yahav                                                                    Groffman, Lajos
            Georgiev, David                             Krstajic, Svetlana                                                                      Tausan, Nikola
         Moore, Caroline Emma                            Filajdic, Tatjana                                                                    Zhou, Yi (Michael)
             Stakic, Simeon                            Chitkara, Vaibhav                                                                       Sands, Nicholas
               Bakic, Luka                              Lane, Catherine                                                                    Verreault Milner, William
          Stepanov, Teodora                                Popa, Carina                                                                          Novak, Lucia
             Drajer, Mihajlo                           Panayotov, Boyko                                                                           Koll, Doron
           Czerwinski, Antoni                               Struk, Ivan                                                                       Culjkovic, Dorotea
          Ivkovic, Aleksandra                          Sturm Jancar, Jasa                                                                      Harvey, Hannah
             Kavgic, Natalija                              Shay, Shahaf
            Tanner, Clarissa                        Verreault Milner, Rachel
            Slootheer, Sacha
            Wong, Annabella
                                                                                                                                             Best regards,

                                                                                                                                            Bill Kralovec, Secondary Principal
                                                            International School of Belgrade
                                                           Secondary School Dragon Dispatch                                                           Friday, January 29, 2010

         DEAR ISB TEACHERS AND PARENTS                                   AIMS class (Action in the Middle school) is organizing a pancake and hot chocolate sale Friday 29th
                                                                         January. All benefits will be donated to the ISB Haitian relief fund.
Are you an admirer of the Visual Arts and would like to develop your
                               skills?                                   AIMS class is a new elective that consist in encouraging Middle School student to take actions for
                                                                         important issues. This quarter they are focusing on children's rights and next quarter they will work on
                                                                         sustainable development and environment.
We are pleased to offer a new program for all of our ISB community
                            art lovers.
              Drawing, Painting and Printing courses                     PTSA Corner
  A course for teachers and parents, and admirers of visual arts!
              Instructor: Professor Maja Vasic-Katic
                                                                         A Huge Thank You to Laura Kelly,
The course lasts from February 9 until June 6, and will be held once a
                                                                         Mr. Moynihan, Mr. Bart Kelly and the always fabulous CAS Students for
                 on Tuesdays from 15:15 until 16:45                      a successful Family BINGO Night!
                    HS campus, Visual Arts Studio
                                                                         Our first-ever BINGO night went really well and, as promised, fun was had! Plans are in the making for another night so if you
                  THE COURSE INCLUDES:                                   missed it, you will have another chance.
DRAWING TECHNIQUES: charcoal, dry pastel, pen and ink, and mixed
                           media.                                        Tomorrow, January 30, 4pm - 6pm: The 4th Annual ISB Music Recital.
PAINTING TECHNIQUES: aquarelle, tempera, Byzantine icon painting
                       an oil pastels                                    PLEASE! If you haven’t already, do send the names of family members attending the Recital to If a
   PRINTING TECHNIQUES: linocut, monotype and linogravuire.              name isn’t on the list, he/she won’t be allowed in. Remember to bring a snack or beverage to share. If your child is in the first
                                                                         shift and would like to practice his/her piece, the piano will be available from 3:30 – 4:00 p.m. We are looking forward to a
         An exhibit will be set up at the end of the course.
                                                                         lovely afternoon of music.
The course fee, which includes all the necessary materials, is 60 EUR
                                                                         High School Library Opening
                            per mount
 SIGN UP at HS Reception by February 8 or contact Ms. Natasa on
                                                                         Thanks to the PTSA Parents and Student Volunteers, the high school library will be open from 11-1 on Saturday, February 27.
                                                                         Mark the date and come and check out English-language books.
                 We are looking forward to see you!
                                                                         Call for Volunteers!

                                                                         There has been no response to our call for volunteers for the Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter event is a fun event but it requires
                                                                         a lot of organizing. If there are no volunteers in the next two weeks to help with this event, it will have to be cancelled. If you
                                                                         are interested in helping out, please email

                                                                         ISB GALA Tickets for Sale! We will soon be opening the event to our embassy friends, so now is the time to
                                                                         buy your tickets! Seating is limited. The first-ever ISB Gala will be held April 24, at the Hyatt. Come celebrate 61 years of the
                                                                         ISB with a four-course dinner and dancing! Tickets are 60 Euros each. An order form is attached. Please fill it out and return
                                                                         it to school with the money and we will soon send home your tickets. Don’t wait; you don’t want to miss out!
                                                          International School of Belgrade
                                                         Secondary School Dragon Dispatch                                       Friday, January 29, 2010


NEW SERBIAN BOOKS We have many new Serbian books in the Lower School,
Middle School (with Miss Milica Jocic) and at the High School. Please use this                   There is life on other planets…7th grade planets!
– “knjige na srpskom jeziku” when searching the Library Catalog.
MAGAZINES? If you are cleaning out your old magazines, please consider           On Tuesday, January 26, Grade 7 students had their Create-An-Alien Planet Project
“recycling” them to your nearest ISB campus. Students and Teachers are           Exhibition. The students put hours of hard work and their creativity into all
always looking for magazines (for ideas and projects). Please drop them off to   components of the project and their effort was on display. There were water planets,
Miss Rada, Miss Sandra, or Mr Vladimir.
                                                                                 ice planets, gas giants with moon’s that had been inhabited. Their planets included all
ISB PARENTS Looking for a great read or helpful websites?                        types of various life forms that had adapted to the planet’s atmosphere, gravity, and
ISB Library Catalog from home click on LIBRARY CATALOG                environments. Some had queens as rulers, other s had alien rulers. Overall, the
on the top of page.                                                              amount of imagination, creativity and effort that all 7th grade students put into these
                                                                                 projects was amazing and breathtaking! In the end, they made their planets come to
           Look for books (Destiny Quest), create book lists (Resource          life and seem real enough to believe!  Well done Grade 7!!!
            Lists), and find educationally approved websites (WebPath

HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY OPENING on Saturdays! More details to come.

Miss Jennie

                  Upcoming Events
   The 4th Annual ISB Music Recital - January 30, 4pm - 6pm,
   at the Canadian Ambassador’s Residence
                                                               International School of Belgrade
                                                              Secondary School Dragon Dispatch                                              Friday, January 29, 2010

                                                     Activities Corner
Last weekend was a busy one for our ISB basketball teams. The American International School of Zagreb and the Anglo American
School of Sofia arrived in town to play some games on Friday and Saturday with the ISB Dragons.
The school community came out in force to support the teams and there was a great atmosphere in the Bubble Gym on both days.
Please see game reports below.

MS Girls’ Basketball
The Middle School girls’ basketball team played their hearts out this weekend against the International School of Sofia. All of the girls
worked hard when they were out on the court and cheered from the benches. We were able to work on the skills that we covered
during practice in the game and it was great to finally see that these things do apply to a real-game situation! The Lady Dragons won
both of their games and we were so proud of all of them and the way they played with ISB pride and good sportsmanship. Well done
Lady Dragons!!

MS Boys’ Basketball
On Friday and Saturday the Middle School Boys Basketball team went up against a very competitive squad from the Anglo-American
School of Sofia. Friday was the first game that the boys have had this year and they used their excitement to jump out to an early
lead. The game was marked by a true team effort as the Dragons battled the taller Sofia team throughout and were able to come
away with a victory. Saturday's game was a testament to both team’s strength and will power as the lead changed hands a number of
times throughout the contest. Going into the closing minutes, the Dragons were down by four points. Applying full court pressure,
the boys were able to claw back and took the lead on clutch free throws in the last seconds. Sofia had one last chance to score but the
boys played tenacious defense and came away with the victory. It was an excellent team effort and the Dragons hope to build on this
success as they start the road toward the CEESA tournament.

HS Boys’ Basketball
The High School Boys’ Basketball team split a pair of games last weekend with the American International School of Zagreb (AISZ). In
the first game, Zagreb player Bret Atkins’ 43 points were the difference in a 51-70 defeat for the Dragons. The game was closer than
the final score indicated as AISZ made a late run. The Dragons were led by the senior duo of Doron Koll and Panayot Panayotov, who
combined for 34 points.
In the second game, the Dragons stormed back and cruised to a 76-66 victory. Grade 9 student Luka Gobelic scored 34 points and
made 67% of his shots. Another freshman, Carl Kelly, also contributed significantly with 13 points. Congratulations goes to all of the
players on their efforts and teamwork.

HS Girls’ Basketball
In the girls' first game action of the 2009-2010 basketball season, the Dragons came out determined and gave a great overall effort.
The focus of the two games was consistent improvement, and, although their game on Friday evening was a difficult loss, the final
matchup on Saturday morning was very competitive. Throughout all eight quarters of the two games, the ISB Dragons continued to
shave the point margin smaller and smaller. Led by Captains Luci Novak and Lana Al Huneidi, playing forward and guard respectively,
the Dragons improved their passing and prevention of fast break opportunities for the opposing team. Overall the girls had great
success with their teamwork and camaraderie, and they will look to further refine their skills during practice in the coming weeks.

This weekend, our HS Boys’ will be welcoming the NOVA School of Skopje to the Bubble to play games on Saturday morning at 10am
and again on Sunday morning at 9am. Please come on down and support the ISB Dragons. Go Dragons!!!!

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