The Book Jacket by michaelbennett


									Intro to Philosophy
Grade 12
Semester 1 Final
Mr. Lee Underwood

We study Frederick Nietzsche today because his philosophies have stood the test of time.
His contributions to the way we perceive power, class, and status are provocative at the
very least. He urges us to be honest with ourselves when considering how modern
civilizations have emerged and grown into what we know of them today.

Pretend you are a graphic designer for a famous book publishing house. Due to the
resurgence in interest for the ethical philosophers, you have been chosen to design an
updated book jacket that will envelope the newest edition of Frederick Nietzsche’s
pivotal work, “Beyond Good and Evil”. Along with the book jacket, your editor has
asked you write a sales pitch, a half page piece of persuasive writing, that will attract a
new generation of readers to the book. To accomplish this, you must know the needs and
wants of your current generation, how moral objectivism and moral non-objectivism play
a role in their lives, as well as an explanation of why Nietzsche’s philosophies matter to

Below you will find a rubric for your success on this project. Please read it carefully
before beginning.

The Book Jacket:
                                                                      5    10 15 20 25
Represents a thorough understanding of the major concepts from
“Beyond Good and Evil” and the concepts are arranged on the
book jacket in creative ways. Contains multiple images which
reflect the Philosophy articulated in the text
Shows understanding of book jacket construction … is eye-
catching and would be attractive to a customer in a bookstore.
Contains elements of design and artistic competency. There is
evidence of forethought and planning. Uses multiple resources
and materials.
Includes relevant quotations from the text in creative ways.
Contains a synopsis which can be on (but is not limited to) the
back of the book jacket.
Is accompanied by a half-page written sales pitch. (separate sheet
of paper). The sales pitch will identify the ideal audience, why
they need this book, and why Nietzsche’s philosophy matters in
today’s world.
Good Luck! Your project is due by the end of the testing period.

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