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					                           NEW CAIRO BRITISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
The School
New Cairo British International School is a prestigious non-profit making independent school. It serves the
international community of Cairo as well as host country students who wish to take advantage of our high quality
educational provision. NCBIS is a co-educational school, broadly following the National Curriculum of England and
Wales. We are a non-denominational school catering for children of Nursery age (3+) through to 18 years. The
academic year is split into three terms (semesters) namely September to December, January to April and April to
June. The majority of teachers are UK qualified and the language of instruction is English. 95% of our teachers are
recruited directly from the UK.
The Campus
New Cairo British International School was re-located in September 1998 to a purpose-built campus in New Cairo
City (Kattameya). We have a very spacious campus and offer every conceivable facility expected of a fast moving
and ambitious school, including tennis courts, football pitch, running track and heated swimming pool. A school bus
service is also available to serve most areas of Cairo.
In our secondary department, GCSEs are offered and a wide range of A Levels are available for Post 16 studies.
Description of Fees & Charges
The table below summarizes the fees and charges at NCBIS. A brief description of the charges is given for your
information. All fees and charges are payable in advance, in UK Sterling/Egyptian LE where indicated
(1) Assessment Fee: The Assessment Fee of LE 1,065 is a non refundable fee paid by parents of prospective
students when they come for assessment by the relevant Head of School (i.e. Head of Primary, Head of Secondary
or Head of Dutch). This fee must be paid prior to, or at the time of the Assessment Interview.
(2) Registration Fee: The Registration Fee is a one-time payment and provides the ‘front end’ funding for all new
students at the school. This fee is payable upon acceptance of an offered place at the school and payable within two
weeks of invoice date. Please note that this fee is non-refundable.
(3) Tuition Fees: Fees are calculated on an annual basis and represent the costs associated with a student for a
complete school year. Fees are paid by three instalments. Full year payment receives a 4% discount.
(4) Bus Fees: Fees are calculated on an annual basis. Fees are paid by three instalments
(5) Refundable Deposit Fees (non interest bearing): To be paid for all newly enrolled students starting at NCBIS
from September 2004. The school will repay the principle of this deposit in full and in LE only- upon the final
departure of the student. Nursery students will start paying refundable deposits when moving to the Reception year.
1st Child: LE 15,000             3rd Child: LE 5,000
2nd Child: LE 10,000             4th Child: LE 0.00
(6) English as Additional Language: For students requiring additional English support lessons a fee of ₤640 per
annum is required.
(7) Society Membership: Under the school regulations at least one parent must be a member of the Society. The
fee for this is LE120 for the first year, and LE60 for subsequent years, which will be invoiced annually in the invoice
for the Autumn term.
(8) Instrumental Music Lesson Charges (optional)
9) Examination Fees: Separate invoices will be issued to parents for students taking external examinations.

                    Summary of Fees & Charges for Academic Year 2009-2010

    Fees           Nursery       R to Yr5         Yr6          Yr7 to         Yr9        Yr10 Yr11     Yr12
 Description                                                    Yr8                                    Yr13

 Assessment          N/A        LE1,065       LE 1,065       LE1,065        LE1,065       LE 1,065      N/A
invoiced once

 Registration       £2,724        £2,724        £2,724         £2,724       £2,724         £2,724      £2,724
invoiced once

    Tuition         £3,539        £6,130        £6,247         £7,194       £7,310         £7,426      £7,675

     Bus          LE 7,500     LE 4,500       LE 4,500       LE4,500       LE 4,500      LE 4,500       LE4,500
Telephone: 2758-2881       Fax: 2758-1390   Email:     Web Site:
reviewed: 13 May 2009