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					MASTER’S International School of Divinity
520 KIM B ER LAN E, EVANSV I LLE, IND IANA 47715-2820 ~ 1-812-471-0611 ~ MD IVS.EDU

                                   CHRISTIAN WORKER APPLICANT
                                       MINISTRY LETTER OF APPROVAL

____________________________________________, has been provisionally
                                (Print Name of Student)
accepted as an off-campus student at Master’s International School of Divinity in

                                                     (Print Name of Program)

Y o ur m in is tr y q ua l i fi es t h e A pp l ica n t ab o ve to beco me th e r ec ip ie nt o f a s i gn i fi c an t t ui t ion
C h r is t ia n W or k ers Gra n t . Th e C W Gr an t is a v ai la bl e on l y to t hose A pp lic an ts w h o ha v e t h e
o f f ic ia l ap pr o va l o f the m in is tr y o r ga niz a ti on b y w h ich t h e y ar e em p lo ye d . Th e pu r pos e o f t his
Ap pro va l Fo rm is to va lida te tha t th e m in is try or ga niz a tion lis ted be low gra n ts its fu ll app ro va l
f or t he Ap pl ic an t ’s en r o l lm en t in a pro gr a m o f s tud y a t M as ter ’s . Be fore c o m p l e t i n g th i s f o r m ,
if you s hould h a ve a ny q ues tions , p le ase co nsu l t with th e App l ica n t or co n tac t the Adm iss io ns
O ffice a t Mas ter ’s In ter na tion al Sch oo l o f D ivin i ty b y ca lling ( 800)- 933 -14 45 or (81 2) 47 1-0 611 .

APPROVAL: The Applicant named above has the full approval and support to
enroll in a program of study at Master’s International School of Divinity by the lay
and/or clergy leadership of the ministry listed below.

                                          Check the Appropriate Box.

□      Ap pro va l w i tho u t r es er va t io n .   □   Appro val w i th res er va tio ns .     □     A pp r o va l n o t g i ve n .

Please provide the following ministry information.

Name and address of the approving ministry:


Name and title of ministry organization official:________________________________________


Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:__________________

         It will be helpful if you will return this Approval Form as soon as possible by:

                                               Mailing it to the address above
                                               by faxing it to: (812) 471-0877.

       On behalf of the Applicant, please accept our sincere appreciation for your assistance.