The International School of Hague The Hague, The Netherlands by ijk77032


									                                                                    The International School of Hague
                                                                    The Hague, The Netherlands

The International School of The Hague has approx 900                   The City of The Hague has given the International School the
students, varying in age from 2 to 18 years old and drawn              opportunity to relocate to a new location within The Hague.
mainly from families of American employees of companies                The International School needed to estimate the number of
such as Shell, Exxon Mobile and Texaco. The International              parking spaces required and the potential use of public transit
School expects to have 1,300 students by 2007 and to                   by students along with the impact of all these trips on the
accommodate this increase in numbers its current location will         surroundings and local infrastructure.
be to small.
                                                                       The City insisted upon the development of a system of
                                                                       collective transport in addition to the Public Transit system, in
                                                                       order to limit the number of parking spaces as much as
                                                                       possible. This new system had to be part of the application
                                                                       from the International School to the City of The Hague for their
                                                                       license to relocate.

The International School contacted Vipre BV to conduct a               The International School recognised that Vipre would provide
cluster analysis and provide them with information about the           them with the tools necessary to apply for (and receive) the
commute routes of the students, their use of Public Transit            license to start building their new school.
and the private bus system.
                                                                       Based on the cluster analysis report the International School
Vipre was also asked to provide the International School with          has a clear understanding of the number of parking spaces
a forecast of the new situation with 1,300 students at a               needed in the future and where they should be located.
different location, an estimate of the use of Public Transit and
the new private bus system along with the number of parking            They also have clear insight into the number of buses and
spaces.                                                                minivans their private bus system requires and the routes and
                                                                       time schedules these vehicles will travel.
The result was that Vipre delivered a full report, including a
CD Rom with all the data and maps, which could be used by              Vipre was able to estimate the number of trips to and from the
the International School as part of their application to the city      new location that would be made by car, by Public Transit and
of The Hague for the license to commence building their new            by the private bus system.
School in 2005.

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