Youth PastorSeminary Intern Job Description by ijk77032


									                             Youth Pastor Job Description:
                              Millbrook CRC in Grand Rapids, MI
                       Part Time, salaried—based on 20 hours per week

Specific Responsibilities including but not limited to:

High School Youth Group Responsibilities: averages about 10 hours a week or 50% of job
    Prepare and lead two Sunday night youth groups a month
    Build relationships with students:
           o meet with students one on one, or attend their school and sports activities
           o be a pastoral presence during times of crisis
    Plan and attend social outings/service trips about 9 a year, including an overnight winter
      retreat and summer outing activity
    Plan and lead fund-raisers, about 4 a year (volunteer youth leaders also help in this)
    Meet with volunteer leaders once a month
    Keep track of expenses and maintain youth fund budget
    Communicate regularly with students and parents through bulletin announcements,
      letters, e-mails, etc. (with help from church office staff)
    Teach a profession of faith class for high school students once a year as needed
    With volunteer leaders, coordinate the summer ministry trip
    Lead a small group Bible study for high school students or develop other youth programs

Middle School Responsibilities: averages about 4 hours a week or 20% of job
    Prepare and lead one Sunday night Middle school youth group meeting per month
    Plan and attend social outings, about 8 per year, including an overnight winter retreat
    Meet with volunteer leaders once a month
    Teach a profession of faith class for middle school students once a year as needed
    Develop additional middle school programs as time allows

Other Church Responsibilities: averages about 6 hours a week or 30% of job
    Meet with church staff once a week
    Meet with senior pastor for the mentor relationship
    (Optional) Participate in various committees depending on time and gifts, for example:
         o Attend council meetings
         o Attend Outreach Ministries (Missions/Evangelism) meetings, and assist with new
            move-ins and visitor follow-up, community activities, etc
         o Attend Worship Planning Team meetings/assist in planning worship services
         o With Pastor, teach an Adult new members’ class (once a year)
         o Attend deacon meetings, and help with benevolent and diaconal needs

Summer activities:
   Plan and attend a weeklong summer High School youth trip—a service trip or convention
   Help lead a summer outreach program for our neighborhood children
   Plan and lead social youth outings/activities
   Plan ahead and buy curriculum for the upcoming youth group year
   Help with Fall annual “Community Celebration” outreach event
   Make occasional hospital or shut-in visits when senior pastor is on vacation (optional)

Note: we ask that the intern become a member of the church, be a regular attender of Sunday
worship services, and be involved in our community church life (fellowship dinners or activities).

Note on hours: the guidelines above are estimates, and are there to help guide how the intern
should spend his or her time. The position is salary, so the same wage will be paid each week
based on 20 hours worked. Obviously, there will be some weeks that more than 20 hours could
be required, but other weeks when less than 20 hours will be needed. The internship has built
in flexibility so less work can be done during busy times at the seminary. Comp time can be
taken to make up for weeks when more than 20 hours is worked. (i.e. in the summer, if 60
hours are put in for one week, that opens up a 2 week “comp time” break).

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